Magic properties of spices and herbs – secrets and ritual with magic spices

    A very interesting article about the magical properties of spices, how to apply fragrant condiments to attract money and wealth into life, secrets, and advice of using magic spices.

    We are so used to use various spices and herbs, only in the preparation of food and drinks, which few people think that they can be used somehow in another different way. Really, how else can you use pepper, cinnamon, parsley or ginger in a different way? And it does not occur to me possible... But you can and should use! And with great benefit - changing their lives for the better - attracting those circumstances and people who we need and fulfilling our cherished desires. And now we will teach you everything.

    We assure you, after that, you will love magic spices even more and they will be appreciated in your home in the way they were valued in the old days!

A little history of magic spices

    But once, magic spices had cost more than gold! For huge money, they had been delivered from far away countries. From China, people were bringing cinnamon to us, from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) - black pepper, from the Moluccas, came a carnation, and India supplied other countries with ginger and nutmeg. In their homeland, where spices were grown, they were cheap and habitual and used for food quite widely.

    But in Europe, where they were delivered for fabulous money, they were not used in cooking; only a few could afford that luxury. They were used in medicine and in various rituals, which was "adopted" from the countries from which they were imported. Once for the carnation, which is now sold in any store, people killed others and died themselves...

    The European history of spices is bloody and connected with political struggle and slavery. It took many centuries until the prices for spices fell in Europe enough that people could spice up their food. But along with this, unfortunately, they stopped using magic spices in rituals. So people forgot about all magic that was concentrated in spices and herbs... But such spices and herbs which are familiar to us today have powerful magic properties!

    In addition, that the usual parsley or the same black pepper can improve the taste of our dishes, absolutely any seasonings used in cooking, have a number of useful qualities and positively affecting our body.

    The most important thing is that any spices are a real storehouse of minerals, vitamins, lots of protein, useful sugars, essential oils, etc.

    Each plant has a specific therapeutic effect, but all of them definitely improve immunity, purify the body of toxins, and improve digestion and absorption of all nutrients from food and much more.

The magic properties of spices


    Cinnamon will help to expand and strengthen your cash flow. It is good to use it to attract money into your life. Used to clean, prosper, protect and improve communications.


    Basil has protective and cleansing properties. If you fellowship with an unpleasant person and feel that his negative energy is affecting you, then take a pinch of ground basil, then dissolve it in water and drink. To harmonize the space of the room, you can just burn some of this spice.

    Want more money? Put some basil near the front door.

    Basil helps to reconcile people, cleans, protects, promotes fidelity, helps to keep to a diet and treats from drunkenness.

Bay leaf

    The bay leaf, in addition to the usual addition to borscht and meat, will help fulfill any of your wishes.

    To do this, write on a piece of paper your desire and fold the sheet, as if wrapping it, three times, with each curling putting a piece of the bay leaf. Once again, fold three times and put it in a secluded place. When the desire is fulfilled, take out a piece of paper, thank the universe and burn it.

    Do you want to become famous? When bathing, add nine leaves of the bay leaf to the water.

    The bay leaf strengthens the energy, protects from spoilage and the evil eye.


    Marjoram is used to clean the negative energy in the house. Sprinkle it on the floor and leave it for a while.


    Mint is a very "money" spice.

    If you need to get someone's attention, to enchant, to hold a brilliant presentation or to sell something successfully - you have to drink tea with mint or eat mint candy before an important meeting.


    Ordinary branches of rosemary will protect from negative energy.

    If you are a lover of antiques, but you are worried about the fact that the thing carries a negative energy of the former owner, wipe it with a decoction of rosemary (1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water). Cardamom and rosemary are recommended for women who want to keep their youth and beauty for a long time


    Sage is the spice of wisdom.

    Do you want to improve memory?

    You can simply drink it as tea (1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water), or you can spray the broth around the house or add a decoction to the bath to increase clarity of mind.


    Vanilla will help attract love and strengthen relationships in the family. It enhances sexual attraction. The vanilla scent attracts men.


    Dill is one of the strongest magic spices. It can not only be added to food but also simply stored at home in any form - it will protect your family from all evil and ill-wishers. Especially, seeds!!!


    Garlic - a powerful tool against energy vampires.


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