The most believed omens

    Under omen usually people understand some opinion or prejudice that allows the existence of supernatural forces and their intervention in human life. If you are interested in mystic, magic, and witchcraft and you want to know where the truth lies in most of them, the article below will be very helpful and interesting for you. Omens – are true or false?

Friday the 13th or Black Friday



    There is a belief that people cannot do any chores on this day. People started to believe in omens like this because presumably on this day Cain killed his brother Abel on the version of the Old Testament. That is why later this occasion became very convenient for speculations and various interpretations.

    Nowadays, not many people believe in this sign, but do not underestimate it, because in a fiction there is always a grain of truth.




    One of the omens says that you cannot return to the place that you just left. It is believed that the threshold has the function of a specific portal. Actually the threshold it is the boundary between the real world and the other worlds.



    Return takes strength and makes the person less strong, and on his doorstep can wait for anything. But if you still want to return, you need only to look in the mirror before going out and smile. So, you hold all the bad in the reflection.

To sit on the track



    The explanation for this behavior may be a belief that the good spirits that inhabit the house, will not allow a person to leave immediately, but will cling to it and prevent a good way.

    However, the real reason to sit in front of the output is more psychological. Many people just need to calm down and to stop being nervous. This is inherent to all people who are living home for a long journey or just a long way. At this point, many remember that they forget some things.

Watches as a gift



    In different countries people believe that giving watches as a present is one of the strongest omens. In China for example, such a present is regarded as an invitation to the funeral. In Europe people believe that giving watches as a present can mean a very soon separation. But also in Ukraine or Russia if you want to make such a present you just need to ask for a small money back and after such signs like this will be destroyed and won’t have any supernatural forces.

Do not eat from the knife



    This item is often used as a weapon of defense in real life and magic rituals. It is believed that he was entitled to it special treatment. That is why a lot people believe that it’s better not to eat with the knife.

Never walk in one sock, sneaker, shoe



    Older people that believe in omens like this claim that such behavior will lead to early orphan hood. One toe or one shoe predicts the death of someone from relatives or friends. Such a belief in nature has no basis; it can be the cause of that pair of shoes is associated with a married couple like parents or enamored.

However, if you have put just one toe or it is happened that you have lost your shoes, do not worry much, and delve into a sign like this; for sure it is more like a prejudice.

40th anniversary



    IN the old Slavic countries was a custom according to which the incorrupt relics of the dead were tested after 40 days. That’s why a lot of people believe that you are forbidden to celebrate you 40th anniversary. Even today many people believe in this sign, and does not celebrate 40th anniversary. However, such an attitude to this holiday rather inherent in the Slavic nations. If you do not treat people who are very serious about the esoteric signs, then you should not even think, celebrate your anniversary and enjoy your life.

The crossroads



    Sorceress and witches believe that can nothing can be picked up at the crossroads, because it will bring trouble. It is also believed that people throw on the crossroad money or other small items to summon a demon or devil. Picking up anything at the crossroad you can draw an evil spirit, which in turn can bring great harm to you, your home or your family.

Never transfer items over the threshold



    Explanation about omens like this is the same as in the case that you cannot return back because in the ancient times under the thresholds of houses people buried the ashes of the dead, and it was impossible to disturb them. So, if you need to pass through the threshold thing better to go out, or to ask the person to enter the house or apartment.

Take out the garbage after sunset brings gossips



    It is believed that the neighbors will certainly not miss the opportunity to discuss what prompted you to leave the house at dusk and can be seen malicious intentions of trying to hide the rubbish under cover of night. In ancient times it was believed that all bad and evil take place after the sunset, when the light goes away and the darkness comes. So do not throw garbage in the evening.

    Whether you believe in signs or not, it is not necessary to bring them fully into your life. The interest in the signs and omens is rather an attempt actually to explain what we do not understand in our life or what we don’t like. Psychologists explain this by saying that any unexplained relationship human brain prefers to write off the influence of the underworld and the supernatural forces. Black cats, wakes salt, sunset, broken mirror and more - it's just a simple dish ways to get rid of negative energy and thoughts that may present in our lives. Think positive, be confident and enjoy your life and then any signs you are not dangerous for you.


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