Love Bewitch: How to attract man and make him to fall in love with you

    You can find different forums where women of different age share there stories and ask for advice. There are lots of topics but nonreciprocal love is the most popular.


    "I was in love with one guy, the feeling was so strong that I can’t find words to describe it. I did not need anybody beside him. I was doing everything against my mother, hurt her much, just to be with him. But unfortunately he was womanizer. All that I was doing: make scandals, cook for him, clean and wash, satisfy all his desires, try to play with him, make jealous, - all… it did not help. We are not together, he is still a womanizer, and still continues to write about his loves, although it is not true, just a game. I can not get him out of my head, I can not stop loving, it causes me pain. I am ready to love bewitch. What to do, how to make him to love me?"



    “I met a man whom truly loved very much, and he loved me with real pure love, which is now only dream.  And I am a fool, I wanted more, only me and him, so that he even could not talk to other girls, and to see only me. A year has passed, we began to quarrel, and now (today we are 2 years), he simply do not notice me, he has relatives, friends, internet, "facebook" - with them he's talking. I’m not present in his life, no, I am, just to sleep with me and because I cook for him, but I love this man so much. If I ask him, "Why everything is going like this? Why you changed your feelings?" – The answer is a silent and he does not even know what to say.

The end of our love is very soon! I do not want to believe it, but it's true, I do not know how to handle it...”



    “That was 3 months ago. I was living with a guy for a year, and he told me that I'm not the girl that he wants to live his entire life. For me it was such a shock, because I love him so much.”

    “He meets with me for sex only. I know that in his life sometimes girlfriends appear. But I can not refuse him, I love him so much that I am ready to do anything, at least some time to be in his arms. I lie to myself.”



     Love is a very strong feeling. To be happy person must love and be loved. But not for everyone it comes easily. There are so many women who suffer from unshared love. Sometimes feelings leave the couple, sometimes couple can’t be together because feelings re not enough strong, sometimes beloved does not notice other one’s feelings and so on.

     All this can upset and hurt much. Some people can deal with it, others can’t escape from such situations, they continue to love and suffer from being not loved. Last one will agree on everything to be with favorites.

     Woman in love can turn to magic, she can try to love bewitch the person.



How to love bewitch a man?

1. Use magic in the kitchen

     In the East, woman always cooks for her husband. In this tradition there is an ancient secret of magic food. During cooking, the woman comes into contact with food and fills it with her own energy, which durindinner gets inside of the man. In this way wife creates link between them.



     In modern world, woman from the West forgot about this knowledge, she tries to spend less time in the kitchen as much as possible: to order food for home, buy ready meal in supermarket, hire housekeeper. In this case husband gets “empty” food.

     To cook magic food you have to love bewitch. First of all only natural products must be in the kitchen. Before to start, concentrate all your thoughts at person you love, imagine him, feel like he is near you and can hear everything. During the cooking you have to say words, tell about your love, say that person (name) will love you, feel passion to you, and will never leave you. Believe in it, feel like it is real. It is very important not to loose concentration. In the process try to wake up passion and desire inside of you, gather all energy of your love and send it to food. Emotions are very strong, use them also. Remember that strong energy flowpasses from the middle of palms. To enhance the effect you want to use candles and holy water.

     Jams, soups, baked products carry energy better of all. To love bewitch, cook them for him in a secret way.



2. Use magic of love potion

    Scientists have found that water responds to the energy around you, it is able to remember it and move. Therefore, love drinks able to influence emotional state of another person, arouse feelings.

    The strongest love potions are made of wine or with a use of photos and mirrors.

    The presence of candles will enhance the effect, fire is able to increase concentration of energy.

    You can find recipes of strong love potions on our site.



3. Love bewitch

    Everyone knows that there two kind of magic white and black. It is not recommended to charm with black magic because it leaves a trace and can be harmful. In white magic we use our energy and force of nature. All recommendations that you will find here are safe.

    Before to start, you have to be sure that your feelings a real, and that all other methods are useless. Notice that man should not be in love with another woman, better to find out this.




     * Bewitch person with a photo

     You need printed photo of person whom you love and two candles from church.

     At night in empty room you have to seat down on the floor and put photo in front of you. Candles must be places in both sides of the photo.

    Concentrate your eyes on the person. Imagine that you are standing next to him, believe in this. Add emotions, think about how you smile to him, feel happiness. Direct your love energy to him.

    You have to feel like it is real situation, like it is happening now. When the concentration is maximal, you have to say these words:

    I (NAME) love you and you (NAME) love me.

    You are my soul, love me more than yourself.

    Strive to me with your thoughts and your body.

    As the heavens and the earth, we will always be together.

    You can say any words you feel you have to say, but do not forget to tell names and never use “no”.



     * Love bewitch man during sex.

     During sex man is completely opened, at this moment you can have a very strong influence on him.

     To charm the man you have to take your ring and put it on scissors. Magic become stronger if you wear ring on the left hand for one month. Before sex, put this scissors with the ring under the bed. Take the position when you are at the top. When the passion will be bright and you feel the moment, only with lips say next words:

    The whole world is in me, without me you can not live,

    Turn me your end, and the other girls deserve empty space.




    * Fire force

   For this case you need two photos: yours one and person’s, whom you want to bewitch. The size of people should be proportional, and no other people on photos. Also you have to prepare one coin (value does not matter) and strong keen bird feather. You need a place where you can make fire. If you use paper it should be empty and clean.

    Sit in front of the fire and meditate until you feel calm and a deep self confidence.

    Then place your photo on right hand, and his one (face up) – on left hand. Keep palms of your hands close so that the pictures were near, and then with a quick movement connect persons face to face. At the level of the heart you have to slide photos with the feather. And put it to the fire.

    While photos are burning, try to imagine that you make love to your man. Try to see the whole process in details - as you take off clothes, falling on the bed, how he touch you, how you kiss him in response, etc. Do not be shy, wake up the passion, feel the process.

    When the paper burns out, throw a coin into the fire. It will be a fee for assistance. This will be the end of your love bewitch.



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