Top 5 scaring places where you can meet poltergeist

  Science can tell us about past, present and future of our planet. We can explain so many difficult processes, predict weather, see atoms, and create energy and we know all that stuff that was discovered by human during his evolution. But we still do not know much about spirit world. Someone prefer not to think about it too much, other one without doubts will tell you that ghost or poltergeist is artifice or “participant of the Halloween party”. When strange sounds do not let sleep, when personal stuff travel round apartment by itself  and other similar incidents bother people repeatedly, there still such of them who will continue keep the faith that underworld does not exist, despite everything. But it exists, it exists in spite of do we believe or we don’t.


    The unknown interests modern people and tickles there nerves as it was doing many years before. Not all of us are scared of spirits, there are braves looking for places with paranormal activity where they can hunt for ghosts. There are so many truly frightening stories, in them you can find information about special places where spirits are active at day and at night.

And if you are one of those curious who want to know about ghosts something more then Paramount Pictures and Universal Studio shows you, if you did not meet ghosts before you can search for them in these places. Here top 5 list of poltergeist’s homes.


    1.Winchester Mystery House


    Now this is a historical place. You can find it in Googlemaps by address - 525 South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, that is in California State,. The house looks really weird, it gathers lot of tourists and becomes more popular every day. Winchester Mystery House was mentioned in some movies and books. The most famous is “The Haunting of Hill House”.


    So this is the story. This house was bought by Sarah Winchester, who was married with a son of Oliver Fisher Winchester, founder of the company producing guns. She lost her husband and daughter. The two deaths greatly shocked her and she was unable to come to terms with the loss.


    Woman had feeling that death hunts her too. Sarah went to medium and he told her that her family had been coursed, ghosts of people, that were killed by guns, will follow her. To hide from them she had to start building of a house where spirits won’t be able to harm her, and when construction will be completed she gonna die. Building process was started in 1884 and was finished in 1922. Sarah Winchester died as it was predicted.


    She spend all her money, husband left her more then 20,5 million dollars. The house had 6 floors but 3 of them were destroyed by earthquake in 1906.  Throughout the rest of the house is well preserved until today. It has lot of strange traps for poltergeist: some of the stairs leads to the ceiling, there are outside doors on the upper floors, secret windows inside of the building, some doors go to a standstill, just nowhere…


    Number 13 is everywhere, most stairways have 13 steps, rooms have 13 windows and this number is also easily seen in interior. Currently, the house has round 15 5rooms, 13 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, 40 staircases. In rooms there are more then  2000 doors, and about 450 doorways, around 10,000 windows (up to now preserved stained glass windows), 47 fireplaces and one shower. Nobody stays at night inside of Winchester Mystery House. Those who look after the house tell about the sound of footsteps, rustling, tapping, and stuff admit they do believe in poltergeist.


    2.The Stanley Hotel

    Another famous place for poltergeists hunters is Stanley Hotel. You can go to Colorado State and book a room in a hotel by this address 333 Wonderview Avenue in region of Estes Park. The building of Stanley Hotel was build by Freelan Oscar Stanley, who had to move to the West by suggestion of family doctor. He went to Estes Park with his wife, this family was much impressed by the beauty of this place. They decided to stay despite warnings of local people. Neighborhood farmers tried to avoid those places and never hunt here.


    Round 15,000 across of local lands were acquired illegally and officially hotel was opened on July 4, year 1909. The very first visitors began to notice some strange things, and after years, they continue to happen there. People tell stories about spirits in there rooms. Some say they heard laughing or crying of children behind doors of empty rooms, photo shoots from the hotel have a blurred spots, something tinker with a blanket guests at night. Things can move on their own if they do not disappear at all .Most of paranormal activities take place in rooms number 407, 428, 1302 and 217. In last one well known writer, king of horror, Stephen king stayed for a while. After his visit author was inspired to write famous book “The Shining”. Many times in interviews he admit that poltergeist of the hotel gave him inspiration. So The Stanley Hotel welcomes people and ghosts.


    3.The House of The Faces in Belmez

    Belmez is a small village of Spain. Here, in house at Calle Real 5, Bélmez de la Moraleda, Jaén, region of Spain - Andalusia, strange phenomenon started activity in 1971. Once Maria noticed appearance of specific blurry image on the floor and it scared her very much. She asked her husband to change that tile, but after he did that face appeared again. This case was not the only one. Faces appear and disappear from time to time. Local people have rather big collection of photo shoots. Residents believe that images belong to spirits of dead people, because under this house there is cemetery. In the past local church was placed near by, and as it was usual every church had it’s own gravity. Why nobody moved cemetery after that church changed it’s location we do not know. These poltergeists are not active or noisy but still very exciting .This paranormal appearance made village famous all round the world.


    4.Borley Rectory

    This house has a glory of “the most ghost hunted house” in England, you can find it in a small village Borley, Essex. It was built in 1862 on the place of destroyed monastery, by reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull and his family. It has changed many owners, some of them die, another move to other city. From the very beginning rectory got a bad name. From time to time people saw poltergeist nearby. In 1939 it was burned for unknown reasons and then rebuild, some people say that owner did it intentionally, rumors say that during the fire no one was inside or near. After fire in ruins was discovered secret room with the skull of woman. Woman’s spirits appear rather often, residents know that poltergeist likes to walk in front of a small river in garden.

There are several books about this place. Lots of documentary films were made in Borley, and all of them about poltergeist.


    5.St John Ambulance in Lincolnshire


    It was opened in 1852 for poor people who were deemed mentally ill. It is believed that poltergeist appears in places where people had to suffer greatly. The living conditions for patients were terrible, the treatment considered to be cruel. Lot of horrible things had happened there, there are several secret rooms that can shock deeply. Later, in 1989 government decided to close this place forever. For workers who had to clean up everything next few days were really difficult. It was test for mental stability, because from all corners they heard different noises, screams, moans, laugh and even songs. Workers even discovered secret underground way, which one was used for getting rid of bodies. Many times local people saw poltergeists in the windows, dark shadows inside. Several times fire fighting vehicles arrived to the building, according to witnesses there was fire inside, but both times it was false alarm. Tourists very often complain for headaches, weakness and specific smell of smoke. At night time it is not allowed to come inside to anybody.


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