The best films about the exchange of bodies and souls

    What will you do if one morning, you will realize that you are - it's not you, but the neighbor who lives opposite? Or rather, it is your soul, but the body for some strange reasons is not yours. It is Crazy! How to use it, how to behave, where to call to be saved from the terrible scourge? Or worse: while you were sleeping, you somehow changed gender, residential address, your age and goals for the future? Unimaginable!

    And here and there: if you look at world cinema, it turns out that all this can happen with the people in real life. Of course, not without the intervention of the higher magical powers, but still! That is why we offer you today to plunge into the world of mysterious events of the exchange of bodies and soul, which take place in our top.

    Romantic comedy of David Dobkin, "The Change-Up" 2001

    We are going to begin by of the American wonders - by the good old tradition for some reason they occur more frequently especially overseas. So, the main heroes of the movie are two friends, named Mitch and Dave, who were thick as thieves, exactly as long until they have matured, have not got their personal dreams and didn’t carried out their plans for adult life.

    Now Dave - is a successful lawyer and an exemplary family man, and Mitch is still a bachelor and the tireless heartthrob. But he does not boast of his achievements, as deep down he is jealous to his friend's life. Dave instead has everything, what normal man can dream about: his beautiful wife, wonderful children and a great job.

    At the same time, Dave is so tired from the bustle of life that he is also without covering envy thinks about his friend's life: no worries, no hassle.

    Imagine the shock of the people who had exchanged bodies with no warning! What to do, because each of them does not know how to live differently than they both have used to! Three children and work in unfamiliar positions slightly lighter than lead a carefree lifestyle, if you are accustomed to family life.

    It turns out that the reality is not as wonderful as what they had fantasized in their heads. Now both of them have to try very hard to not only to get back to their body, soul and their life, but also not to spoil the lives of each other.

    Crime thriller by John Woo's "Face Off" 1997

    First place in our top is given to the crime thriller "Face Off" by John Woo. And though, exchange of soul does not happen, a change of persons and the situation is so much tense that we simply cannot resist it. Too terrible people "are" behind our backs...

    And their name is Sean Archer and Castor Troy. The first of them – is an FBI agent and a hero of our time, because he agrees to a decisive act. He is going to sign a permission to conduct on his face a difficult surgery, which will give him the opportunity to appear as Castor Troy - angry and very dangerous criminal, who is now in a coma. Its purpose is clear: he wants to avenge the brutal murder of his son, and for this he needs to go to jail, where Pollex is concluded, and to find out where the bomb is.

    And at this time, Castor Troy, sensing something was wrong in a coma, wakes up and with the help of his "charm" and his gun, persuades doctors to transplant to him Sean's face.

    That's how the exchange of persons can happen - any magic, any soul, only dexterity of doctors' hands, thanks to which Archer will try to get out of prison, in order to destroy Troy and to prove that he – is the real Archer, not the rogue. Still, it is unpleasant to live with a strange appearance, even in the mirror and it is constantly frightening...

    Comedy by Mark Waters' "Freaky Friday" 2003

     If with the relationship between men and women, we already had deal, then with problems in fathers' and children’ relationship, but rather, mothers' and daughters' , we are not acquainted yet. But, for us, this is tricky business successfully had cranked Mark Waters, in his "plague" picture about mad Friday that once and for all had prioritized the lives of two of its main characters.

    Dr. Tess Coleman and her 15-year-old daughter, Anne, do not understand each other perfectly. They have different tastes, views on life and style of dress. But most importantly, they cannot reconcile with each other because of these contradictions. Even men they like are quite different. It is not only about the age, but also about the inner qualities, which the beloved one has to be endowed with. That is why Ann does not want her mother got married, and Tess, in turn, prevents her daughter's involvement in music.

    Once their disagreements reach a climax, which a higher power cannot withstand the intensity of emotions and change the bodies of relatives. Maybe now it will be easier to understand and accept each other, compromising their principles, moreover, on the eve of such an important event for them as wedding Tess?

    Exchange of bodies and souls is found in many religions, both ancient and modern beliefs. Many nations today are practicing different rituals of the transmigration of a soul, the exchange of bodies. Cinema definitely is worthy of showing us the essence of the process. Transmigration of a soul and exchange of bodies is rather philosophical question, which is including esoteric practices, or quite simply magic and belief in supreme beings.


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