The planet’s mysteries those are still unsolved

    The distinctive feature of mankind is his striving for knowledge. We desire to know ourselves, to explore the world around us, to investigate our planet, and even to research outer space. Mankind has made a huge number of discoveries, and to record all the knowledge on paper, we would have to cut down all the forests of South America for its production. Nevertheless, the scope of the unknown is much bigger. There are many questions and when people solve them, they will be able to significantly improve their lives, to cure fatal diseases, to maintain the balance of nature and much more.

    We have identified the most important and the most interesting questions whose complexity is compounded by lack of awareness. World Scholars are trying to solve them, but they are only able to make assumptions and to advance theories.

The planet’s mysteries




    The placebo effect is occasion when condition of a person significantly improved after taking some medicament, which is not what this person believes it has to be. In another words the patient receives an empty tablet, which has a neutral effect, but he thinks that this is a medicine which is able to solve his problem, and this deception gives a healing effect. If you give a man a placebo pill from headache, and assure him that it is guaranteed to help, the unpleasant sensation of pain will go away. Another example, a person may feel euphoric from a drug-placebo.



    Why is this in a list of the planet’s mysteries? Because, this case is can’t be explained from medical standpoint.

    The mechanism of the placebo works due to two factors: auto-suggestion and the brain's ability to control the processes in our body.

    The placebo effect has a different effect from case to case, it is impossible to figure out its effectiveness. Today, some doctors are practicing the placebo effect in medicine, psychiatry and narcology.



Arising of life on Earth

    How did the life appeared is one of the planet’s mysteries. The answer to this question has not only a philosophical sense: who we are, where we have come from are and why we are here, the solution of the past will give us the opportunity to get a key to our future. Life always goes around, from the beginning to the end, and mankind is staying between this points.

    As many other the planet’s mysteries, this one has given rise to many theories.

    There is a theory that life was brought to Earth by extraterrestrial intelligence. In another version life could fall here with a meteorite. Despite the level of scientific development, the biblical version of live birth continues to exist.

    Scientists are working on this mystery and put forward new theories such as this: a young theory of the origin of life in the hot fresh water.



Mass extinction on our planet

    Throughout the history of the planet it can be identified five major mass extinctions. Each case can be attributed to the planet’s mysteries.

    1. Cretaceous – Paleogene extinction event - more than 60% of marine invertebrates disappeared;

    2. Triassic–Jurassic extinction event - 50% of marine organisms disappeared;

    3. Permian–Triassic extinction event - at least half of the currently known species living in the world at that  time became extinct;

    4. Late Devonian extinction - mass extinction, the sixth part of all species disappeared including the dinosaurs;

    5. Ordovician–Silurian extinction events



    Scientists have not yet found out what are the causes of mass extinctions, although many theories have been put forward.

    Some have views of the scientific community that we live in one of the mass extinctions. It is called the Holocene.




    Intuition is the process of knowing the truth or making a decision without direct conscious control, without the use of logical thinking. This is when you realize something, but until then have never faced with this. There is a second name of intuition - a sixth sense.

    For example there have been lot of cases when under the influence of intuition people prefer to change their plans, do not get on a plane, not to go to another city, do not choose this path, and so on, and this decision saved there life.



    There are people whose intuition is particularly well developed, they can guess the location of certain things, they often lucky in lotteries, they can be more successful in business and in life. Such people are often invited to a special television program where they can demonstrate their capabilities and try to win money.

    Scientists are trying to figure out mechanisms of intuition through psychological analysis. Some of them have developed a program of computer imitation of it. But fully comprehend the secret of sixth sense has not been succeeded yet and that is why we attribute this to the planet’s mysteries.



Creation of the Universe

    Scientists can not understand how the universe was formed, in fact, they have no idea of its size, the number of bodies in it, its laws, humanity, in principle, knows very little about the universe. All knowledge of mankind consists of a single theory and does not have any evidence and confirmed data

    Despite the fact that this issue is not actually refers to the planet’s mysteries, it does have an indirect relation to our subject. After having solved this mystery, we will get the answer to how the solar system with our planet Earth was formed.



Real zombies in Haiti

    Many believe the zombie is a fiction. But for scientists this phenomenon, which occurs in Haiti, is a mystery.

On the island of Haiti voodoo magic is common, it is believed that religion was brought here by slaves. This religion is associated with evil, and the only one capable on creating of a Zombie.

    In Haiti, there were several cases of the dead appearance. After the body was buried, the person could appear in place of their former domicile a few years later.

    Several scientists tried to expose local shamans, but they did not succeed.



Mayan Calendar

    How an ancient civilization has created a very precise calendar remains a mystery. Scientists can not even put forward a theory of how it came to mind of Maya. We can only guess ourselves.



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