Potion – a liquid or substance that has magical properties and has magical effect on person who drinks it.



    In history magical elixirs have played an important but invisible role. Palace intrigues took place in different countries and everywhere potions master’s services were in demand.

    Nowadays we also use it for various purposes. Many books are devoted to this science. In movie industry it is mentioned mostly in the genre of fiction and fantasy ("Harry Potter" J.K. Rowling, "Asterix and Obelix", etc.).



    Concoction penetrating into the human stomach connects the spiritual with the physical action. Therefore potions have always been a powerful tool in magical practices.

    There are many classifications of magic concoctions.

    The main types are:

    - Curative arcanum. Well, here the name speaks for itself. This type of arcanumes is used in medical purposes. They restore power and treat various diseases or injuries. It also includes an antidote.



    - Love potion. Actually, it is one of the most famous and demanded elixirs. Almost all love potions are made on the growing moon. Its aim is crystal clear – to attract attention of your sweetheart and to make him/her loves you.



    - Elixirs that can subdue person’s mind, emotions and behavior. They give the magician the ability to subdue the creature, which he will give to drink the concoction. For example, truth serum. Exactly this serum Severus Snape added to the tea in order to uncover the Room of Requirement where Harry and his friends learned to call Patronus. Or it can be concoction that makes person to forget something, or to fall asleep, etc.



    - Transformation potions. It allows us to accept the guise of another person or animal. These elixirs require parts of the person or animal that you need. It can be hair, fur, etc. Such concoctions also can change only your size, weight or high.

    - Concoctions that give you some unnatural power, strength or restore your forces.



    - Poisons. Poisons should be considered separately because they belong to the dark magic. The purpose of these potions is the destruction of man and its life.

    Poisons can be fast-acting and slow-acting. You can remind the story about Romeo and Juliet, for example. Romeo drank the poison and died at one moment. Or remind a poisoned apple for Snow White. The slow-acting poisons are designed to poison your health slowly but surely, and ultimately take the life of. If to determine in time what kind of poison was used, it is possible to neutralize its effect. Absolutely for each poison you can create an antidote. Yes, exactly to create. The universal formula or prescription of antidotes does not exist. Of course there are some base general recipes but poisons have complex structure. Each poison (as any concoction) is unique. Therefore it is necessary to create a unique antidote. To do this, you must know the composition of the venom. Also it’s important to take the antidote in time until the poison did not spread to the whole body.




    Also worth noting complicated potions, which combine several functions. For example, it can includes soporific and therapeutic effect at the same time.

    However, this is not the only one classification. All of these magic potions we can also classify by other criteria.

    By the time of preparation, for example. For the manufacture of certain potions you will need only one day or even a couple of hours. For the full exposure and preparation of other you will need weeks, months or even years!

    By way of preparation: Decoction - cooking with the help of the pot. Herbal infusion - extract components in a special solute. Brew - is prepared by adding boiling water to the dry mix (like a tea). Serums - are prepared with the help of a weak heat for a long time.


    By the number of ingredients they are divided into: simple and medium complexity, multi-component.

    The ingredients can also be extremely varied. For a basis is always taken grass, roots, fresh or dried parts of plants, tree bark. If the potion is more complicated, there more exotic ingredients are used - dried insects, bones, crushed minerals. Sometimes even human or animal blood is used. It is believed that such potions are most powerful and persistent.

    By the form of the final composition: tincture, liquid, slurry, arcanums, herbal infusion, powders, mixtures, elixir and others.

    By way of preparation: with the pulping process and without (or hot and cold).

    You must also take into account the time of the day and the month when preparing the elixir. Oddly enough, but the phases of the moon can also affect the process of preparation. Everything on this planet is influenced by celestial bodies. We must take into account the characteristics of each ingredient. You must also comply with certain preparation technology. That’s great if you have a prescription.

    Often, special charms and spells are used in the process of preparing potions. Cooked infusion or decoction should contain not only the magical power of herbs and roots, but also your directional energy. During the preparation your power is transferred to the concoction.

    So, as you see, you should to remember many things in order to cook concoctions. In fact it’s very difficult science that requires attentiveness to details. But in result you’ll became a master and your knowledge and skills will serve you in difficult situations. Plants are like uncooperative people from whom we can achieve anything, if in dialogue with them we take into account their character.


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