Psychics – stories that shocked the world

    The desire and attraction for the unknown, mystical and magical has always been present among the people. The thing is that not everything in our lives can be defined with logic, and when this happens from time to time in our lives, people are turning to the magic and the supernatural forces and knowledge with the view to find out the causes of the events and different situations that appear in our lives.

    Psychics, mediums and wizards still popular and are in a great request among the people, despite the fact that today, science has learned to refute a variety of magical and supernatural ones. Our top 5 will tell you the stories about the biggest psychics of the 20th century; the stories that can look even like a fairytale.

1. Alice Bailey



    Alice Bailey, who was born in 1880 in Manchester, worked as a preacher-evangelist in Ireland and India. She got married and stayed in America, to study theology. In 1915, she became involved in Theosophy and tried to integrate their esoteric teachings to strict Christian teachings, with which she was familiar from her childhood.



    In November 1919, she stated that she entered into telepathic contact with a certain spiritual teacher, which has been physically presented in Tibet. She heard a note of music, and then the voice: “There are some books that have to be written for the big public. Can you do this for me?” Alice was totally frightened and she refused to do what this teacher asked her telepathically. After some time of asking Alice finally gave up and their professional relationship flourished for 30 years, during which it was written 19 books on such subjects as esoteric psychology, evolution and cosmic consciousness atoms.

2. Penny Torres



    In 1986, Penny Torres was just an ordinary housewife from Los Angeles. Almost all her spare time she spent watching TV and was shocked when the first time she accidentally came into the contact with a creature called Mafu. A certain creature, according to Penny’s words, was from the seventh dimension. The first meeting and contact with this creature was stunning for her. Being controlled by Mafu, Penny went into the room of her son, who at the time was sick. Penny picked up one of the precious stones, which was in a casket and the stone crumbled into dust on her eyes.



    In the morning, Penny saw that her son fully recovered and felt good. The next evening, Mafu came also to her husband, who was an officer of the local police. According to Penne’s words, this creature requested a permission to lodge into her body, to bring to humanity the message of love. Penny and her husband made a deal with this creature for 7 long years, during which Penny and her husband brought the Mafu’s doctrine to the people. Instead of this they were blessed to have welfare.

    Nobody knows whether Penny was one of the psychics or she just was mentally ill, because Penny had never shown any supernatural abilities in public.

3. Barbara Bell



    A year 1992 became for Barbara Bell the most significant and important in her life because a woman for the first time in her life was in the contact with the spirit of Barbie. It may sound very ridiculous, but it is spirit of Barbie contacted with the woman from her words and gave her instructions. After a while Barbara opened her own salon of psychic contacts with the Barbie. The doll was ready to answer any questions, even the most stupid.

    Is that was the spirit of Barbie, plastic doll, or Barbara saw a completely different entity that was simply having external similarity because no one knew how, and whether, Barbara really has any medium abilities and whether she was really one of psychics.

4. Geoffrey Hoppe



     In 1997, a medium named Geoffrey Hoppe first came into contact with the creature that had an angelic likeness, which claimed that his name is Tobias. During the contact with one of the so-called psychics the angel was telling him that he for a long time was in heaven being the archangel Michael and now he came to the Earth to bring through the help of Geoffrey the so-called Christ consciousness on earth.



    10 years later, Geoffrey Hoppe has established network of schools, who preached the doctrine of being. However, in 2009, Jeffrey said that he leaves, as this creature has decided to acquire biological body, to become a man and bring the teachings on his own. By the way the mind of Christ mentioned in the teachings of the Buddha, Muhammad and other prophets.

5. Darryl Anka



    Brother of the famous singer Paul Anka - Darryl Anka, who is also a designer of visual effects, and the man who created such grandiose films as "I, Robot" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" told the whole world that he is also one of the big amount of psychics and that he has for many years contacted with extraterrestrial creature, an alien called Bashar. The creature Bashar is the commander of the ship of civilization called Essassani.



    This story began back in 1973, when Darryl Anka saw two strange triangles, which were moving across the night sky. That was actually the moment when he came into a contact with the alien. Anka also claims that he has supernatural abilities and he could read people's minds long before that situation. Now Anka says that the doctrine of Bashar based on advanced physics. There are 4 basic laws according to the creature.


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