Sorcery, magic, witchcraft – the “Golden Ten” of Fantasy Movies

    Movies genre fantasy is always a full cup of magic, magic spells, incantations and sorcery. We have selected only the best fantasy movies and joined them in the top 10. Do not know what to do tonight? Now we will share with you and give you 10 great ideas! Enjoy!

“Lemony Snicket: 33 accident”

    Top 10 fantasy film opens is incredibly atmospheric, and, at the same time, a tragic story about orphans Klaus, Violet and Sunny. Their parents had died, and the next of kin is the guardian Count Olaf. In his house the children became unhappier than they were before. Olaf makes them to clean up the rooms, cook and serve to his friends. But this is only "flowers" in comparison with the future adversity.



    Mystic, sorcery and a lot of action is what this movie about. The film, based on the books of Lemony Snicket, was conceived as the beginning of a grand story of three orphans. However, charges at the box put an end to the plans of producers. Not the last role played the budget - 140 million. Critics appreciated the unusual story and gave her a well-deserved Oscar for makeup.

“Grimm Brothers”



    The movie tells us about the adventures of the world-famous Brothers Grimm before they started writing their own stories. The brothers were originally fraudsters who tricked the villagers. In the village they told people that they are threatened by a witch or a troll, and that they will help to defeat the witchcraft and sorcery for a payment. Brothers eliminated nonexistent monster and were rewarded. This went on very good for quite a long time, until they met with the real danger.



    Heath Ledger and Matt Damon first had to play completely opposite roles, but when they read the script, decided to change the characters. And for sure it was a right decision. Their Grimm brothers were very interesting. A villain in the face of Monica Bellucci will long remain in the memory of the viewer. For mysterious atmosphere, magic, witchcraft, sorcery, monsters, interesting characters and a strong script, this film takes a well-deserved 9th place in our top fantasy movies.

“Star Dust”



    A young man named Tristan has promised to his girlfriend that he would get her a fallen star from the sky. During his search a guy moved through the wall that separates the human world from a parallel world. He will have a long and difficult way including witcheswitchcraft, sorcery, love and magic. A nice story is not without a reason got so high in the top of the fantasy movies. She has earned the people's love among viewers that are into fantasy and magic topics.




    This movie tells us the story about a game called “Jumanji”. Supernatural powers of this game make the most scaring and frightening dreams alive. A little boy Alan accidentally found it in the attic. He decided to play and got into the jungle. His friends had to walk through the great difficulties to make him free.



    Now, to get rid of the powerful sorcery game, children have to pass the game to the end lose. This is truly best role of Robin Williams and 12-year-old Kirsten Dunst. Incredible script that contains everything that you need for such a fantasy movie: action, mysterymagic, enchantment, friendship, love and a bit of horror. “Jumanji” has become a cult family movie of 90s, and therefore definitely become number 7 in our mystical and fantastic top.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe



    Four children are sent away from the war in the village to a friend of the family. There, children playing hide and seek, discover an old wardrobe, through which you can get into a fairyland called Narnia. The movie certainly belongs to the top of the fantasy movies, and is actually based on the eponymous book by Clive Lewis Steylza.



    From the pen of the writer published seven works about the Narnia but the producers began to film if from the second book. At the moment, there are already three movies about the Narnia universe, but the first movie is absolutely the most favorite of the audience. Perhaps this is due to the good family atmosphere, from the beginning to the end of the movie. “Narnia” gets the 6th position in our top.

“Edward Scissor hands”



    It is an incredibly touching story about a young man named Edward, who is an experiment of a scientist that always wanted to have a son. The guy has no hands, but instead inventor attached scissors. Now Edward is forced to live alone in the old family house, counting the days until his death.



    But one day he meets a girl and the story began. It is rightly called one of the best movies produced by Tim Burton. And the main character played by Johnny Depp can cause a tear in even the most persistent spectators. No sorcery only power of love and of course fantasy presented.

“Alice in Wonderland”



    A full screen adapted movie based on Lewis Carroll's tale about a young girl Alice. A girl Alice accidentally fell through a tunnel into a fairyland. Actually this is another tale made by amazing Tim Burton.  Once again Johnny Depp plays one of the main roles.



   Quite the contrary: well-chosen cast, modern special effects and colorful characters of the film forever remembered viewers from around the world. Perhaps even the writer himself would not mind an adaptation of his work. Deserves place in the top 4 of movies about fantasy world, sorcery and witches.

“Pirates of the Caribbean”



    Four amazing fantasy movies about fearless pirates contended action, love, feelings, dignity, and witchcraft.  Each film is a work of art: carved dialogues, sanded down to the smallest details of special effects and, of course, brilliant acting. The first three parts are complementary, on seems that this is one big movie.



    Fourth movie knocked out of the rhythm and the atmosphere of the previous pictures, but no less interesting.

“Harry Potter”



    This is the saga about a young wiz. Millions of fans around the world, the world-famous actors, almost billion-dollar fees for each of the film: that's what this franchise could boast. The story of Harry Potter will be looked, and reviewed more than one decade. If you have not watched this saga, we advise you to watch this fascinating movie. It deserves 2nd position in our top.

“Lord of the Rings”



    Trilogy is an example that quality movies can be not only in fantasy, but in general in all. Peter Jackson has done the unthinkable: movies no worse than the books of John Tolkien sorcery pen. Oscar-winning masterpiece trilogy is our 1st place.


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