Top Christmas cartoons that you can watch on New Year’s Eve

    Christmas tree, Santa Claus, an army of mandarins and a truck with gifts - all these are the faithful companions of the New Year's mood. But, unfortunately, the "work" they have is just for the holiday week. As for permanent carriers of the bright emotions - Christmas cartoons, they have special powers to bring back holiday mood, even when the holidays are over.

    Here is the list of the best Christmas cartoons which are recommended to watch on New Year's Eve.

1. "Frozen" (USA, 2013)

    A cartoon is based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen's "Snow Queen".

    Coming true an ancient prophecy - and plunges the kingdom into the arms of eternal winter. Three characters - Princess Anne, brave Kristoff, and his loyal reindeer Sven - go to the mountains, in order to find the chosen one, who will be able to withdraw the icy spell from the country and return the sun. This is about the second princess - Elsa. Is she going to help? How to get to her, if Elsa lives on the highest snowy mountain?

    On the way, the brave trio awaits a lot of exciting adventures: a meeting with the mystical trolls, familiarity with a charming snowman named Olaf, abruptly peaks of Mount Everest and the magic in the each snowflake.

The audience, not only will enjoy the unusual history and the colorful landscapes, but also learn about the price of true love, friendship, and mutual assistance.

2. "Arthur’s Christmas" (United Kingdom - United States of America, 2011)

    Santa Claus can bring 2 billion presents in one night.  What about you?

    The cartoon reveals the secret, how Santa manages to deliver presents to the children from all over the world in just one night. Disclosure of the mystery of the world takes place with the assistance of a little girl Gwen, who once wrote a really good letter... What's going on there at the North Pole, on New Year's Eve, you will discover after watching this sweet cartoon.

3. "Merry Madagascar" (USA, 2009)

    "Madagascar," - is the company that cannot survive without adventures even a single day! Right before the holidays, friends accidentally get with Santa Claus into an accident, and he loses his memory. Christmas in jeopardy! But Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria - are responsible heroes: they take on the daunting mission of delivering gifts to children. What will come out of this? An exciting, fun story!

    Cartoon certainly will appeal to those who watched the previous series "Madagascar" and love this funny friendly company of animals.

4. "Shrek the Halls" (USA, 2007)

    Another cartoon in the company of familiar characters: let's see how Shrek, Fiona, and their friends celebrate the holidays.

    It turns out that Shrek never before did not know about Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so on the advice of friends, he buys the book "Christmas for Dummies" and tries to follow the advice of this collection.

    Troll decorates the house, buys gifts and even comes up with an amazing Christmas story... But suddenly uninvited guests demolish all the plans. You do not want to offend friends and lose the holiday too. How Shrek is going to save Christmas?

    Funny Donkey, Puss in Boots, charming and grouchy, but very good Shrek - with these guys will not be bored anyone!

5. "Ice Age: Giant Christmas" (USA, 2011)

    Once sloth Sid accidentally breaks a family heirloom of mammoths - Christmas stone - an angry mammoth Manfred says, in order to offend a friend that he is now in Santa Clause's black list. This means that a sloth will not receive a gift for Christmas! The too sad story for the holiday... So Sid and his friends decide to visit Santa Claus to ask for forgiveness. On the way to the North they will have a lot of adventures, and who knows whether bearded wizard will be favorable to the desires of the sloth...

6. “Niko & the way to the Stars” (USA, 2008)

    A young reindeer named Niko dreams that his father - one of the flying reindeer of Santa Claus. Despite suffering from severe vertigo, he runs away from his home to take flight lessons from his friend, clumsy squirrel Julius. Shortly thereafter, Niko and his girlfriend Julia discover that Santa and his reindeer are in grave danger. They collect their forest friends and go trekking to the North Pole to rescue Santa Claus and his father. This is one more cartoon that you can watch on New Year’s Eve.

7. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (USA, 1966)

    Grinch lives on a hill above the town with his dog Max. Every year during the Christmas his hate to the happy residents of the city was growing up more and more.

    They give each other gifts, having fun and sing songs in a city park, without knowing that Grinch is offended and hates Christmas and New Year's Eve. One day Grinch decided to disrupt Christmas. Dressed as Santa Claus, with his dog Max he steals their gifts, food, and decorations... What will come out of this? Who will save Christmas?

    Cartoons - is a reflection of childhood fantasy, and they are overcrowded with incredible stories, exciting adventure, fairy magic, brave heroes and with all that is bright, colorful and fun. It's not surprising that children are watching them with love - they just have a lot in common.


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