Magic of feeling – if you are in love and how to make him fall in love you

Love, feelings, and emotions - the scientists claim that this is just the chemical processes in our body. But in fact, it's magic, the real magic that occurs between two people who fall in love and give birth to the magic of feelings.



    However, it is not always very easy to determine whether there is the very real feeling in us, or is it simply our unwillingness to be alone? How to determine whether we are in love or not? With this question will help our special love test.



   Question 1 of 10

    What is Valentine's Day for you?

    a) The best day, to give a declaration of love to a person you love and you have magic of feelings;

    b) The only one holiday when you feel yourself especially lonely;

    c) Another reason for traders to make money on the stupid teddy bears and bouquets of flowers.



    Question 2 of 10

    What kind of girls do you think attracts guys?

    a) Mysterious and inaccessible - those who know how to keep a distance with the guys;

    b) The main thing is the beauty. Men love with their eyes;

    c) Kind and gentle, with who are pleasant to be together, to spent time and to conduct intimate conversations.



    Question 3 of 10

    If a guy does not respond to your message on “Facebook”, you:

    a) Upset, thinking that he ignores you;

    b) Keeping yourself away from the PC, not to write him another message;

    c) Not worrying, as you always have someone to chat on the Internet.



    Question 4 of 10

    When you like someone or you are interested in someone, you:

    a) Talking all the time about the coolest guy ever;

    b) Will never give even a hint to understand that you are in love;

    c) Forget about everything.



    ​​​​​​​Question 5 of 10

    When you're alone, do you:

    a) Constantly mentally talk to him;

    b) Hang out on his page on Facebook, being jealous of all his girlfriends;

    c) You do not think about him.

    ​​​​​​​Question 6 of 10

    When you suddenly meet him you:

    a)  Lose breath, feel how the magic of feelings fill you, blush and can barely squeeze out a "hello";

    b) Behave very calm and confident - you're always sure of yourself for 100%;

    c) Pretend not to notice him.



    Question 7 of 10

     You do not have the mood, but friends are calling you to go out. Your actions:

    a) I rather stay at home and spend time in Internet;

    b) I go, especially if there is even a small chance to see him;

    c) I would agree to go out. It's time to party!



    ​​​​​​​Question 8 of 10

    When you are thinking about him, you:

    a) Know that you would look great together;

    b) Imagine your first kiss;

    c) I guess there are better guys.

    ​​​​​​​Question 9 of 10

    At the party, he spends a lot of time with some girl you:

    a) Pretend that you may be a little worried;

    b) Going mad with jealousy;

    c) Getting other psychological problems.



    ​​​​​​​Question 10 of 10

    If he invited you to go with him to the end of the world, do you:

    a) I would agree without hesitation;

    b) I refused;

    c) Long weighing the “pros” and “cons”.

    More “a” answers – Congratulations! You are in love!



    You're a kind of the girl who falls in love with the very first glance - very easy, very fast and reckless of course. It seems that when the guy appears in your life the rest of the world stops to exist for you. Apparently, your new hobby really deserves your attention, but stay extremely careful and cautious – the most important is not to lose your head and not to scare your potential boyfriend with your excessive obsession.

    More “c” answers - There is no Magic of feelings between you and him



    Perhaps, in your life there are different guys that deserve your attention, but as long as you focused only on yourself they won’t disturb your heart and feelings. No matter how attractive a guy looks like, you will never have to change plans and certainly not deprive yourself of sleep. However, it is possible that you've never been in love, and if you paid attention to the young people, it is only because of the friendly sympathy.

    More “b” answers –You are looking for a Perfect Guy.



    Like many women, you still hope to meet one day a prince on a white horse like in a fairy tale. And so many guys sift in advance: one guy is not high enough, the other guy is not very nice, and the third one does not know how to drive a car and lives with his parents, and the last one is not so handsome. But do not give up your present boyfriend just because he isn’t a perfect match for you.



    But what if you're really in love and the man does not feel the same to you, or just does not understand that he has feelings for you, and that he is in love? It remains the only one way for us women - to use the magic of feelings. To make a young man to fall in love with you, you can use these love charms and spells.

    How to bewitch him without his participation? Take lots of multi-colored threads. Intertwine them together and weaves them into a ball. While doing it - read the following: “As long as the thread is twisted and braided - our hearts are connected!” Tangle hide somewhere in a very quiet place. Everything should work in the near future.



    You can also use the magic of feelings when you are in the same room. In this situation using this spell will be very easy for you.

    This method will bewitch the man, if you are with him in the same company or at the party. Once you are there with him read with the whisper: “The girls are standing here - the chickens, they have thin dresses. I am here, I have already come, fair maiden, and all just look at me – and admire. But I just need him (name) one! He – is my soul!” Throw a sharp look at the guy and wait when the plot will work.

    Take a needle and a piece of sugar. Pierce your finger just a bit with the needle and drop three little drops of blood on a piece of sugar. This piece of sugar should eat your favorite. After he eats it, light a little red candle.



    But remember always that the use of white and good magic to bewitch the man can only be used in that case if you really love him and know that he also has feelings for you, that between you there is magic of feelings.


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