Sudden Wealth: 5 eccentric stories of millionaires which accidentally received a lot of money

    Five most interesting stories about millionaires who got rich thanks to the incredible success. Many, once in their life, heard or read about people who suddenly found a suitcase full of money, or hit the jackpot in the lottery.

    What do rich people feel? Does money bring happiness or whether the money, on the contrary, is more of a problem? What do people feel that suddenly become rich?

    In our survey, we collected the most incredible, perhaps even strange stories of the lucky people to whom wealth, literally, fell from the sky.

1. One million for a hot dog

    One of the most famous cases of incredible luck has occurred with US resident Larry Ross. Apparently, for his good karma, his fate rewarded him generously. During one of the hectic working days, Larry, as always, has decided to dine a hot dog.

    He had no small banknotes and the seller refused to give change with a hundred dollars. Larry saw a kiosk with lottery tickets and bought tickets for 98 dollars to pay the remaining 2 dollars for a hot dog. The man went to work on, even not knowing that he won immense wealth. It turned out that one of the bought tickets for the change of money brought Mr. Ross 130 million dollars!

2. Fortune's Joke

    Everyone knows that success is changeable, and loves to make fun of. It happens that people, who least of all in the world believe in luck - are the luckiest. A vivid example is the story of an American millionaire veteran James Wilson.

    In his 84 years he had not amassed great wealth,  he lived simply "like everyone else." Perhaps because he had not believed in luck, and was thinking that luck is a fiction, in which only the dupes can believe. Therefore, the lifelong veteran had avoided lotteries, suspecting every in deception. To prove his point for all of relatives and friends, the old soldier decided to buy the first in my life a lottery ticket. Ms. Fortune also had an opinion on Mr. Wilson. He was lucky, he won a jackpot of 256 million dollars and became a millionaire!

3. Maternal capital

    A successful lawyer, investor, and a millionaire Charles Millar, who died in 1926, was known for his jokes against human greed and hypocrisy. One of such "jokes" was his will, where he indicated that he has no relatives to whom he would like to leave the accumulated wealth. One of the points of the will was that his entire property will be sold within 10 years after his death, and the proceeds to be donated to a woman who will be the mother of the greatest number of children this year. If there is more than one, the amount distributed in equal parts.

    This competition is known today as the Great Stock Derby. In that year 4 woman won it and shared the prize of half a million dollars between them. Each of them had 9 children in the family.

4. Contribution to Bitcoin

    A student from Norway and a future millionaire Christopher Koch bought for fun in 2009 a new virtual currency Bitcoin. The acquisition of the currency that was based on cryptography, had an exclusively scientific and research purposes.

    At this time, the student wrote the work on cryptography and apparently, he had needed a visual example. The amount of his investment was $ 27. Having bought 5000 electronic coins, Christopher safely forgot about them for 4 years.

    When in the spring of 2013 in the mass media began to appear numerous publications about Bitcoin, a Norwegian student remembered about his electronic wallet and decided to check his condition. What was surprising for Christopher, when instead of the original twenty-seven, he discovered to his credit 886 000 dollars. And now the amount has already exceeded one million.

5. Happy black cat

    Incredible luck strays a cat, which had recently walked through the narrow streets of the Eternal City. Tramp Tommasini has lived as are thousands of street animals - hunting of birds, dined in garbage cans and watching the cats. But once he met a lovely old-millionaire.

    Maria Assunta, a millionaire, who was born in 1917, had no family. She was deeply lonely and found solace in the four-legged friends. Good grandmother Maria sheltered Tommasini.

    In the autumn of 2009, in anticipation of imminent death, a rich Italian woman and a millionaire wrote a will. According to the document, all of her condition, including apartments in Rome and Milan, the lands in Calabria and bank accounts, gets handsome cat Tommasini and other stray animals. The total amount of inheritance is approximately 10 million euros.

    Maria Assunta died in late November 2011. According to the newspaper La Repubblica,  nurse Stefania, who cared for Maria Assunta in the last years of her life, will manage the money of Tommasini.

    Incredible stories with an unexpected end about the people, who got their millions not believing in luck and about animals, who grown rich in an instant. Many of the stories are very similar to the story of "Slumdog Millionaire" - in spite of all obstacles, the fate decides for you by itself.

    And what exactly do you think about the infinite riches? Would you like to get a bag of money? Maybe luck and fortune are not villains, but in fact, you should believe in them?


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