New Year celebration in other countries - some interesting facts

    What associations do you cause Ukrainian New Year? The festive mood, tree, snow: something forgotten? Oh, and there are constant attributes - mandarins and olives. And you're right, after all, and in fact, if you remove them from the festive table - everyone will ask, why? But let's not talk about sad things, and better understand, what New Year celebrations can be more interesting than our explosions, firecrackers, fireworks, salads and night-dances and songs to the accordion. Believe me, in other countries there are customs, against which the night festivities would seem like child's play.


    Before the New Year the Japanese buy a rake. Rake should be in every home, without them the next year will never come. But do not think that during New Year celebration thousands of Japanese people go to work. Small bamboo rake they use to «rake» happiness.


    In France, there is a strange tradition of New Year's Eve - talking to inanimate objects, better with wine casks. The landlord must clink glasses with the capacity and congratulate her. And no matter what the French are saying, we are well aware is that this custom came not after one glass of wine.


    In some villages of Scotland for the New Year people celebrate a holiday of stink. Who knows, why should they do that and what makes them to do that, but on New Year's night, they are setting fire the barrels of tar and are pushing them through their village streets. Thus, local see off the old year and light the way to the new. Anything can happen, but because of this smell of likely New Year's afraid to come, and the old is simply going to die of suffocation.


    Before the New Year Bulgarians wear strange costumes and scare evil spirits, in order that they did not come. This tradition is called the "Cooker". We do not know how with the spirits, but children do not remain indifferent, for sure, this kind of New Year celebration is very interesting. More than that, Bulgarians in the New Year's Eve like to kiss in the dark. Exactly in 12 the lights turned off... and you can do anything that you want for 1 minute. More Bulgarians do suvrachki - sticks of dogwood. They are decorated with red thread, garlic heads, coins, prunes, dried fruits and nuts. With such a "toy" people go from one home to another and are hitting the hosts on the back, saying that they want happiness.


    Panamanians - are something out of the ordinary. Their New Year celebration is not for the faint of heart, or rather not for people who don’t like loudness. Exactly at 12 in all cities raises a cry that no earplugs do not help.  Everyone is yelling, bells are ringing, cars are honking... it's a living hell for the lovers of peace.


    Chinese New Year is celebrated from 17 to 19 January. Traditional fireworks and firecrackers are not a surprise. But the fact that some families seal doors and windows using paper - it's interesting. Why are they doing this? Do they want to hide themselves from the world? We can only guess.


    Tired of living alone and want some love? Then an interesting New Year celebration in Spain is for you! In many villages of the country on the eve all boys and girls are pulling out names from piles of paperwork. Whose name you have got - this is your husband or wife for the whole evening. Even hands can dissolve, because everything seems real. And the Spaniards eat on speed. At first glance, it may seem as if to swallow 12 grapes per minute is quite simple. But it is not that simple - it is necessary to eat them one by one, at the same time make a wish and not choke, or a holiday will be spoiled.


    Mongolian Santa Claus does not have cotton wool beard and familiar "Oho-ho-ho." He is modest; in fact he comes to kiddies in the ordinary suit of herder. The main thing - do not mix up who is who during New Year celebration.


    Cubans are lucky that they have no frost. Otherwise, on the New Year's Eve there would be a lot of accidents at night. In the evening, all the householders are gaining water in utensils, and after midnight it is poured from the windows, so the streets almost turn into a river. They say that this makes for a brighter future. For some, maybe be not very bright, but definitely clean streets of cities for the next few days! It is interesting that here the clock does not beat 12 times, but 11 times that it was still more time to meet.


    In Nepal, on New Year's Eve in each inhabitant wakes up a pyrotechnics. Not only that, firecrackers explode at every step, and it is not enough! Painted in bright colors, the inhabitants of the city make a lot of fires, in which they burn old things and troubles at the same time.


    In Denmark, the morning of January 1 is better not to walk barefoot! There is a tradition to break up the dishes near each house. And the more friends you have - the more of broken dishes you will have near the front door.


    During New Year celebration in Italy is not advised to walk close to the windows. At exactly 00:00, people start throwing out tables, chairs, dressers and other furniture which have already served its own.


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