Love conspiracy - reviews and stories

    Young girls today are ready to do anything to endear them a young man. Sometimes this leads to willingness to terrible irreversible consequences. What actually could cost so-called enchanted happiness tell us eyewitnesses of such magical events, which have tried a love conspiracy or was under the love spell by themselves?



    It often happens that girls are trying to charm their husbands or boyfriends with whom they live. Why is this happening? Feelings and emotions in a couple gradually fade, and there are no butterflies in my stomach, any romance and tenderness. That is why the girl thinks about the love charms in order to renew the passion and to cause the desire.



    But how to achieve the goal when simple methods do not help? Exactly in such situations many enchantments have an idea to resort to the old method of magic - love conspiracy. But, unfortunately, only a few people think about the consequences, which are always, remember, always shown after the application of a love spell.

    Alexandra, 35 years



    I beg you; do not spell anyone for love. My story is that I decided to make a love spell on my husband, not because he disliked me, but because I wanted him to love me even more. But he didn’t start to love me more, vice versa he began to drink, beat me all the time and make troubles. As a result, we were divorced, and I left him, because to live the way like this was simply impossible. Good thing we did not have time to have children when we got married.



    Now I am seriously ill, and I understand that this is the result of my magic. I need to be cared and to be treated, by there is no one around me and by my side because I am guilty that was not happy and satisfied with what I had. This is what causes the selfishness and lack of experience in magical affairs.

    Now I will pay for my sins. I am not asking for anything, just to be healthy, and my parents and relatives not to be affected by my love conspiracy.

    Anna, 25 years



    I was 18 years old when I met my future husband. At first I laid an eye on his older brother, stylish, trendy guy on a motorcycle, from which I felt like butterflies flew in the stomach. We communicated very well, spent time together, but we hadn’t anything more than friendship between us. I was very upset and hurt that he only sees a friend in me. Therefore, I foolishly decided to make a love spell on him. At first everything was like I wanted. But just at that moment, I realized that he was becoming a different person, sweet and gentle, kind and caring, and not a dangerous tough guy on a motorcycle who I met. I gradually just got bored with it, and we broke up.



    After some time, his brother began to ask me for a date. I accepted his advances and we began to spent time together, but for some reason there were quarrels and scandals between us, and the relationship did not develop. I've already talked with a psychologist and with him we talked many times too. As a result, my grandmother discovered that we have such problem and said it was all over the spell on his older brother's. I had to go to a witch for help to undo the spell.



    After all was done, we stopped to quarrel and swear and to brawl. Relations improved, and now we are husband and wife and we have kids. I am very happy at that moment that I came and asked for help my grandmother, and that she showed how harmful love conspiracy is.

    Daniel, 28 years



    You think omens do only girls? No, I'm a guy and I have had the experience of love spell. Thanks God, everything made off without any consequences.

    I became acquainted with a girl who I really liked. We started to communicate very close, spend time together. However, we hadn’t any relationships. I was disappointed, all the time trying to meet her, to talk, to conduct her home, invited somewhere. But she always refused because she does not like me. I do not want to stop, and I hoped that will achieve my goal and she will fall in love with me.



    Once on the Internet, I came across an article about how to make a love conspiracy and I decided to try it because I was already in despair. But somehow the spell has made the situation even worse. The girl began to ache, and my life became awful. I was fired from work and I could not get anywhere else, strongly quarreled with my parents, all my friends stopped calling me. I felt alone, abandoned and useless.

    Sometimes there even appeared suicidal thoughts. But just at that moment the fate brought me a gift. On the street a woman approached me and said that she was psychic. The woman said that she could see what was going on in my life and she was very willing to help. We went to her house and she has long held some magical rite.



    After a few days my life began to improve. One conclusion: do not make a love spell because magic can be dangerous and should not do anything on your own.

    Helen, 40 years



    Have you ever felt that you do something wrong, that life seems strange to you; everything seems to be familiar, and on the other side not familiar at all? You feel sudden fear, panic, terror, or vice versa uncontrolled, joy and laughter? That's how I felt when I was charmed by my ex-boyfriend.



    I do not want to blame him in his attempts to get me back. Our relationship was not perfect, and it was not really good to be together, so I decided to leave him. However, it was very painful for him, because he loved me and didn’t want to let me go. But love conspiracy is not the best way to return someone or make him to fall in love. Love comes by itself.


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