Top movies about parallel worlds

    Mysteries of the universe always interested humanity. What hides in itself the universe, and what mysteries have not yet disclosed? Are there parallel worlds, how many of them, can you move from one world to another? Scientists so far have not been able to give real answers, but the film industry fully described this topic to the people. We present you the top of the films about parallel, virtual worlds. If you want to spend a great evening and plunge into the world of fantasy, at least one film of our movie list you will like.

 “Matrix” 1999



    Programmer and a hacker named Thomas Anderson accidentally realizes that the world in which people live is really an illusion created by a special super computer. Mr. Anderson - nicknamed Neo - meets Morpheus, who shows him the real world, which is almost completely destroyed under the power of the machines. With the help of special computer programs, Morpheus teaches Neo how to use various superpowers, which will help him to fight the machines. Together with a group of people like Neo they make forays into the "matrix" to save the world, get rid of the machines and get people to wake up and get out of the parallel worlds created by a computer.

“Inception” 2010



    Dominic Cobb – is a professional thief, who is engaged in espionage, but not simple, but psychological. Cobb is getting into the people’s mind and steals their secret thoughts or ideas. Getting into the human dream, Cobb selects the desired information and provides it to the buyer or uses for his own purposes.

    Cobb’s abilities make him a very popular professional in the underworld. Having lost everything, he tries more and more get into the parallel worlds of other people's dreams. A new job may help Dominic to return to his former life, but this job can also destroy everything because the thief does not need to steal an idea but he needs to plant an idea, and he will have to work on 3 different levels of the subconscious.

“Warcraft” 2016



    The threat of a merciless war hangs over one of the parallel worlds of the people called Azeroth. The human race is forced to confront an evil orcs race. Draenor - home world of the Orcs was destroyed, so the invaders are forced to look for a new world. A transition from the world of the orcs into the human world is possible through the Dark Portal.

    Two leaders are going to meet in a deadly battle that will affect their lives, their environment, their families, their friends and relatives. War of the parallel worlds has different guises, but opposition, in any case, has a major impact on the convictions of the two warring races of humans and orcs.

“Alice in a Wonderland” 2010



    This movie is a screen adaptation of the famous adventure novel about a young girl Alice, who, on her wedding day, meets a strange white rabbit in a frock coat and follows him into the woods. Alice falls down the rabbit hole where her adventure in one of the parallel worlds starts. At first, the girl drinks the elixir of growth, then elixir to reduce, and then passes through a door into a magical bright, but at the same time sad world.



    An evil queen with huge head rules in a wonderland, which is subservient to two terrible dwarfs. During her long journey, Alice meets Cheshire cat, Mad Hatter with the sad eyes, and fights with the dragon on the chessboard.

“Mirrors” 2008



    Former cop Ben finally took to drink and lost everything because of the accident, which happened to him at work. Despite this, he decides to start life all over again. In order to get to his feet and leave his sister's place, Ben decides to go to work as a security guard to a burned supermarket. Making another night tour over the supermarket, a former police officer starts noticing that there is something strange in the mirrors. Soon, even after work, strange things begin to occur with Ben. Soon Ben will face terrifying creatures, creepy mirrors, parallel worlds, the souls of the dead and the pain that will change his life completely.

“Tron. Legacy” 2012



     20 years later Sam, the son of Kevin, goes in search of his father. The events lead to the fact that he as well as his father falls into a virtual reality in which he found himself and Kevin. In the world of cybernetics, created by the father of Sam, the father and son find each other after 20 years. Together, they are going to defeat enemies and find out how they can destroy the world and return home. Got the support of the friends, Kevin and Sam understood how to get back home, but do not know yet what consequences await them and that such a journey cannot pass without a loss.

“Upside down” 2012



    Long ago, two planets attracted to each other. Both planets are inhabited by the people. Each planet has its own gravity. On the top of the planet reigns wealth and prosperity. This established a corporation, that extorts bowels of the lower planet and returns it the energy by the lower price. The movement of people between the planets is tightly controlled. In the middle of the planets there are two people: it is - a girl from a wealthy family from the top of the world and a simple guy from the lower world, and they love each other. And yet there is secret bee pollen that is produced simultaneously on both planets and has incredible properties.


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