The most impressive movies about the medieval times: heretics, Christianity, witchcraft

    The medieval period is probably the most dark and terrible period in European history. In particular, an important role is played the church, and its attempts to maintain power over people and orders. Not the last role was played by the Inquisition: across Europe blazed the fires, which burned women who were named witches, scientists, accused of heresy, and the thousands of other innocent people. Indeed, what may impress the audience, which prefers the historical movie, more than a movie about the medieval Ages, filled with unusual and interesting facts, dramatic scenes and stunning performance of the actors? We offer you a selection of the five most impressive films, about the heretics, the Inquisition, witchcraft, which are worth seeing.

1. "In the days of the witch", series 2005



     This movie filmed by the Swedish director Jan Guillou: each series tells the viewer about the times when throughout Europe was raging the Inquisition, looking for every heretic in Europe. In the 17th century, one war followed another, in addition, the climate has changed, and the harvest was lost, and the famine as a result. These events needed to be explained somehow, why the people wanted revenge, and the Inquisition used the difficult times in order to declare a witch hunt. Thousands of women were executed on charges of sorcery: burned at the stake, were dropped from the rocks, were drowned, and were broken by the raging crowd of their own villagers.



    Jan Guillou tried to show how it actually happened: the film is considered to be a documentary movie, but the roles are played by professional actors. If you are interested in the history of this period, you should see "In the days of the witch," but you should better keep children away from the screen, because in the movie there are scenes of violence.

2. "Black Death", 2010



    When you start watching "the Black Death", then you first seem that this film - about faith, religion, medieval times and its positive aspects. But while watching the viewer will see the reverse side of the coin: true Christians, kind of the punitive expedition with Sean Bean in the lead, leaving behind a mountain of corpses, in other words, in the name of religion are killing innocent people just because some of the villagers are suspected in witchcraft. The fact is that during the plague suddenly was found a village where all the inhabitants were healthy - sorcerers, not otherwise. We see in the film a demonstration of the worst manifestations of fanaticism. Moreover film obviously filmed by the atheists: while the world shed blood, or in the name of faith, whether in the name of revenge, or simply out of stupidity, God impassively is watching the scene.



    The film doesn't consist of strictly positive or negative characters, all of them - people with their fears, whims, passions and history. "The Black Death" is worth seeing, because the plot of the movie is quite entertaining, a grim picture of the medieval period is recreated down to the smallest details, and Sean Bean is perfect for the role of the protagonist.

3. "Giordano Bruno", 1978



    The film is based on real historical events which took place in the medieval times showing the last years of life scientist Giordano Bruno, who was taken into custody for his belief that science can develop separately from religion. "Giordano Bruno" cannot be called a documentary film, however, the viewer can get a glimpse of the religious court system during the Inquisition, as well as how much the Church have valued its power and was afraid of losing their influence.



    At the time, many scientists were subjected to harassment and Giordano Bruno - is only the one of them. Incidentally, in the film was reflected a real historical fact: Bruno was convicted not so much because of his works, but because of the denunciation of one of his "friends". If you are interested in the identity of one of the most brilliant men of the middle Ages, the movie is worth your time and attention.

4. "Galileo Galilee", 1968



     In this picture another scientist was accused by the church of heresy and has suffered for their beliefs. As we all surely know, Galileo discovered that it is the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around, but after a long conflict with the church was forced to recant his theory.



    The film could be considered historical, because it is a biography of the scientist, but it will be interesting not only to fans of history, but simply lovers of good cinema: are praiseworthy both actor's game and work on images of heroes.

5. "Joan of Arc", 1999



    The first thing you notice when watching the film - it is inherent for Luc Besson an attention to details and special effects. The film turned spectacular, dynamic and atmospheric: especially successful were the battle scenes of the medieval period.



    There is only one "but": a historical this film is difficult to call, and directly the Church, which executed Joan, is paid too much attention. But Joan, being played by Mila Jovovich, appears rather interesting character - she seems both the saint and an insane.


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