5 most “wanted” TV-shows about curved space and time

    Despite the hard work of scientists, human knowledge of the universe remains highly uncertain. And since nothing certain is known - then anything is possible.

    While physicists are trying to agree what is a graviton and how measurement involves string theory, writers and directors have already built their own model of the world on the screen. Parallel universes, time loops, wormholes and portal to another world - all of this is revealed in the television series. And also the facts that would have never come into the scientist head.

    Flash Forward

    Time failure with unpleasant consequences

    All of humanity is simultaneously loses consciousness for two minutes and is transferred into the future. Now almost everyone knows what will happen to them in six months. The exceptions are those who did not see anything – or their future is uncertain, or in six months they will not be alive. One way or another, for everyone, the tour into the near future has turned into serious stress. Two main questions: Is it possible to change something and why there was a leap in time, and how they went through the portal between realities?

    Police in Los Angeles have to escape from their personal tragedy, to find the answer to the second question. Fortunately, for one of them managed in general to familiarize with the results of their own investigations during the two-minute journey into the future.

    The idea of the TV-show was interesting, but the embodiment apparently has not met public expectations - in terms of success rate was only the first few episodes.

    The Lost Room

    The laws of physics in question

    In the center of the plot - is one missing room in the motel and about a hundred items of this room, which sold from hand. The room now exists outside of space and time, like a portal to another world, and each of the objects can somehow alter reality. Comb stops time, points extinguish the fire, and the wristwatch can boil an egg. As for the fact what is happened at the motel, and what it tells us about the universe, opinions diverge. Someone thinks that everything that happens - not that other, as a sign of the god of death, while others believe that simply with the physical laws that something is wrong. 


    To understand where a reality is, is necessary for a detective Joe Miller, who lost his daughter in a motel room. The series leaves more questions than answers, but, given the philosophical essence of the issues, it is difficult to call a disadvantage. Among the advantages is a healthy share of humor and wonderful actors in secondary roles.


    The theory of multi-universe in action

    After a car accident in the world of detective Britten have been formed two parallel realities: in one of them in the accident has survived by his son, but his wife died, and the other - on the contrary. Britten by himself from time to time wakes up in one or the other universe. Over time, navigate to an event is getting harder - with a starting point, alternate realities are increasingly drifting apart.

    He has to go to all sorts of tricks and go to a psychiatrist. But there are unexpected advantages: for example, in the detective work of the information gained in a parallel reality, it may be an opportune moment. Interesting, though unscientific, is the study hypothesis of the existence of an infinite number of parallel universes and portal to another worlds. Critics liked the show, but in terms of the ratings it was a failure.


    Down the wormhole

    During testing of the new spacecraft scientist-astronaut John Crichton falls into the wormhole so-called portal and finds himself on the other end of the universe - within a living ship-prison, which escaped with the prisoners. Friends with anthropomorphic and other inmates, who have ridiculous names, astronaut becomes the ship's captain. Now in its possession is an accelerator that allows moving faster than light.

    Together with a new team, he goes in search of the wormhole, which could bring him back to Earth. But, as it turns out, a hole connecting the distant corners of the universe, are not interested in him alone. Important in the series - not questions of the universe and the human adventure in the world of aliens, so play with space and time are quite lazy. An interesting idea of wormholes as the most important resource of the future, which will unfold over the desperate struggle: the Bosporus and Dardanelles universal scale.

    Tenth Kingdom

    To lighten the mood

     The young girl Virginia grew up without a mother, who disappeared when she was seven years old. Virginia works in a cafe and lives with her father, an old alcoholic and a total loser. Once, in the park under the wheels of her bike, falls a dog from a parallel fantastic medieval world. This dog in fact - is an enchanted prince of the whole Kingdom. After him, into Virginia's life, are invading three uninvited trolls and a wolf in a human form.

    Long or a short, Virginia and her father are getting into a magical dimension nine kingdoms, through the portal of the magic mirror where they will find Virginia's  mother, who has been lost for many years and are going to figure out how to actually go back into modern New York. Science fiction is, of course, it cannot be called, but few where you can see such a lovely and pleasant in all respect a parallel world. There is no existential terror, and children will not be bored.


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