The most beautiful romantic places you have to visit

    In the world there are places where love and romance are just in the air.

    Paris – number one romantic city in the world

    Paris City gourmet, the capital of fashion, a literary paradise ... French capital has a variety of different shapes. However, for many Paris – is the most romantic city in the world. It is here that you can feel the spirit of love and spend an unforgettable weekend with your partner. Take a stroll along the Champs Elysees, look at the Notre-Dame, take a snack in one of the cafes in the Latin Quarter, take a walk around Montparnasse, and in the evening go up the Eiffel Tower - Paris has beautiful night!

     Here, on the first floor of the tower, you can dine at the restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel, whose windows offer stunning views of the Seine and the Trocadero.

    Venice – Italian romance

    Venice - is one of the most romantic places on earth. In addition, in this city was born one of the most famous smoothies and adventurers - Giacomo Casanova. One of the most popular tourist destinations (and not only them) in Venice - is Piazza San Marco. The main square, located in the heart of the city of lovers, no doubt deserves to occupy one of the first places in the ranking of the most romantic places on earth.

    Surrounded by dozens of Venetian canals, this area attracts thousands of tourists every day.  Practically the whole day this place is filled with the sounds of tunes which are coming out the cafes and restaurants; here and there glimpses the traders of Venetian masks, Murano glass, and sweets; pigeons who are begging for a treat... And, of course, couples in love, who are enjoying the leisurely life of the most beautiful city in Italy.

    Neuschwanstein Castle – German fairy tale

    Neuschwanstein Castle towers over the dark gorge in the Bavarian Alps of Germany. At the bottom of the gorge flows the river Pellat. From the height of the hill and of the castle overlooks a fabulous view over the valley of Hohenschwangau. It seems that the towers of this magical castle are hovering on the background of dark green fir trees.

    The area of the Neuschwanstein looks as fabulous as the castle itself. Castle consists of two fortresses, "front" and "rear" Schwangau. King Ludwig II ordered to blow up the rock in this place to lower the plateau and thus create room for construction "fairy palace". Construction works in the castle were in a very tense pace. And for 10 years, he managed to finish the construction of this wonderful palace. Located next to the castle town of Fussen is also a popular tourist destination in Germany.

    Maldives – romantic landscapes

    For those who wish to make a lasting impression on a soul mate, holiday in the Maldives is an excellent choice. In addition to tropical landscapes and elegant hotel you can have a great time at the spa, relaxing mind and body. Numerous underwater reefs and caves stretch across the Maldives archipelago, the lush tropical vegetation emphasizes the pristine and unique beauty of the islands and the ancient culture of the local people creates a unique ambiance for secluded relaxation. This "place on the edge of the world", where there is no noise of cities and intrusive signs of civilization, where only the exotic nature and endless expanses of the ocean. Of course, holidays in the Maldives are not the cheapest, but one of the most impressive.


    Among the Italian cities Verona has a special place - it is an object of pilgrimage for the lovers from all over the world. The real glory to Verona brought William Shakespeare. And it is thanks to him, a quiet Italian town attracts millions of tourists. In Verona we must walk, leisurely viewing old houses, and then, hand in hand, walk the bridge, write a letter to Juliet and to kiss under the famous balcony. Valentine's Day Festival held in the city with a tour of historic areas and the surrounding areas, with many street performances, tasting of wines and dishes prepared with aphrodisiac ingredients.


    London Valentine's Day dispels the mists even in London. Only on Valentine's Day many small inexpensive floating restaurants go down the Thames. With them, you can admire the sights of London and enjoy the live music. In addition, must not forget to visit the green oasis in the heart of London - Hyde Park and Kensington Garden - the two most romantic places in the city, after ran for a cup of tea in the café "Ritz".

    Through classical interior and incredible service café exudes traditional London romanticism. And in the evening, in order to fully enjoy the romantic atmosphere, it would be great to visit the famous Ferris wheel "London Eye". If you still want boldness and fun, then you are waiting for the numerous pubs and clubs.

    Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro - a magnificent beaches, night clubs and bars, numerous cafes and restaurants - everyone will find here something for themselves. The symbol of Rio is a huge statue of Christ. Mountain Corcovado offers stunning views of mountains, bays, beaches and Rio de Janeiro itself, extending for tens of kilometers.

    After inspecting the statue of Christ, you can take a walk on the famous Copacabana beach, go to one of the local bars and drinking a glass of rum (a national alcoholic drink of sugar cane extract), and to dance under the fiery rhythms of samba.


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