Mistress of kings – art of seduction or a love spell?

    Seductresses, real beauties and brilliant women that captivated by their charms great kings and emperors – the greatest mistresses of the kings. What was so special about them that the great men of the world were ready to do anything to get even a small portion of their attention? How could favorites remain valid of the favor of their men? In this article you will find the top of the greatest kings’ mistresses who conquered the world with their beauty and mind or maybe a love spell; some of them even ascended to the throne together with their lovers who became their husbands.

    Josephine. Beauty is not always given by nature; sometimes it is given with persistence, willpower, and witchcraft or maybe even using a love spell.



    Josephine, the world famous mistress of the Emperor of France - Napoleon, was born in a very poor family and not being a specific beauty had to get married very early. Josephine's husband did not love her and because of this the couple dissolved their marriage, and soon Alexander Beauharnais - former husband of Josephine was executed due to revolutionary unrest that befell France at the time.



    Left all alone, with no money, with two children in her arms, and realizing that she does not possess any special beauty, Josephine bought mirrors spending her last money and leaving kids without any nutrition. She has placed all mirrors in her room and for days she rehearsed gestures, facial expressions, grace, manners, smile, laughter, tears.



    When Josephine first saw the Bonaparte she was already 32 years old, but he was still 26. However, this did not prevent to combat his heart and he felt in love without memory. Many ladies of the court gossiped that Josephine was a witch and she just poured magical potion in the emperor's drink and she charmed him with a love spell. Bonaparte for many years Josephine forgave all her antics, many lovers, the huge spending on innumerable dresses and jewelry.

Catherine. When the fate smiled to you, smile at her even wider.



    Catherine - Martha Skavronskaya was the mistress of many courtiers’ men. Among her lovers were Alexander Menshikov and Count Sheremetyev. The dark, full-bodied dark-haired woman named Martha because of her unusual charm and the ability to apply herself became the mistress of Tsar Peter the first night after they have met. After the meeting, Peter takes Martha to St. Petersburg and she changes a nondescript German Marienburg on the northern capital of Russia. In St. Petersburg, Martha began to learn to read and to write in Russian, and turn into the Christian religion.  After this she got a new name – Catherine.



    It was Catherine who has played a significant role in the war with the Turks. It was her ornaments that were transferred to the great leader of the Turks as a petition for declaration of a truce. Through her dedication and love to her husband, after whom she went to the war being pregnant already for 7 months, Russia experienced a period of crisis. Many believe that Catherine was a witch or at least she had some powers of witchcraft as though she applied a love spell or a conspiracy on Tsar Peter.

Marquise de Pompadour. Interests of a Lover are more important than your own life.



    The Marquise de Pompadour - mistress of the King Louis 15. Already at the age of 8 years, the fortune-teller predicted her that she would be the mistress of the king of France. Since that time, Jeanne - Antoinette became interested in carried away by magic, divination, potions and it is possible that it is a love spell has helped her to move to Versailles.



    Louis 15 was not a simple king; he had all the time necessity of changing and innovations. Therefore Marquise all the time was trying to learn and to find out the desires of Louis, his personal interests and hobbies. When she learned that the King loves to correspond, she started writing him love letters. King began to show favor to her, after which she was able to break into the circle of his mistresses.

    However, Marquise always had to appease the king, changing the image, style and appearance. Discovered the King is interested in the high art, she began to invite famous musicians, writers and artists to entertain him. Throughout her life, King was among her interests more than her own daughter.

Diane de Poitiers. Witch in the guise of the King's mistress.



    According to the history, the first time Diana and Henry 2 saw each other when he was 6 years old, and she was already 25. That day, he went for a long 14 years to Spain. On arrival home, he saw already 39 year-old Diana, 20 year-old Henry falls in love and makes her his favorite. In her 40 years, Diana looked like she was only 20, and was very beautiful and elegant young beauty. For this reason, many in the court of Henry 2 believed that Diana is a witch and attributed to her relationship with the devil and demonic creatures, which helped in 25 years to impose a love spell on the king.



    As the first lady at court, Diane skillfully weaves intrigue, while remaining a good friend of Catherine de Medici, who was the queen and the wife of the king. Despite the fact that the Medici had no children, and Henry could divorce with her, Diana persuaded him to stay in the marriage and to pay more attention to his wife, staying more often with her for a night. Thanks to the efforts of the mistress the royal couple had a son, the heir to the throne.



    After a few centuries, scientists have studied the remains of the king's mistress and found out that the level of gold in the remains of Poitiers exceeds the norm 250 times. Perhaps Diana had really magical powers and imposed a love spell on the king.



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