Notorious Women Tyrants in History

    Five members of the fairer sex, who have distinguished themselves for their brutality, insensitivity and aggression:

Princess Olga

    Princess Olga cruelly avenged the death of Prince Igor. When Drevlyans came to her with an offer to become the wife of the prince, Olga said, "Bring the matchmakers in the boat." Drevlyans believed her, and with honor they were brought to the Princess castle. In the yard already was made a pit, into which the matchmakers were dropped. The pit was backfilled. But it was not the end.

    Olga invited important men of Drevlyans, who hadn't known anything about the death of their former "team". But before speaking, they were offered to take a bath to wash off the road. They agreed. Olga ordered to burn the bath together with ambassadors, and then she decided to go to the grave of Igor on the lands of Drevlyans and arrange a wake. She arranged. Notorious princess Olga buried the whole delegation for the death of her husband.

Isabella I of Castile

    Speaking about the number of deaths in which was involved the Spanish Queen Isabella I, it is impossible not to mention sinister figure of the notorious Inquisitor Torquemada. It was he who led the "service", which took care of the purity of religious ranks - Catholic tribunal. For fifteen years, this person sentenced to be burned over 10 thousand people. The number of survivors of torture and punishment - was more than 97 thousand.

    What was the Queen's role? Isabella had approved of tortures as the way to combat heresy, and the Grand Inquisitor was also her spiritual mentor.

    It was Torquemada, who made her religious fanatic, and fires Autodafe were burning in the country are much more common than in other states. Blaming only Torquemada that Spain had been poured rivers of innocent blood, it would be unfair.

Maria I Tudor

    She had a famous father - the founder of the Church of England, Henry VIII. He was not afraid of the wrath of the Pope for his actions. But his fate, as if in revenge, gave him a daughter, who became Queen Mary Tudor I, but she has gained greater fame as the "Bloody Mary".

    The girl grew up unhealthy, however, it was enough for the evil  -  during the years of the reign of England on the inquisitorial bonfires were burned nearly 300 members of the opposition. Protestants were considered to be the opposition to Queen Mary and she strongly fought against them. As a result, even the mass of the people escaped out of her reigning oppression.

    Even her husband, Philip failed and went to his native Spain. In the summer of 1558 the queen became ill  and died in the autumn. The Death of a cruel ruler was celebrated as a national holiday, and there is no even one monument in her honor among the attractions of England. Not deserved.

Daria Saltykova

    When in 1801, the Russian landowner nicknamed "Saltychikha" has died, one bloody figure in the world has become smaller, because Daria Nikolaevna for her life brutally has tortured many serfs. From a young age, she tortured peasants hunger, scalded people with boiling water, set fire to their hair.

    Notorious "Saltychikha" was condemned by Catherine II. Among the victims were men, but she, mainly, bullied against women and girls. Total on her conscience is not less than 138 ruined lives. Why Saltykova has not fallen under the court of Catherine II. At first, she was sentenced to death, but a sentence later was changed, and bloodthirsty landowner was taken into custody. "Saltychikha" has died in the monastery prison in 71.

Empress Dowager Cixi

    In 16 years, the future notorious empress tyrant was taken from the family in the harem of Emperor Xianfeng. With the help of bribing of the approximate to the imperial bed eunuch, she managed to get the interest of her lord.

    Emperor Xianfeng hadn't heirs. Orchid did not lose her, and quickly became pregnant. But there is a version which says that the child wasn't from the Emperor. There is even a suggestion that it was not her child. However, officially - the son of the ruler of China was born from his favorite concubine - the Crown Prince Tongzhi. Xianfeng has been married and had a wife-empress, but they didn't have children in relationships.

    She instantly became higher over all the women in the harem and now the notorious Dowager, the mother of the heir, did not want to stop on her laurels. And not only in the harem, but in all of China. In the result of the accident that occurred with the emperor - he nearly drowned, he became ill and after a while died. Cixi got all the powers by taking the imperial seal. And then flew the heads...

    People in China were not just simply executed, it was done with extreme brutality. Among the Empress's habits were a murder and an intimidation. There are rumors which tell that the Dowager Empress had many lovers: beautiful young men were killed, after one night with Cixi.

    Almost 50 years Dowager Empress had been in power, losing the wars, ravaging the country, committing terrible crimes. People say that while dying, she whispered: "Don't ever let a woman in power."


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