Sacrifice as Magic of Blood

    Many of the magicians are aware of the existence of such a direction in magic called "The Magic of Blood". But only a few practice it, and even fewer who know the subtleties and nuances of this art. For many centuries of our history, this kind of magic has overgrown with a huge amount of rumors, tales, and other tinsel, ranging from vampires and werewolves to necromancy and other "Grimoires" in the style of Lovecraft.

    In this article, we will shed a light on the history of this trend, and we will give the minimum theoretical information necessary for each practice, which will help you better understand what is the magic of blood, why it is used and what can be done with it.

    So let's get started.

    To begin with, let's designate some types of magic operations, the most common in our time among young magicians and Masters of low and medium levels.

    Let's increase strength and effectiveness of methods from the most "weak", to the strongest, although for magic such concepts are not entirely acceptable:

     1. Impact through Air

     2. Exposure through Water

     3. Exposure through Fire

     4. Impact through the Land.

    As we see, the most powerful spells and rituals are considered rituals through the earth, because the earth itself as a large yin-structure has a property very well and quickly to "ground" and to absorb any information.

    And when the Master comes across the fact that the magic of the earth cannot help him in his work, only then he turns to the magic of blood.

    You probably wonder "Why? What's so special about blood?"

    Quite a fair question, and to answer it - we have to consider the system of transmission and distribution of energy on our planet.

    So, our planet gets all the energy it needs for life from the closest star to it, which we call the Sun. But not everyone can directly perceive the energy of the sun for food. But minerals and plants do it really well. So the energy gets into the juices of plants (and this, too, in some sense blood) through the leaves and roots.

    The next stage - herbivorous animals eat plants, and the energy of these plants passes into their blood →

    Predatory animals eat herbivores - and their blood gets, even more, energy →

    People basically eat practically everything - our blood is the most saturated with energy →

    Thus, we come to the conclusion that blood is a colossal supply of energy.

    You do not have to believe me, just do a little experiment and check it out for yourself. Take a needle and pierce your finger, squeeze literally a drop of blood and try to tune into it with your mind, immerse in it. And just wait. You will quickly feel there is an almost infinite ocean of energy.

    Maniacs who cannot explain the causes of their crimes - mostly kill for the sake of feeling "bloody euphoria."

    Let's continue.

    A magician can use his blood for a variety of purposes - to invoke any forces, to strengthen his rituals, to seal his spells (for this, special blood clues are used), etc.

    But the blood of one magician will not suffice for all matters and purposes. And your health is more expensive. Therefore, in the due time magicians began to use sacrificial blood, which initiated the rituals of blood sacrifice. In fact, the magic of the victim is a substitute for the blood of the magician.

    All the magic of the sacrifice can be divided into three branches:

    1. Use of the blood of enemies (was widely practiced by the Aztecs and Mayas for example, they literally had sacrificed whole tribes of their enemies on the altars).

    2. Use of the blood of large animals - cows, buffaloes, horses, etc. The so-called big blood is for achieving great goals.

    3. Use of blood of small animals and birds - goats, rams, hens, roosters, etc. The so-called small blood – is to achieve small and medium-sized goals.

    Let's go further. The sacrifice of blood goes to spirits and powers, which are especially invoked by the magician during the ritual. If you remember the Bible, it says that the blood is the soul of the animal, so a person should not eat the meat of an animal with blood. From the point of view of magic, we understand that this really is about the etheric energetics inherent in the blood of the animal.

    Similarly, blood is used in magic to draw certain symbols. If you recall at least the same runes and runic galdrasts, we immediately remember that many of them need to be marked with your blood to enhance their action.

    However, here there are again some subtleties - one must note the day in which the symbol will be drawn or inscribed, and also choose the right place from which the blood will be taken. All this is not the least important for the success of the event. There are symbols that can be marked by blood, previously drawn with ink, and there are those that can be drawn only with blood.

    It's not a secret that women's menstrual blood is used very widely. Only a few people know that it can be used not only in dark magic but in other serious things - for example, in the removal of any bad impact. Menstrual blood of a virgin is used for rejuvenation. The blood of a woman, which became a sacrifice, is very useful for the strengthening of health and beauty.

    The magic of blood is very strong, especially when it is about sacrifice in the name of spirits and powerful forces. Use this kind of magic must be very careful. The magic of blood, and a sacrifice made in honor of it, which is aimed at causing negative to other people, always has a return.


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