Mysteries of the Earth

    Man always strives to understand himself and the world around. Every day scientists make discoveries, explore the unknown, observe, study, and learn the essence. Modern technologies make this task much easier. But still there is huge number of mysteries of the Earth.

    On our planet, there are places with anomalies. Their nature has not been studied. Scientists are trying to find the keys to explain existing phenomenon, but it does not give results.

    We like to name such uniqueness as miracle, anomaly, magic, God’s deeds and so on. Even more we like to see trace of extraterrestrial beings in all of this. There are well known and very famous mysteries and there are those that have been just discovered.

    These anomalies are not so famous as pyramids, disappeared Atlántida, pictures on farmers fields, flying signs or lights, and so on. These mysteries of the Earth did not have such a big fame, but still they are very interesting.

Top 10 Mysteries of the Earth

    1. Fog the killer or secret of Norfolk Regiment

    This case occurred in 1915. During World War II, the United Kingdom conducted military campaign named Gallipoli against the Turkish forces.

    5th Battalion of Norfolk Regiment conducted offensive operations. According to witnesses the soldiers began to climb the hill, where they found heavy fog. Mist appeared out of nowhere and it took not more than a couple of hours to consume the entire battalion. Number of people was round eight hundred. After a while, the fog disappeared, but battalion had also been gone with it. The Turkish side insists that the fight did not take place. And where are the people they do not know the soldiers did not reach them.

    This incident was classified. After 50 years, the documents have become available to the public, they can be found in Wikipedia. The witnesses told about the strange fog that had covered and carried away all soldiers, evidence confirms the authenticity of the incident.



    2. Sailing stones

   Sailing stones is another interesting phenomenon from mysteries of the Earth. There are several places on our planet where this is happening. Restrict Playa is a dry lake in Death Valley in United States – and here stones are moving. Without any help they change their places and leave long trails. It can be longer then several meters, and what is more marvelous, this trails are not straight. These stones can change directions while they are moving.

    There are several suggestions: strong wind can move them (but it in this case it would also blow away the trail); ice under stones makes them slide. But scientists do not know for sure, they have no certain explanations how does it happening.




    3. Dog’s suicide

    In Scotland there are lots of beautiful places, one of such places is bridge in Overtoun, near Dumbarton. But not only beauty attracts tourists here.

    This place belongs to mysteries of the Earth because mass dogs jump down from the bridge and die. The amount of suicide goes to more then several hundreds. This Bridge was built in 1862 and since that every month several dogs die. The strangest is that even if animal survive after falling down, it climbs back and try to kill itself again.

    In autumn 1994 the man threw down his small son, he shouted that boy was Antichrist and must die. After he also jumped.

    Government is worried about this fact but can do nothing. They strongly recommend avoid this place with dogs. But homeless animals independently find this death road and police can’t stop them.



    4. Its raining fishes…

In Central America there is Republic of Honduras, in the center of this country there is Yoro Department and every year it’s raining fishes there. You may think how is it? For more then one century fishes fall down from skies with rain. In 1998 this event became a national holiday that is celebrated officially. Firstly scientist thought they unraveled the one of mysteries of the Earth: in their opinion a strong wind lifted the fish from the sea and brought with rain water to the city. But few years later one journalist noticed that falling fish is not from sea, it is freshwater fish. A curious fact, in the region there is extremely small amount of freshwater. Local people believe in God’s miracle.




    5.  Forest with dancing trees – one of Russian mysteries of the Earth

    Every child knows that Russia has lot of forests. But they do not know about dancing forest or drunken trees. This forest grows in Kaliningrad region. All trees here have special appearance, their trunks are bent. This area officially belongs to anomaly zone.

    There are different suggestions about reasons of specific plant growth. Some scientists assert that poor land full of sand is to be blamed, others think that biomagnetic field influents trees. Also there is version that a virus or insects damaged the growth of plants.

    Any way this wood looks very strange. And one more fact about it – this forest does not make any sound. You will not hear birds singing or bugs noise. It is totally silent.




    6. Samadhi phenomenon

    This phenomenon can be recorded in lists of mysteries of human body or mysteries of the Earth. In India there is group of people that can put their body in special condition that is similar to live mummy. Yoga people make meditation and put themselves in kind of sleeping appearance. In their beliefs mind leaves the sheath and travels in spiritual world. Body stays and waits when soul will come back as much as it is needed. In this case it means does not changes and never become old.

    There are mummies that are round two hundred years old. Body stays in that form as yoga was making meditation. Time changed it but not that much as it had to do, still it has skin. Scientists confirm the process of decay but they say that it is much slower than the normal process of rotting.

    Local people believe that when soul will come back this people save us from dooms day. They protect that bodies and take care of them.




    7. Night of falling birds.

     India, Assam, valley Dzhatinga.

    First time this case was shown on Discovery in program “mysteries of the Earth” in 2009. So it is rather new.

    At a first sight this valley does not differs from others. In the middle of it there is a small village. Every year local people celebrate special holiday – “Night of falling birds”. At night in that village local people burn lot of fires. And soon huge flocks of birds appear in the sky. Birds fly over the people heads. With arms or with wooden sticks, the Indians knock many of them to the ground. There are birds that fall under the feet independently. It remains only to pick up fallen bird, pluck and roast on the fire for a festive meal.

    This phenomenon lasts two or three days and is repeated every year for decades. Experts have an opinion that something can make birds to get in the somnambulistic state, in which they are flying into the light of fires. Perhaps in Indian Valley is located kind of specific magnetic anomaly, for which the birds are guided. But why it manifests itself only once a year, and why it happens only at night? To this day, there is no intelligible explanation of the anomaly of the falling birds there...



    8. Zone of silence

    List of “mysteries of the Earth” has such paradox as zone of silence or “zone of abnormal audibility”. Such area is in Mexico, near the city El Paso. In this region there are no settlements, and here strange things happen constantly. On the territory of 80km radius televisions, radios and telephones do not catch the signal, compass loses its direction, and clocks stop working. But there is a small section where the signal to Japan and Korea can be caught.

    Local people say that this place also attracts meteorites. Many fragments of meteorites were collected from there.

    In this zone people have seen animals and plants with mutation, but scientists assure that level of radiation is normal.

    Reasons of silence zone’s formation are unknown.



    9. More Triangles

    Everybody knows about the Bermuda Triangle (ranked the top mysteries of the Earth), but few people know that a similar phenomenon was discovered near the coast of Japan, in Russia and India. Anomalies also occurring n that regions: electronics stop working, north on the compass is displaced, people get panic attacks, dizziness and so on.



    10. Green Ray

    Green Ray is an optical phenomenon. A flash of green light appears at the time when solar disk disappearance from the horizon (usually by sea) or the appearance of it over the horizon. Three conditions are necessary in order to observe the green ray: open horizon (in the steppe, tundra, mountains or the sea in the absence of agitation), clean air and the horizon free from the clouds, where the sunset or sunrise.

    Usually people confuse it with the lights of a UFO so we can add it to the list of mysteries of the Earth.



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