Have you ever visited the “Cities of magic love”?

    What could be better than to spend a weekend in the city of love, the city of magic love?

    Venice, Verona, Paris and St. Petersburg - that's where love acquires real magical properties and can subdue and conquer even the most cynical young people, because love is actually consists of magic and witchcraft. If you are ready to feel the full force of love and magic, then you should at least read our top cities of love that we have created for you. Just read it and maybe you will be inspired and feel how love goes through you and takes its place in your heart.




    Venice - is one of the few cities in the world, where lovers, are not afraid to seem ridiculous. As in this city of magic and love, they can sing serenades at any time of the day and to show love to each other in a different sometimes even crazy ways. Tourists from around the world come to the city of magic love because of the famous Carnival, which runs from 1094 and lasts for exactly 10 days - from 6 to 16 February.



    In the XVIII century Casanova was making variegated costumes, adding to a modest black capes and long-nosed masks colored garments. In the Middle Ages people hurried on the Carnival because of the love affairs, for the lovers it was a chance to meet in private. Not less popular is a Bridge of Sighs. It is covered on top and consists of two narrow separated aisles. It is still considered to be a very popular place for the love couples where you can feel the magic love.



    The Bridge of Sighs was built in 1589 at the direction of Marino Grimani to connect the Tribunal at the Palace of the Doges with the New Prisons. The prisoners walked through this bridge after conviction. It was their last chance to see the city.




    Verona is the most famous city of lovers, and is the city of the most famous love couple in the world - Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare was one of the biggest fans of this city, which he called the city of magic love. Curious tourists and romantic love couples travels to Italy, not only to ride the gondola, but also to visit the places that are associated with the story of Romeo and Juliet.



    On Via Chappelle is Juliet's House - the XIII century building with a brick facade. According to the legend and the story of this couple, the house belonged to the family of the Capulet. In the courtyard, where a bronze statue of Juliet is, you can see the famous balcony from which she has been listening to the fiery confessions of Romeo.



    Memorial plaque on the house repeats in English and Italian languages the most famous lines from Shakespeare's tragedies. In the House of Juliet was carefully recreated the atmosphere of that period. And on Via delle Marche Scaligero situated the house of the Romeo, built in the XIV century. In fact, the house belonged to Kanolo Nogarole.




    “Paris - that's all you want!” - Said famous musician Frederic Chopin 150 years ago, but these words are still true today. Paris is also a city of magic love, music, drama, romance and passion. Paris is the city that attracts lovers from around the world. It is the capital of love, fashion, beauty and style, and daring projects. There is nothing more romantic than to walk along the boulevards, kissing at the monuments and in the parks.



    Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Fontainebleau, Champs Elysees, Luxembourg Gardens – here is flashed and faded away the passion of all the most famous kings and queens. That is why we can for sure call this city – the city of magic love.



    Duma Jr. first saw Lydia Nesselrode on the street of Anjou, where they lost their heads of love. On the Boulevard de Clichy the famous writer George Sand met her lover famous musician Chopin and the actress Marlene Dietrich - the director Josef von Steinberg. In the Luxembourg garden Amadeus Modigliani confessed his love to Anna Akhmatova.

    Paris recently got a wall of love confessions. It’s set in Montmartre in the square. Across the wall with the large letters in 31 languages of the world, and even with a special Braille language is written: “I love you!”

St. Petersburg



    It is a city of swamps and floods - so scientists call the city of St. Petersburg. But it is also a city of love. Oh, what passions flared up between queens and their minions that have helped to ascend the throne, betrayed and saved! St. Petersburg breathes with the history, and what is the history without magic love.



    A popular place for honeymooners and lovers - one of the oldest bridges, Kisses Bridge. At first it consisted of only a few wooden planks that had been transferred by the citizens across the Moika River in the first half of the XVIII century.

    Despite the fact that the name of this bridge came from the merchant, which last name was - Kisses, who lived at the time of its construction in the 18th century, to visit the Kisses Bridge on the wedding day for the couple is considered as a good omen and a good sign.



    In addition to bridges, embankments and parks, St. Petersburg breathes with the history, imbued with love, magic and passion. Also one of the most romantic places near St. Petersburg is a park and fountain area that called Peterhof, named after Tsar Peter, who invented and developed the entire system of fountains.

    St. Petersburg is the most romantic and unforgettable city in Russia, which will allow you to experience all possible romance, love, passion and magic love that arises between the young people that are in love.


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