Influence of the Solar Eclipse on a human being

    Sun - this is our spirit, mind, will power, the volitional action and creative energy. It symbolizes the father, the husband of the woman, a man himself, his vitality.



    The period of the solar eclipse is not very favorable time for any activities and undertakings. But if the actions are related to the man's spiritual life like service to God, the time of the eclipse can be used for spiritual practice. It is possible and even necessary to read or to listen to the prayers of church music or religious chants.



    At the moment when the sun's rays, suddenly are interrupted, darkness descends on earth, both literally and in the sense the "absolute evil" comes into its own. At this point, people, animals and all living creatures are experiencing great suffering, consciousness and logic does not work, the brain, as if experiences an eclipse. The wrong decisions could have been done; intuition is not turned on and does not help in any difficult situation. Any events perceived as life-threatening.

    According to Vedic Astrology it is recommended to follow certain rules during solar eclipse:

    • On the day of the eclipse people should read prayers (any what they know), people can read mantra or books for the spiritual development, people need to do meditation, is good stay in the water (take a bath, swim in the sea, in the river), and it is necessary conduct fumigation of premises.



    • Do not look on the solar eclipse. It is desirable stay in the room in the moment of eclipse. If you are in a trip, in the very moment of the eclipse it is better go into the room, or park your car and sit for 5-10 minutes, better to stop the meditation, mentally to forgive those who have offended you, mentally ask about forgiveness from those with whom you feel guilty.



    • It is not recommended to eat 3 hours before and after the solar eclipse. Do not make any transactions, all financial matters you should have to postpone to the next day; it is also desirable not to make any important purchases. It is forbidden conduct any operations on the body during daily eclipses. Avoid places with the large concentrations of people. You can "throw" to smoke and begin to work with your bad habits.



    The impact of the eclipse on the person begins to manifest itself 2 weeks before the precise moment of the eclipse, and 2 weeks thereafter it. This is particularly felt by the people in the age, all illnesses aggravated, poor health makes to limit the activity and pay more attention to nutrition. Particularly affected are meteorologically sensitive people.

    Even doctors are advising: on the day of the eclipse is better not to be engaged in activity - actions will be inadequate and the likelihood of errors will be greater. They are advised to wait out the day. To avoid discomfort with health, it is recommended on this day to take a contrast shower (which, incidentally, it would be good taking not only on the days of the solar eclipse, but on a regular basis, every day). In the morning you need to finish pouring with cool water, it tones, and in the evening with warm water, it will bring calmness.



    Research on the eclipses indicates that the likelihood of different types of accidents increase during with the "totality of influence." In the next few weeks, the probability of events, such as the strengthening of the war, fires, accidents at the airports or unusual weather events. Some of the world leaders could have fall into a scandal or a tragedy; powerful rulers can be blinded by anger, envy, and so there may be presented illogical or stupid decisions made by world leaders.

The Eclipse and Magic



    First of all, it should be remembered that during solar eclipses caution must be on the first place: it is better not to start on this day any important cases, refrain from the long-distance travel or move them to another time. In general, a solar eclipse in many countries since the ancient times was considered as a very dangerous time: for example, in ancient China and the Babylon this astronomical event has always been a harbinger of misfortune, some tragedies, but also the important changes too. It is not an accident that as soon as all the animals went to the Noah's Ark, a solar eclipse happened - it was a harbinger of the end of the old world.



    People in ancient times have always tried to explain the eclipse of the sun or the struggle for a higher power or actions of the mighty and unclean spirits or monsters. In any case, nothing good, they believed that this event has not promised any good things to ordinary people.

    Indeed, the eclipse doesn't have too adverse impact not only on individuals but also on technique, nevertheless do not panic. If you will follow all the necessary precautions, nothing bad will happen to you. Even in ancient times, healers and sorcerers have called this phenomenon not an eclipse but a "black" sun. The eclipse time and the next six hours after it - the best time to work with the voodoo spells. And remember, this day must be complete abstinence from food: drink only pure, natural spring water.



    Eclipses always reveal our problems and allow to them to be implemented as soon as possible. They dramatically compress our problems and quickly reveal them. Eclipse - a cleansing, they have a medical function, cleansing, surgical, but they can be scary, not all survive after such changes.


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