Sorcerers in the Slavic Mythology

    In the various mythologies - magic, mysticism and witchcraft are treated quite differently. What were the witches and wizards in the ancient Slavic mythology; how they treated with their strength, and most important, were they good or evil ones? All the answers to these questions, you will get after reading an article about the sorcerers in the Slavic mythology.



    In the mythology of the Slavs were believed that the sorcerer bearded an ancient, primitive magic that could have only men, men with the innate magic and magical abilities. Despite the fact that the supernatural power and magic of the ancient warlocks can be transferred only to a natural warlock, innate warlocks also could get it as the innate warlocks also have to be warlocks by birth to get magic and powers from the other warlocks.



    According to an ancient legend, the sorcerer was endowed with two different souls. Therefore, there is no consensus on whether the sorcerer was a good witch or an evil sorcerer and what kind of magic he practiced. The term "ancient primal magic" suggests that the wizards were neither good nor evil ones; it is due to the fact that the original primal magic had no division or classification, which is now attributed to it. The good sorcerers liked to be supportive to people and to help them, to save, to heal and contrary, evil one to harm and to kill people, exposing them to the sacrifice.



    Legends say that the wizards had the force of the werewolves, and could have taken the form of any creature living on earth. Therefore, the evil wizards were turning into a wolf and were biting to death their victims; they were harming to people under the guise of various animals.

    Good white wizards appeared frequently in the families where children were very or strangely sick and performed certain rituals that saved them from death, and healed them from their illnesses.



    To distinguish the good witch from the wicked witch was very different. Good sorcerers usually were wearing white long dresses, long beards and long hairs. The evil warlock was wearing only a dark, shabby clothes and his beard has only four hairs. These how the sorcerer of the ancient Slavs looked like.



    Sorcerer of the Slavic mythology were unsociable, they preferred solitude and had been strangers, traveling from one village to another their whole life. Although there were cases when warlocks settled in a village, married the most beautiful girls and got a lot of kids who are always had magical powers. Children of the wizards could read minds, talk to animals, and heal people, to understand the medicinal herbs.



    Before his death, it was believed that the sorcerer is obliged to transfer his powers to another person, because if you do not pass the strength, the sorcerer becomes a vampire after his own death.

    Therefore sorcerer transferred his skills, his primeval magic using the certain items, special incantations and rituals. That's why people were and are afraid of the old witches and wizards in ancient Slavic mythology, because they were afraid that they could get the power from the sorcerers. However, to transfer their power there should only be a person that was born with a special gift to take the magic and later to give it and to live with it. The sorcerer was associated with covenants.



    After the death, even after transferring his own magic and sorcery, wizards remained to guard their earthly shell to protect or warn people who were living close to a vampire approaching.

    In the mythology and ancient scriptures there are many stories written and told by witnesses who either felt under the spell of witchcraft or became its victims.

    One of the myths about the sorcerers says that in one of the villages was a very sick child. The disease began to take him quickly away, without any obvious and visible symptoms of the disease, the baby just started to fade away.



    Parents asked for help all well-known witches and warlocks, shills and midwives and traditional healers, but no one could understand what was really going on with the little boy, who had never been sick. In one of the darkest nights of the year, on the threshold of their house appeared an old man, or rather he looked like the old man, but in fact he was young with his body and his soul. He asked if he can spend the night in the house, because the night was very cold. The owners of the house with their goodness to the old man let him stayed, in spite of a sick child. After eating and resting out of the way, the old man said that he was a stranger, he traveled all his life and had seen a lot.



    After spending the night in this house, the old man disappeared. The next night, the old man returned, but with a small parcel in his hands and said that for the kindness of the boys’ parents he will help to cure their sick son. After uttering some special words over a small parcel in his hands the old man took out a piece of salt, which is placed in the boy’s mouth. Turning him completely in a blanket, he took the boy and left him outside. Early in the morning, the boy's parents found him at home in his bed, sleeping peacefully, and most importantly, healthy.

    Stories about sorcerers are being transferred till today from one family to another, because today there are elders who tell the secrets, share their experience and most importantly, help in the most difficult moment.


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