Different types of magic

    Magic - the term, that is used to describe a system of thinking, in which a person turns to the secret forces to influence on different events, as well as real or perceived influence on state of matter; symbolic action (ritual) or omission aimed to achieve a certain goal with a use of supernatural.



    It is important to understand that  differs from science and religion.

    Most denominations have a negative attitude toward sorcery, they name it a sin, no matter what kind of magic is used. The Muslim religion allows the existence of licit and illicit magic. Buddhism in a greater extent contact with the sorcery, here, at a certain stage of spiritual development, a person gets superpowers: the ability to read minds, to know previous lives, divine vision and more, as well in this religion the magical words or incantations are used (mantra).

    In its turn, science completely denies the existence of sorcery.



Classification of wizardry

    In our classification we divided sorcery into three main types:

    1. Sympathetic.

    2. Theurgy and Goetia.

    3. Psihurgy.

1. Sympathetic.

    Sympathetic is a kind of witchcraft, which departs from interconnection between various objects that surround us and behavioral forms.

    It is also divided into subgroups:

    - Contact magic. It carries the transmission of power or energy feeding by imaginary force to the particular person with a direct contact. For example, these happen when we are wearing: talismans, runes, amulets, prepared in a special way with a use of certain magical components.



    - Initial. Its principle of action is dependent on the strength, desire and faith in the success of the magician. So with the help of spells and magical instrument, action is directed to the object, but the result is not specifically defined. For example, to obtain the enemy in the distance, the wizard guides the magic dagger or a knife in the direction of an imaginary enemy and says a certain spell. As a result, the enemy will be destroyed and it does not matter how, it may be a disease or enemy may be hit by a car, someone can just drop a brick on his head.



    - Severe or imitative. It contains transfer of damage from inanimate objects to animate. For example, for the destruction of the enemy, a doll can be done with a certain rites, after the magician pierces her with a knife while reading spells.



    - Contagious or partial. Its sense is that any thing that belonged to a person remembers him and keeps energetic connection with him, even at a great distance. Especially - blood, hair, nails, teeth. In this regard, they are so often being used in a variety of magical rites and rituals.

2. Theurgy and Goetia.

    This type of magic is based on the belief in various demons, planetary spirits, deities, and the like. It consists in the fact that the magician must be able not only to converge, cajole or cause, but also to subordinate to his own will, for example, spirits or demons.

    "Theurgy" associated with moving up in spiritual practices.

    “Goetia” is built on the convergence of various demons and spirits.



3. Psihurgy.

    This kind of sorcery is based on the interaction with the soul of a certain person.

    Psihurgy include:

    - Magnetism.

    - Hypnotism.

    - Telepathy.

    - Mediumship.

    - Clairvoyance.

    - Psychometry.

    - Astral projection.


 White and Black force



    There are two main directions: white and black sorcery.

    White magic is the divine sorcery, free from egoism, lust for power, ambition and self-interest, directed solely at doing good to the world in general and in particular to neighbors. There is a very thin line between good sorcery - white art and black art - destructive force. Even the most innocuous spell can be used for both good and evil desires. So it is very important to understand and divide purposes with which you going to use theurgy. White Mages should pursue the noble goals and to have pure thoughts, this is the only way to get benefits and not to harm humans. And the action of white magicians should bring positive results to the suffering person, but do not hurt other people.



Magical acts of white sorcery:

    1. Prayers and sacred circulation;

    2. Calling divine names;

    3. Sprinkling of holy water;

    4. The anointing of sacred oil;

    5. Censing sanctified smoking;

    6. Touching with sacred signs.



    Black wizardry is a certain level of spiritual development, mastery of the Magician, reaching which, the person is entitled to call on his side dark forces, manage them, to reach their goals with evil help. White mages will not do so because do not set to themselves such tasks, that can not be achieved by using light forces without getting in connecting with the dark. For the black magician there is no moral and ethical barriers, he is able to create anything, even if it leads to intentional infliction of evil to another person or group of people. Witchcraft has the aim to achieve concrete change, first of all, to get power and improve own desires.



To the black sorcery is referred:

    1. Putting damage to health

    2. Cursing

    3. Divination

    4. Making a love potions

    5. Necromancy

    6. Shamanism and many other things.

    Love magic can be attributed to additional or special type of sorcery, it includes a love potion, love divination, bewitching and so on.



    Today, a common interest in sorcery is growing strongly. It occurs thanks to its popularization in movie, literature and Internet.

    People should be very careful with witchcraft, because everything has its consequences.




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