Meditation - is an experience of communication with the Divine and it is a form of the White Magic and is known as Enlightenment or a Cosmic Consciousness. This ancient form of magic takes place from ancient times. About this technique was mentioned in lots of different legends and ancient myths and it is known from ancient times in Tibet, China, Egypt and other countries where esotericism and magic are bordered with religion.



    Special technique originated in India - Yoga-sutra. This word can be translated like something classical or regal. Regular practice of this technique can help in successful development of various esoteric abilities - telepathy, the clairvoyance and telekinesis. Meditation is a passive way only if you think that thoughts themselves are destroying everything.



    Meditating technique consists of three different stages that can’t exist without each other:

    1. Relaxation - you have to achieve insensitivity to the physical shock, to the pain, or the physical body won’t come to the second stage.

    2. Thinking – is a full recovery of consciousness using sound, an object, pattern or idea. The second part – thinking - is the only part of the technique, which is not limited in time.

    3. Removal - separation of the consciousness. Consciousness leaves you only when thoughts were already removed. The result of this state is a true blessing. Actually this is the ultimate goal of this technique itself. You have to meditate every day and it is important practice meditation at the same time and not to forget to develop your spirituality.



    Direction of your mind on the certain objects inside or outside the body and holding an object there for some time called concentration. Meditation follows after the concentration and has two kinds: concrete and abstract. Forget about the body, forget about everything around and you will be constantly enlightened.

In what position to meditate



    If you want to start to practice this ancient technique, you need to know how to meditate properly and how to get into the right condition. Otherwise, you will not move out from the zero point. This is very important choose the place for practicing this technique. What is the place suitable for it? If you are going to engage in intense concentration, the place must be very quiet and secluded, and there was no danger to life and was easy to get some food there.



    It is better to start your practice gradually. Even in the mountains of Tibet, where people sit in solitude, it is recommended to start with the small periods of it.

    What is the right position for meditating? For the right meditation the posture is very important. The legs should be crossed. At first it may be difficult, but if we talk about the future prospects, then our advices are very helpful. Yet for some people, it is almost impossible, so you can just sit on a chair, how convenient. In other cases, it is recommended to cross your legs.



    Hands during the concentration part are necessary to lay down on the lower part of the stomach level.

    Shoulders should be spread. It is important the pillow on which you are sitting, is flat. At the same time the rear part of it should be slightly higher than front part. But if the pillow is tilted after the long sitting you will feel tension in your body.



    Head during meditation should not be raised high and should not be omitted. If the head is raised more than it should be, there will appear excessive excitement, and if it is too much omitted there will be spreading of thoughts and drowsiness.

    Eyes should be half-closed. During concentration your mouth should not be fully opened. But do not closing it completely and this way you won’t feel the bad taste in the mouth after meditating. The language must be raised to the sky. You do not need to be stretched, and the back should be straight.



    The right posture should be clearly remembered. When you meditate, the back should be straight, because if you lean forward or backward, it will distort the process.


    Breathing is very important during practicing this ancient technique. If before you start meditating, you have not done 21 breaths, you will have so many thoughts in your head that you will not be able to concentrate on the real.



    So first make a technique of the breath. Having a meditative pose, you have to just focus on your breathing. When you exhale - concentrate on making sure that you exhale, the same - when inhaling.

    The purpose of this ancient technique of breathing is to focus on the breath, and then the mind is distracted from their addictions, anxiety, and anger and will calm down gradually. Technique of the breath is useful in everyday life. If you are angry, try to leave the room and do 21 breaths and you will feel that you have become less irritated and more peaceful.





    If you want to seriously practicing meditation for any specific purpose, you need to think about your diet.

    Do not eat too little or too much, it will prevent your concentration. It is necessary to choose some measure of your eating habits. Sometimes concentration is very conducive to the meat, but a small amount and only occasionally.



    After all, those who meditate in the mountains live mainly on a vegetable diet, and in the body there is a lot of energy - wind power, which leads to an imbalance. In order to balance the number of energy, it is necessary eating meat.


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