Magic 8 Ball – Find An Answer!

    Magic ball, Ball of answers, and also Magic 8 Ball - and this is not yet a complete list of the names of the world-famous ball. This Magic Ball will answer any question! You no longer need to walk from corner to corner in search of a solution to the problem - the Magic 8 Ball will decide for you. Of course, you do not have to shift all responsibility for your life, but if you do not have enough advice to make a decision, the Prediction Ball will easily cope with this task.

    Magic 8 Ball, reminiscent of a billiard ball, has long become a cult. This fashionable device is a universal gift to a friend, husband, wife, colleague, boss for any holiday. Predictor will create a fun atmosphere at the party, regardless of the preferences and ages of its participants.


    The Magic 8 Ball is a popular fortune teller. When it comes to this device, there are always a couple of adults, people who can tell an unusual story related to the ball. It so happened that the ball has an afterlife. As a prototype for the ball, the inventor used a device belonging to his mother, clairvoyant. Here are some interesting facts.

    The Magic Ball is a toy that will help you make the right decision. A gadget made of ordinary plastic, its diameter is usually 10-11 centimeters (but there are also miniature models), and the weight is only 170 grams.

    The Magic Ball was not a ball at all, but a cylinder. And, unlike the final version, he had two transparent bottoms. Inside, it was divided into two parts, and each side had one cube. On all sides of the cube, there was one answer. The cylinder was filled with a dark liquid, and on its inner sides, there were small long spikes. According to Carter's idea, the toy had to be shaken and turned on one of the sides. The cube floating in the liquid should have been filled with something light, such as oxygen, which would provide it with an instant lift to the transparent bottom, and would allow one to see the answer. The dark liquid had to hide the cube itself so that its appearance could be unexpected. The impression was that it manifested through a dense veil.

    Patented in 1944, the Carter device was a cardboard tube, later it was modified, turning into a crystal ball. The device was not getting an attention in stores until one day it was noticed by Brunswick's billiards in Chicago. They patented a new version of the device (in the form of an 8 Ball), which interested the occultists.

    Each of the 20 facets of the device inside the ball contains a simple answer (yes or no) to your question. When you ask a question, you just turn the ball around. Some people argue that the ball must first be shaken, but because of this appear bubbles, which rather spoil the magic effect from the appearance of the inscription. Ball 20D offers 10 positive, 5 negative and undefined answers. What are they?

Popularity in the world

    For the first time, the world learned about this miracle device after the famous film "60", where the main character Neil Oliver solved his life problems with the help of Magic 8 ball.

    Later the Magic Ball appeared in other works: in the series "Friends", "Charmed", "I Carly", "Big Bang Theory", "How I Met Your Mother", "Doctor House"; In cartoons "The Simpsons", "Cool Beavers", "Toy Story", in the film "The Truman Show", etc.

    The ball has become so popular that it appeared even on the Internet. Now adherents of all kinds of divination and esoteric things can try their luck.

Design and operation scheme

    At first glance, it seems that the answers come up as if by magic. In fact, the scheme of the work is simple, like all ingenious!

    Magic Ball - is a plastic ball, inside which is a container with a dark liquid. A polyhedron with 20 surfaces is the icosahedron and floats in the liquid. On one side of the ball, there is a window; on the other hand, there is a figure "8".

    The sphere of the Magic Ball consists of two parts connected together. In the junctions, there are rigid joints (gaps). They have a certain value in the design and are specifically designed to prevent from forming air bubbles when it is shaken.

    To use this magic device is just as simple: just ask a question, shake the Ball of Answers and see which side the polyhedron turned.

    Here are 20 short sentences that will answer your simple question:


    ● It is certain

    ● It is decidedly so

    ● Without a doubt

    ● Yes - definitely

    ● You may rely on it

Indecently positive

    ● As I see it, yes

    ● Most likely

    ● Outlook good

    ● Signs point to yes

    ● Yes


    ● Try again

    ● Ask again later

    ● Better not tell you now

    ● Cannot predict now

    ● Concentrate and ask again


    ● Do not count on it

    ● My reply is no

    ● My sources say no

    ● Outlook not so good

    ● Very doubtful

    It is necessary to ask the ball 72 times so that each of the 20 answers could appear at least once. The Magic 8 Ball became a classic toy with many options. There is a USB-ball (not surprising in our time), a ball with memes. Can the Eight Ball predict the future problems of our generation?


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