Top 10 Movies about the Space, the Moon and the Universe

    The highest achievement of mankind - is a flight into space - in the new century this achievement is still the biggest one. Only the modern filmmakers have gone further - their incredible cosmic fantasies in our top 10 movies. The best and highest quality contemporary films, on the topic of the Space flight to the Moon, Mars and other planets, which have been filmed over the last decade, are in our list.

1. “Interstellar”



    An ambitious space travel by Christopher Nolan ended somehow suddenly doubly. Some people even thought that in the movies two different versions of "Interstellar" were showed. But if we leave out of the brackets exercises in wit and irony, then it's hard not to recognize that a new film made by the creator of "The Dark Knight" had turned out almost perfect in terms of the audiovisual space odyssey, which unlikely someone will be able to beat  in the coming years.

2. “Gravity”



    Huge technological attraction, which was played by an actress Sandra Bullock under the direction of Alfonso Cuaron, until recently, seemed almost perfect representation of the space in the movie (the first place this film has to concede only to "Interstellar"). However, here we have to make an important amendment - to watch the ordeals of the main heroine which stuck on the Earth's orbit, better in the movie on a big screen, because home viewing turns the "Gravitation" into the format «another movie about the Space, the Moon and the Universe."

3. “Prometheus”



    Maestro Ridley Scott, who gave us many years ago, "Alien", again decided to go into the same river. It worked out not so well - in spite of the strong statements, "Prometheus" came out an order of magnitude worse (and, the most importantly, far less frightening) original paintings about ksenomomorfs. But in defense of the director, however, it should be added that more impressive (visually and aesthetically) fiction about the journey to other planets does not came out already for a very long time.

4. “Sunshine”



    A handyman Danny Boyle decided to prove to everyone (and especially to himself) that he is able to film a space fiction. For this, he gathered a group of excellent actors, and spit on the laws of physics, sent them directly at the Sun (usually Moon is being more visited by the people in the movies), which is - attention - getting colder! It would be possible to finish the conversation, but this film has amazing special effects, such a beautiful view and lot of well-known actors that had saved this work of Danny Boyle from the failure.

5. “Moon 2112”



    Stunning debut of the son of David Bowie, both old-fashioned (all lunar landscapes and objects are detailed miniatures) and modern (cool "utilitarian" design and directing minimalism dictated the budget); it has shown the world that not all the children of the celebrities have the resting nature. But the real charm of the film turned out to be quite different: in simple human experiences and relevant - though not always pleasant - thoughts.

6. “The Last Days on Mars”



    You are going to watch the long-awaited journey of the astronauts to the Red Planet, which is a secondary horror. Rather than do the usual water search on the surface - a luxurious accommodation on the research station and the search for the Martian anomalies, the very decent actors play almost nothing, but the director and the cameraman did their best - Mars looks no worse than in the video sent from the "Curiosity". No one wants to go back, though it is necessary, because in the horror movies the most important thing is - to survive.

7. “The First on the Moon”



    Stunning debut of the director Alexei Fedorchenko is convincing (though not without irony) proving that the first were the Soviet people, who went into the journey to the moon. The jury at the festival in Venice appeared in such bewilderment, that the film got the prize for the best documentary. Georges Méliès would be very happy, and we have another reason to be proud of.

8.  “Martian”



   Veteran of the filmmaking decided to shine one more time. And the reason for this is more than just a good movie - a severe (and, of course, super technological) fiction about the astronaut survival, which was forgo tten on Mars. Matt Damon kind of sends greetings from the "Interstellar" and hints that this time it is going to be not so easy to give up. The only question is, whether our "old" Scott returns or not?

9. “Gagarin. The First in Space”



    The first biopic about Yuri Gagarin filmed after the 52 years after his flight into the space! Modest and sometimes even shy movie on how the future idol of millions is preparing for his feat. Actually there is nothing more that we can say about the film, which was made almost in the TV format. But without it anywhere – it is yet the only one of this kind.

10. “Europe”



    Excellent documentary, despite the small budget is about the flight of the team of astronauts to one of the objects, like the moon, in the solar system, which is called Europe. Again the same story, the same actors, the same topic with the same words. From the massive disorder saves only the manner of filming. It looks quite impressive, although the essence of the film is not particularly clear, but still it is the space!


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