Top Magical Books which were ever written

“Chronicles of Amber” by Roger Zelazny




    This series consists of 10 books - incredible works about an amazing fictional universe. Amber Universe consists of 2 worlds, namely the World of an Order and the World of Chaos. The main heroes of the book are 9 children of the former ruler of the Amber Universe -   King Oberon. The first 5 books tell the story of one of the 9 children of the King - Corvine, that will take place through a variety of different situations to realize that he does not need a throne. The second part that consists also of the 5 books tells the story of his son by the name of Merlin. He will have to make a hard choice to keep the balance between the two worlds and save the world. Stories of Amber - classical magical books of a fantasy genre, unique works, which conquered hundreds of thousands of readers.

 “Lord of the Rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien



    Trilogy with this name is being known, probably, to every single person on the planet. Prehistory of the book "Lord of the Rings", which was written by the same author, tells us the story of a little hobbit that changed the world. The novel is a trilogy about the grandson of the hobbit, who saves the world, fighting with orcs, goblins, wizards, dragons, and finds friends in the face of the elves. If you're the one who has not read this incredible saga about the little hobbit yet, then you urgently need to change this situation. Feel the power of magic and friendship while reading these stories.

 “Harry Potter” by JK Rowling



    This amazing story about a young wizard is well-known. A large number of young people have grown up while reading these magical books and while watching movies about this boy, who grew up and turned into the strongest magician in the world, and of course, has destroyed the evil magician. View the film adaptation of the series of books, of course, is good, but nothing can replace the real books, which are describing all the most important points in such a details. Books about a boy named Harry will make you plunge into the incredible world of magic and experience all the great emotions that had experienced the heroes of this series of books.

"Sword of Truth" by Terry Goodkind



    This series of magical books is made up of more than 11 works, as well has several sequels and prequels. The story of how the world has changed since the most horrible and terrible war has begun. The universe and people became violent, dark, gloomy and no place left for the goodness.

    The protagonist of the book - a young man named Richard - a conductor in the forest, which becomes a magician and a truth seeker. Many characters in the book are waging a fierce struggle for power, and one of them is a great black magician and a villain named Darken Rahl.

 “The Dark Tower” by Stephen King



    This series of magical books are about magic, adventures and courageous heroes consist of 8 books. The story tells about the strong and courageous hero which name is Roland Deschain, which is looking for a so-called Dark Tower. Interesting in a tower is that it is the center of all existing universes, however, for this reason; it is located outside the existing time and space. Roland will have to go through a lot of variety of situations and the terrible trials to complete what he originally has planned.

 “Disc world” by Terry Pratchett



    Books in the series "The World is flat" cannot be called as just an interesting works, because it is really a fabulous magic world. Books of this cycle consist of several pieces, so to the fans of the fantasy genre will have to spend quite a lot of time to master the entire series of books. The heroes of these books are mystical and magical creatures such as elves, dwarves, witcheswizards, vampires, werewolves and even zombies. Good humor, wonderful emotions and impressions are guaranteed!

 “The Chronicles of Narnia” by Clive Staples Lewis



    This series of magical books is amazing and will impress absolutely everyone, both adult and child. The series consists of 7 books which merged into one big story about the guys that were playing hide and seek and while playing have entered the magical world of magic. The wardrobe becomes a portal to the magical land. Narnia is a beautiful country, being ruled by a good and true lion. But despite this, the evil breaks free. And children have to save the wonderful country.

 “Earth Sea” by Ursula K. Le Guin



    This series of books is made up of 8 amazing magical books. In the heart of the story of this magical book is a magician named Ged. Initially, there was no evil in this series of books until the young and a very inexperienced magician accidentally opens the door to the evil Black Shadow. To save the world, Ged has to learn how to use magic, and his own strength, and to find the courage to correct the mistakes. Earth Sea - the world in which there is, as dragons and wizards, magicians and sorcerers.

“Song of Ice and Fire” by George Martin



    Many are familiar with the cycle of magical books on the eponymous TV-series. However, the fantastic world of books looks like a completely different way and to feel the real difference you have to surely read the book. A fantastic world of dragons, magic and amazing creature is waiting for you. The world was written and was invented by a writer as an alternative middle Ages.


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