Sensational Fact: Chupacabra Exists!


    Chupacabra story begins in 1950 in Puerto Rico. There local farmers noticed that their livestock was dying in mysterious circumstances. Something was killing them en masse at night, in the morning owners were finding animal’s bodies completely bloodless. At more close inspection some wounds were found on the neck of animals and places of major blood vessels, but there were none drop of blood nearby.

    Small cattle was the main victim, it was mainly goats and sheep, sometimes birds and rabbits. The predator stalked them very quietly, crawled into cage and did not leave any chance for salvation. People began to fear not only for their livestock but for their own life, too. They organized hunting groups searched the woods, put guards, but were unable to catch the animal.

    Predator was very careful, he avoided the traps and guards. All this was evidence of the animal’s intellect.



    There were rumors. Very few people got to see it. Witnesses spoke of the animal not more than a meter tall, the body was gray, front legs shorter than the rear, and it had a long tail, pointed snout and ears. From traces left by the creature, it was clear that he had long, sharp claws.

    It was moving with jumps and sometimes going on a run.

    All this mystery has given rise to the legends of the monster and the curse. He was given the name of the Chupacabra, which means the one who sucks the blood of goats or goat vampire.



Sensational rumors

    There was a time when the whole story was left in the past, the monster turned into a legend. But at the beginning of the 90th, cases of mass killings of animals reappeared in the news. Circumstances have forced farmers to think about Сhupakabra. All the same aspects noiseless killing at night, uneaten body that do not have blood, the number of dead animals could reach twenty individuals per night.

    But sensational was the fact that the geography of accidents became much wider. Chupacabra began to appear in the news of Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA, Colombia, Chile, Canada and many other countries.



    Of course there have been cases of erroneous opinion when people confuse the dogs, wolves or coyotes with mystical monster.

    For example, once in New Mexico, making his way through the mud to the West Mesa, an ordinary man found a strange corpse. He put it in a box and took with him to scare colleagues at the construction site. The man suggested that it was remains of Chupacabra. It became a sensational case, monster has attracted scientists, and soon figured out that they were dealing with the remains of an ocean ramp. How the fish appeared near the famous route 66, is unclear.

    Many people make statements about Chupacabra in order to create fame, to appear on the TV screen. The image of this monster has become very popular. Hollywood makes films about Chupacabra, monster can be found on the pages of many horror books. In places where it was seen people build souvenir shops and cafes.

    But people still talking about strange killer of domestic animals, and the corpses of livestock become the proof of the presence of a mysterious animal.



    Some scientists engaged in research of the phenomenon, but it is clear answers, they can not give.

    Young people are much more courageous in their conclusions. Several students from the United States and Mexico were engaged in research of Chupacabra’s habitats, behaviors. They concluded that the animal, that people named Chupacabra, is moving and expanding into new territory. Their sensational work can be found on the official websites.

    Today, with the help of Internet news spread very quickly. People share their experiences, incredible stories from life. Among all the stories you can easily find the ones that have trace of Chupacabra.

  Sensational stories from life

    “In our village Chupacabra appeared more than once. I did not meet it personally. But neighbors had strange happenings, and all agreed with opinion that this is not just an ordinary predator. After animal’s blood was drunk, suspicions were taken off from wolves and foxes, they certainly are not capable for this. Normal animals would eat their prey or drag to its home. Sometimes Chupacabra attacked sheeps, but more rare, almost all cases it attacked chickens and rabbits. My neighbor Chris saw it at night, but as it was only a moment, he does not have a clear description of it, only some image. Just the fact that it was moving by running and jumping, that it looked like a dog with short front legs. And monster’s growth was about 70-100 cm at the withers.”



    These creatures have appeared in Europe and Asia too. Some sensational news about mysterious monster appeared in there newspapers and on TV.

    Oleg Poyasnik, Ukraine:

    “How this mysterious animals appeared in this country is not clear, I know it's a kind of Mexican legend. Moreover, here it lost its claw! I am a zoologist and from the point of science will say that the claw does not belong to any of animals known to me or living in this region.

    Until now, I was skeptical about the reports of Chupacabra, which supposedly appeared in sensational news. But what I saw, with my own eyes, very strange thing in the village Shapovalovka, I was shocked. This creature has a very great physical strength. When it can not open the cage, it just breaks it! Very interesting how Chupacabra unlocks cages. After all, this can be done only with well-developed fingers. And then, this monster spits bodies of dead rabbits neatly in a row! ... Normal predator will not do so!

    The beast moves in  jumping. The depth of his tracks in the snow is something incredible: a dog falls on soft snow, and the depth of the massive Chupacabra’s track is just two centimeters! I have extensive experience in wildlife viewing. Such traces I have never seen.

    There are no external injuries on the bodies of dead domestic animals. But all of them have broken ranges. All this is very difficult to understand, because the predator kills its prey to eat it. An animal that kills for murder - is an anomaly.

    Dogs reaction on Chupacabra is also surprising: ... they do not bark at it’s approach.

    I'm going to follow such cases and try to give sensational data - catch and show Chupacabra to the world.’



    Daniel, Catalonia, Spain:

    “Animal is very unusual, in the dim light and with suddenly appearance it can startle. Head is elongated, if to put some light on the eyes they reflect with red color. Apparently, this thing can see greatly in the dark, so I was hiding in the trees on a dark background, anyway creature was looking at me. It growls like a howling, I still have goose bumps when I start to think about it.

    Creature is breaking shrubs and small trees like matchsticks when it jumps. Its fur is rigid, I think looks more like hedgehog’s needles, but it may be dirty and sticky.

    Neighbors kept an aviary with the dog in the courtyard, a large Caucasian whined like a puppy when it jumped and tried to get the dog.

    Friends from the north of Spain speak of similar cases too, those who saw creature in close - in the twilight on the street does not go out.

    But why the authorities do not want to talk about it is not clear, why they hide a sensational mystery.”



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