Unusual places to celebrate New Year

    Not long left to wait for the most important holiday of the year and we are all ready to celebrate it in different ways - some at home with the family, some with friends somewhere far from home... Out of this list, you will learn about the most unusual places where you can celebrate New Year!


    Let's start with the place of celebration, which is not just unusual, but quite illogical. We are talking about celebrating in a caravan, which is crossing the Sahara desert! What do you need? Just order in Morocco a budget tour of the desert (10 days - about $ 400) and camel rentals. Spend some time thinking about the bygone year, and then, meet the holiday as loud as you can, without fear to disturb someone, because around - only the sand...


    If New Year's meeting in the noisy company is not for you - you can tidy up and clean the house...  In Edinburgh, Scotland people tidy up the house every Christmas Eve. What for? It turns out that "celebration" is dictated by the old Scottish tradition to join the upcoming year "fresh" - free from all unnecessary worry in the past year, with the hope that the coming year will be better than outgoing.


    Even more non-traditional holiday in Venezuela... How do you usually prepare for the New Year? You buy food and drinks, gifts; maybe you take a shower, etc. People in Venezuela at this time wear their best yellow underwear - this is due to the fact that in Venezuela yellow color is considered to be the color of wealth, and locals sincerely believe that such a "tradition" is sure to bring them good luck in the coming year.


    Would you like to celebrate in some magical place? In this case, you can take a trip to Goa - the smallest state of India, bordering the Arabian Sea. The climate here 6 months is wet, dirty and generally disgusting, but by October everything subsides and plants very quickly grow to enormous size, what makes Goa look like some kind of fairy garden until April when it starts another "rainy" period. It is not surprising that at this time, here from all over the world, flock the hippies and tourists in search of the fairy tale.


    The hottest place to celebrate, of course, is a small island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. January temperatures in this remote corner of the planet reach 80 degrees Celsius, so that the main adventures of Christmas Eve here are diving and swimming.


    Do you like to celebrate holidays really loud? Then your direct route to Japan! A crowd of the Japanese counts the last seconds of the outgoing year with champagne in hand - in no way! In fact, in Japan, there is a tradition to celebrate with the ringing bells. On the New Year’s Eve, every Japanese temple rings the bell 108 times!


    Not enough time to fully celebrate the upcoming year? You need a travel to China. Although it is worth recalling that the celebration in China starts only 14th of February (but not December 31 as we used to) and lasts for 15 days! During this period of time, the whole of China is illuminated by red lanterns and the streets are full of colorful demonstrations. The day before the celebration, Chinese families gather for a massive food banquet, after which everyone chooses for himself any red thing which he has to wear all the 15 days of celebration...


    The world's largest New Year party held in Brazil, on the 4-kilometer beach of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. Last year, the main guest of the party in Brazil was Madonna - this event brought together in one place more than 2 million people dressed in all white, and this is not the limit!


    If you like fireworks (and there are only a few who do not like), celebrate the New Year in Australia - just for you! Australians the first on our planet meet the coming year, and in order not to lose their face, citizens of Sydney against the backdrop of the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge make a fireworks show, which you can’t see anywhere else in the world.

    Last year, fireworks show in Sydney cost more than $ 5 million, and in the celebration of the New Year were attended by nearly a million locals and tourists alike - let's see what happens this year.


    The most romantic place to celebrate the upcoming year - is the Champs Elysees in Paris, with the view on a festive Eiffel Tower (the lighting of the tower dramatically is changing during the holiday) and soaring above it thousands of fireworks...

Las Vegas

    But the craziest parties are held in Las Vegas on Boulevard Strip, where in the evening on December 31, gather hundreds of thousands of people with the aim to carry out the old year and to celebrate the new!

    In addition to these, there are thousands of interesting places to celebrate - no one forbids you to meet the upcoming year, for example, in a secluded cabin somewhere deep in the mountains, or anywhere else. Where to celebrate the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 – is only your decision. We also wish you to remember this event. Never stop dreaming and wishing for something. We also wish you luck and happiness in 2017!


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