How to become a magician in a real life?

     Magical abilities are probably the most impossible dream for many different people. However, do not despair and give up, because become a sorcerer is quite real thing.

    Initially, it is worth considering and checking whether you already have some magical powers. If you don’t have any supernatural abilities, then the path will be more difficult and confusing, but no one said that it is impossible to become a magician.



    Those who have the abilities and know how to conjure will be easier, because such person has a certain magic powers already, and was growing in the environment where he was learning how to control his magical abilities.

 How to become a warlock?



    If your family or your relatives had never been wizards, it does not mean that you do not have a chance to realize your dream. Everything is possible for you, with some efforts, and rituals, which will open your hidden witchcraft potential, a good sorcerer or an evil sorcerer. To become a magician you should first understand whom you would like to take as your personal patron. As a patron you should define one of the elements: earth, fire, water or air.



    Most people choose as a patron an element of their zodiacal sign. However, your patron can become another element if it’s your decision. It is worth remembering that in order to find the magical abilities and to connect with the higher forces and spirits you should always rely on your intuition and to rely on what she tells you. If you feel that an element of your zodiac sign does not suit you then just think about an element that makes you feel pleasant and feel some sort of sensations.



    In addition to the patron, in order to gain more magical powers and start to cast, you should buy a few important things:

    • notebook or a book that you will keep as a diary, writing down spells, rituals, and your feelings;

    • ritual knife made with your own hands, if such is not possible not then just choose a knife with which you have pleasant associations;

    • talisman -  such a thing does not have to be a stone or a pendant, talisman may be whatever that you think protects you and gives you strength, if you want to choose a stone-mascot, it can be identified by your  birth date;

    • the mirror is also an important element that will be used for a different rituals;



    Despite the large number of different things that you need to be a sorcerer you also need to work on your daily basis. It is important to practice your abilities every day.

How to become a magician of water?



    In order to gain the magical powers of the water element, you must completely unite with this element above all. It is worth remembering that any selected element really is very powerful and if it is properly handled you will have very powerful magical abilities.



    To find the strength of the water element you should go to the nearest reservoir. You should go under the water very deep with your head. When you will come out on the beach you need to dial water in a large dish and light a few candles. It is advisable to carry out the ritual on the full moon.

How to become an enchanter of earth?



    Sorcerer of land usually means firmness and courage.

    To become a magician of the earth, it is necessary to have a special tenacity. This element is not for everyone. Therefore, even after you go through a rite of passage, you should not rely on the fact that in the coming days, the spirits of the earth will be merciful to you.

    On the contrary, they are not able to forgive mistakes and if you really want to join the magicians of the earth, you will have to arm themselves with unprecedented resistance and tenacity.



    If you are not sure that you really want it, it is better for you not to handle the conduct of the ritual, as if you will make the ritual without having a desire to use magic of earth Enraged Spirits subsequently will take revenge. To perform the ritual, you should go in the night on the field. It would be better if the field will be already planted. Find a place where you will be alone.



    Take a ritual knife and drew a circle on the ground around you. Light 7 different candled and put them on this earth circle. Then take some earth in your hands and think how the power of the earth element makes you more powerful. If candles will go out then the earth element and the spirits will give you power.

How to become a magician of fire?

     A sorcerer of fire in real life should be a very strong person, brave and fearless, because the fire is an element of warriors. A sorcerer, who choose themselves such a protector possess incredible strength and are able to apply a very powerful damage to his enemies. Typically, these people are very hot-tempered, and if they are angry, they are capable of destroying everything in order to achieve their goal.



    To become a truly powerful magician of fire is able the one who has great stamina and energy. Since the rituals conducted by these magicians, require a lot of energy they are not accessible to all who want to become a sorcerer or just think how to become a sorcerer.

How to become a sorcerer of air?



    To become a real sorcerer of air and to get this item as a patron, you need to mute more effort than to become a magician of water. The air is out of control, like the rest of the elements, but it is also invisible. Many air magicians can become invisible. So, try to find the strength you need to go outside in the full moon on the open field. It is best to use your personal talisman, which will show you exactly where you should conduct the ritual.



    It is best to just close your eyes and just throw it. Perform the ritual of standing at the place where the talisman fell down. It is necessary to draw a circle around it, light the 9 black candles of the same pick up a twig with leaves or a small bouquet. It is necessary to think about how much power will give you the air and if you approve of the spirits, the candles go out, or you will feel a strong gust of wind. 


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