The Ancient Mystical Manuscripts

    What do the ancient magical manuscripts contain?

    It is a belief in the possibility of the submission to your will of natural or supernatural powers shared by all peoples of the world in ancient times and the middle Ages.

    However, understand the application and learn the basics of ritual magic practice is not so easy as it might seem at first glance, so there is more than just an interest in ancient magical manuscripts.



    Perhaps the most well-known by its name is - a magic and mysterious book "Necronomicon", or "Book of the Dead." The image of this tome is steeped in black magic and contains a spell that can raise the dead from their graves; it spreads widely not only in literature but even in a movie, for example, in the film "The Evil Dead". However, few people know that the "Necronomicon" is in fact nothing more than a hoax of the magnificent and a great American writer of the XX century.

    In fact, the most mystical and magical manuscripts were written thousands of years ago, and we will tell you about three most ancient and most interesting among them.

Book of Thoth



    According to the legend this is the first and the earliest ancient book that was cursed. This is the secret manuscript that has survived to the present day. Egyptian writing already existed in 3000 BC. The Egyptians were creating various writings on papyrus; have been written a history, legends, stories and more. The word "Bible" by translating from the Egyptian means "book." This word came from the ancient Egyptian name of the port – “Byblos”, which was in Lebanon. It is from this city, for the most part, were exported the famous papyrus scrolls.



    Legend has it that even in the early days of the Egyptian civilization the book of Thoth was owned by the ancient priests, who were the magicians and sorcerers, healers and physicians, according to many sources, who with the help of this book, manuscript, have used magic, both for good and evil. Thoth - is the Egyptian god-chronicler with the head of an ibis, who invented writing and the first used gold plates to keep the writings.



    The first hint on this book we meet in Turis's papyrus, which was deciphered and published in Paris in 1868. In this papyrus describes a conspiracy against the pharaoh, whose goal was to destroy by means of magic "Book of Thoth" Pharaoh and his chief advisers, by depicting their wax figures.

Mysteries of the Worm

    According to various sources, author of the manuscript is a Roman soldier named Terzi Sibelius. The author of a mystical and magical book called "Secrets of the Worm" was born in 280 AD. In his youth Terzi had an irresistible interest to everything magical, mystical and demonic, so he was interested in a variety of the ancient manuscripts, papyri, inscriptions and other things that might contain different kinds of information.



     According to legend the book "Secrets of the Worm" was written in 331 AD and the one who is interested can find a wealth of information that is concerning the Elders. The book was written in Latin. Thus, the first literary work on the theme of magic and black magic appeared 4 hundred years before the world famous book "Necronomicon".



    The book had been dedicated to the demonic creatures, to dark curses and quickly began to spread among the people that were interested, mainly the various sects and the adepts that were initiated into the dark magic. The manuscript has been banned by the Christian emperors but the book was preserved through the minions of supernatural forces.

Stanzas Jiang

    Many experts on ancient books not without reason believe that the most mysterious book in the history of mankind is - the manuscript "Stanzas Jiang." According to legend, the knowledge’s have been brought to Earth by the aliens from the planet Venus. The aliens handed this manuscript the ancient civilization that existed in Asia.



    Apollonius of Tyana, who lived in the 1st century BC, saw the text "Stanzas Jiang" that priests Brahmins of India, recognizing in him "his" gave him to read the manuscript. He himself admitted that this is the book had taught him to do miracles, but at the same time, for unknown reasons, with any, who comes into a contact with the book, disasters begin to occur.



    During her travels, known occultist Helena Blavatsky, finding out about the existence of the "forbidden books" and that she can read them with the help of the clairvoyance. In the 1852 Elena goes to India and receives from the Brahmins (Brahmins) as a gift "Stanzas Jiang."



    That is the text of the book that inspired her to write her work - "Secret Doctrine". She soon gets the first warning, that if she does not return the "Stanzas Jiang", big troubles will be waiting for her. Elena does not listen to the warnings and keeps the book in the safe in a bookstore. After a while, she becomes gravely ill, but doctors couldn’t diagnose.

    While Sleeping and waking a woman were haunted by horrific visions. A new journey to India brought a relief, where yoga helped her. Back in Europe, Elena returned to the ship, and the ship exploded at night, she miraculously survived. Now she had no doubts that it took up arms against some powerful organization. For the sake of her salvation, it is threatening to make public the content of this book, but it does not cease to pursue unhappiness mysteriously. She died in London, and the text "Stanzas Jiang" mysteriously disappeared from her safe.


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