Secrets of Scandinavian runes

    Runes – are magical and alphabetic signs, which were carved on stones and were carved on trees. This signs adorned various household items like clothes, utensils, weapons, spells written above the entrance of the house and on the bow of the ship - in a word they were used everywhere. Many runic signs have an ancient origin - they date back to the magical symbols of the Celtic priests, Druids, from whom later spread to Germany and then to the Scandinavian tribes.

    To get the magic help from the runes the people had to use magical and powerful human channels: visual and auditory. Firstly, a rune had to be depicted. For example, it could be carved on a small piece of the birch bark, or on a rock, on the tip of the spear, laying of the wooden sticks or being carved on the pottery.



    Secondly, in order to enhance the magical effect of a rune it was necessary to say loudly or to sing her name. Everyone turned to the power of the runes with their personal goals; someone had asked for the healing of the diseases, someone had asked for physical strength, some had asked this way for thee riches, success, power, and love.



    Their magic is extremely versatile. According to the ancient legend, each rune has a sacred origin and a sacred sign and has a certain reserve of magical powers and the ability to connect us with the higher power. The set of signs, along with their forces and the bonds already had formed a magical system. This system can also be used in divination purposes: the combination of its constituent signs can describe every conceivable situation.



    The main thing - is to remember that for the successful use of these miraculous signs you need a deep personal relationship with each of the magical signs. Try as much as possible pay attention to the meaning of the each rune and try to be sure that each rune has you any personal images and associations for you. Then they will accurately describe the situation in which you are at the moment, and the fact that it is followed.



    Runes like also tarot cards, magic items, which quickly become accustomed to their owners, if treated carefully, with the soul and take care of them. In this case, they, like any other magic item will show you the truth and will help you. There are certain rules of their storage:

    • Signs cannot share with anyone unless it is absolutely necessary;

    • Signs cannot be stored in a pouch made of the synthetic materials;

    • Signs cannot be criticized.



    To use these Scandinavian signs correctly, you must know exactly the meaning of each rune each separately, and be able to compare the definition and value of the runes together. Here are the definitions of all the Scandinavian magic signs.

    “Fehu” – this rune means the beginning, or the birth.

    “Uruz” – this is the rune of the magical power and strength.

    “Thurisaz” – this is a very powerful rune that has a very heavy value.

    “Ansuz” – this is one of the most sacred runes, rune of magic, poetry, abilities and knowledge.

    “Raido” – this is the rune which means the way, both literally and figuratively. The rune of the road can mean not only the direct path, but also the purpose, the meaning of the life's journey or the distance that was already traveled.



    “Kano” - this is the rune of fire, the inner shaft, a strong character and fighting spirit.

    “Gebo” – this rune means the gift, and not a material but a physical gift, often the harmony and interdependence in the fact that a person receives as much as he gives.

    “Wunjo” - this rune makes wishes come true, and the second name of this rune – joy.

    “Hagalaz” - is rune which means the destructive power of hail. Action of this rune cannot be considered as a negative one; as usual hail destroys old and not more effective and helps to discover something new.

    “Nauthiz” - the rune of the needs, the poverty of spirit, hard times needed just to be lived through.



    “Isa” - the rune means ice, cold, winter, completion of a cycle, period, and moment.

    “Jera” – the rune means the harvest, this rune also means a period of time, the course of events and the fact that everything in life changes with time.

    “Eihwaz” - this rune means the tree of life, the tree that connects all nine worlds together.

    “Perth” - this rune is often called a rune of fate, because it portends something unexpected.

    “Algiz” - this rune means protection of the gods; this rune is a shield, is a protection that will fuel human with energy.

    “Sowelu” - this rune means the sun and solar energy that it gives.



    “Teiwaz” - this rune means war, warlike strength and power of a warrior. Rune gives strength, courage, endurance, and a soldier's aggression.

    “Berkana” – this is the rune of a Goddess. This rune represents the feminine energy, feminine, and it is good for the pregnant girls and women to help them in labor.

    “Ehwaz” – this is one of the most powerful runes, which is endowed with magic. This rune is a horse, as the magic of the rune effects on the astral body.



    “Mannaz” –this is the rune that is indicating the person.

    “Laguz” - this rune means the water, but not actually the water but its essence, its movement, and its smooth flow.

    “Inguz” – this is the rune of fertility, the birth of a new life.

    “Dagaz” - this is the rune that represents transformation, change, finding something new.

    “Othilia”- this rune is a symbol of family, clan, and heritage.

    “Weird” - this rune means standing for something unknown, something which came to an end, and something that has completed life.


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