10 signs of having psychic abilities or being a mage

    If you think that psychic abilities are manifested directly in the form of telepathy or predicting the future, for sure you are mistaken. Sometimes people that possess paranormal abilities since their childhood are not even aware that they have them.



    And mostly this is because often psychic abilities occur in simple little things on which many people do not focus their attention. There are 15 basic signs of having paranormal abilities. If you want to check yourself just keep reading.

You are often very lucky.



    It is worth thinking if there is a reason for such circumstances. Getting off with a whole skin, means get away from any present difficulties, constantly getting in the right place and in the right time - this is one of the first signs that a person is allotted with some special powers and can be a mage or a psychic.  If luck does not leave you even in those moments when you think everything is lost, it means that you actually have something unusual inside. You have a strong guardian angel that does not let you to get into trouble.

You feel the energy.



    While approaching to the various technical devices, they begin to work less, or even get a failure, get brake, lights start to bulbs or even burn out or blink, or, conversely, machinery functioning much better.  Sometimes you do not notice how easy you can to repair the broken equipment and different technical devices, and forcing them to work again. This means that you radiate strong energy, which affects not only the people but also electronics and a different technique.

You have an animal energy.



    Animals being in your presence are beginning to behave themselves rather strangely. They either show you their attention and interest, or vice versa bark, and behave very aggressive and show their dislike to you. This suggests that you have a special strong mage or witch energy, that pets feel strongly. It has long been known that some animals, especially cats and dogs, are very sensitive to paranormal phenomena.

You dislike open doors.



    You do not like when in your room there are opened doors or a door. It also says that you have psychic abilities. Often the "fear of open doors" people refer to the unsocial illnesses as agoraphobia. This is not always accurate and true. Desire to be located in a well closed space has nothing to do with mental illness. If you cannot stand when the door to your room open (even if in the house, except you no one), you just unconsciously want to protect your supernatural power. Closing the door, people close the portals to other worlds and thereby shield themself from entering their energy space with the power of other mage or even warlock.

    People get what they earrned.



    Your abuser in the end always gets his due, and this happens without your participation? Then you have a powerful energy and the power of thoughts, which can affect other people. Often, people are faced with the fact that the person who has offended them immediately after that situation gets in trouble. Such coincidence indicates the presence of overt magical powers and abilities.

You feel the emotions and feelings of other people around you.



    This ability is given to a very small amount of people, this psychic ability calls - empathy. This phenomenon indicates that you can take on you the emotional load and experiences of other people. This ability allows you to treat people as taking away their pain and suffering, and giving them love, pleasant sensations and happy emotions. Such power can abuse a mage or a witch.

You can heal people with your thoughts and touch.



    The touch of your hand is able to weaken or neutralize the physical and emotional pain. This ability indicates that you can manage your energy and, thereby, to treat people.

You dream a prophetic dreams or your dreams from time to time show you future or past.



    Do you often dream prophetic dreams?  Often, many of us simply forget their dreams and do not attach so much importance to them, but yet the prophetic dreams – is one of the main signs of having psychic ability.

    Do you often say such phrases like “I knew it” or “I told you?” If yes, then you have the ability to foresee. You know in advance the events that will take place in a close future - this indicates that you have developed your intuition and you are able to see into the future or maybe even some moments of the past life of other people.

You can materialize thoughts and desires into reality.



    It can manifest itself in a negative way and in the positive way to. If your thoughts and desires begin to manifest in your life and it happens fast enough and often, it means that you are attracting events you are thinking about. This ability of many developing confidence over the years, and one gets the gift from birth.

    All these symptoms indicate the presence of psychic abilities or maybe of being a mage or a witch. Of course, your gift must be constantly nurtured. To do this, first of all, you must learn how to manage your inner power and energy.



    Yet it is important to remember that people with paranormal abilities – mage or psychic, bear some responsibility for their own supernatural forces. Those who have the gift of psychic should know that his actions, thoughts and words can cause harm to humans. So if you find the signs of unusual abilities, it is better to use them only for the good. Open in new abilities! And do not forget to click.


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