The recipe for a love potion or How to make him love

"Not that woman worth to become goddess,that can

satisfy the passion, that can be the only one, who is

 able to awake the passion"

Aphrodite, goddess of beauty,love and desire…


    Love ... Love is a very difficult feeling to be described in a few words. For a human it is one of the strongest emotions, it can inspire him to incredible feats. In the name of love people could create unbelievable things: so gorgeous garden was built in the desert, and huge temple was built in India, now it is one of the modern wonders of the world, - the Taj Mahal, and much more. Love can push for bad things also - for the sake of loved wars were started, people were killing and dying.

    Everyone strive to love and to be loved. But love is wonderful and full only when it is mutual. Person, that makes our heart beats faster, is not always answer us in return.

    How to attract the person you like? How to make to love you? These questions troubled people for centuries and continue to excite today. There are many different ways to attract the other: it's appearance, demeanor, image, charisma, expression, movement, suggestion, manipulation and so on. Sometimes, when conventional methods fail, people agree on everything to entrap the object of passion. In this case enamored person can turn to witches, sorcerers, wizards, involve magic.




    Love potion is one of the most famous methods. Use of love potions is found in the letter of the ancient Greeks, according to the myths gods often resorted to this method. Romans wrote down and stored the most effective potions. In the Middle Ages the ladies at the king’s court very often turned to sorceress, and then tried to pour some elixir into a drink of the King secretly.



    There are lots of different recipes for love potion. For some of them ingredients must be prepared for the year before. For example periwinkle’s leaves can be gathered only in summer and it is growing not in every region. In this article you will not find difficult receipts, but here there are several strong receipts and good advices.

Love potion №1

Love potion with coriander

    Take the seven seeds of this coriander, and one by one rub it into powder, after each seed saying one line of the following spells:

The first night - you lose your mind.

On the second night - you will not be yourself.

The third night - you will search for love.

On the fourth night - you want to see me.

In the fifth night – you will become of me dreaming.

On the sixth night – you will make love to me.

The seventh night will not be able to leave without me forever.


    When chanting is finished, whole grains should be grind into powder. During process, it is needed to think about your lover as much as possible and to try to awake a passion inside yourself. Fill the resulting powder into a glass of spring water and leave for the night under your bed or at the bedside near head. Morning, skip the water through cheesecloth to clean it of sludge and add to any drink that you will give to your love choice.

Love potion №2

Sweet wine for sweet love

    Before to start, you have to prepare all ingredients and all items. For the process, we need a glass of red sweet wine, star anise, little bit of dry Melissa, three dry bud carnations and everniya (oak moss). Also candle is needed.




So you have to sit on a floor in the center of the room and light a candle in front, it must be dark. Glass should stand on the floor, all ingredients are to be thrown in the glass of wine. Then you take a candle with both hands and begin to draw circles in the air above the glass. Here look of your eyes must be concentrated in the center of the glass, try to look deeper into the wine. At the same moment in your mind you have to imagine your lover, to see how you hug and kiss, see how passion is growing between you. Passion must be awaken in you, and all energy should be directed into a glass, fill it. Next is to imagine how this person has loved you, to feel this love. After that, you should blow down the candle. Wine must brew for 12 hours, only after, it was cleaned from sediment, the beloved person can drink love potion.



Love potion №3

Mirror, Mirror, I love him

    It is considered to be powerful love potion that was made with the help of photo shoots. Prepare your photo, glass (transparent and clear), water (natural apple juice or wine), a small round mirror.



    Then do this: put your picture on the table face up, put on it glass, pour it with water (juice, wine), then place on the glass your mirror with reflective side down (so your picture is reflecting in it). Light a candle and put together. And then you can put your hands on the side of glass, so your palms could warm the drink. You have to stare at the fire and think about the object of your adoration, three times whispering to water (juice, wine) this short plot: "You are in love with me, running to me, wanting me, I am your desire, your paradise”. Remember you have to believe in words you whisper. You have to find passion inside of you and run the heat of passion threw palms into water.

    The main secret of any love drink is water (liquid). It is able to gather any energy. The energy is transmitted through thoughts we put the glass close to ourselves and fill our aura with desired energy. Power of love can pass trough our palms, these are very special places on our body. Whispering words is also strongly influence on energy concentration in liquids. To enhance this effect better to use secrets of nature. Conspiracies acquire additional strength if were made at new moon or the full moon.

    Scientists have confirmed the fact that the water is able to accumulate energy and to act as transporter.




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