Top 3 pieces of art under the spell

    Mystic and mystery surround us every day. Mystical things and events happening to us are not always clear to us. However, many people still believe in the paranormal nature and various paranormal phenomena.



    Today there are several different mystical artifacts, the actions of which have strongly affected the lives of their owners. Today there exist top 3 artifacts that are under the spell of some supernatural energy or creatures.

1. "Raggedy Ann"



    In the year 1970 some woman bought in a second-hand shop a nice looking doll that looked like “Raggedy Ann”. A doll was for her young daughter, who at that time was in a college. Her daughter really liked a present and she left it in her college room. But after a while this girl and her roommate noticed something strange happening in the room. The doll moved by itself. The girls even often found her in other rooms, but actually no one touched her. The girls also found pieces of paper like parchment with strange writings on it. These handwritings were on different languages written with a child hand. The top scary thing was when two girls found this doll standing on a two rag feet.



    Frightened girls contacted with a psych who told them that this Ann doll was possessed, that she was actually under the spell of the spirit. A little girl whose name was Annabel met a violent death and her soul install itself in the doll. The doll, in fact spirit of Annabel talked to the psych and told him that she liked the students and that she want to stay. The girls left her. But after that problems only grew bigger and some friends of the students started to suffer from Annabel’s jokes.



    In the end of this story two students turned into famous psychic investigators named Ed and Lorraine Warren. This married couple soon discovered that this doll was not obsessed with the child but was under the spell of a demon that deceived the girls to be closer to them and after a while wanted to move into one of them. After that students gave “Annabel” in the Museum of the Occult (Occult Museum) in Connecticut. The inscription on the glass box where now you can see the doll says: “Warning: do not open”.

2. The creepy painting



    The story started in 2000. Anonymous seller sold a painting of a very famous and genius artist Bill Stoneham called “The Hands Resist Him” on homepage of eBay. Currently this strange painting considered to be today one of the most obsessed things in our world that is under the spell of the dark energy, or dark spirit like demon. The painting depicts a little boy with a very strange and creepy little doll standing in front of the big glass door. The picture was painted in 1972 and was sold to a very famous Hollywood famous actor John Marley. Then the picture bought a family from California.



    According to the words of this family a boy with the doll was able to move from the picture to the room in which picture was hanging. Everyone who saw this picture felt sick and vey weak. Little kids that saw this picture started to cry immediately. Even people who looks on the picture from their computer monitors, experienced anxiety and fear. One man even claimed that his new printer did not print the photograph of the painting, but everything else was typing normally.



    The picture was painted for the art gallery Grand Rapid situated in a state Michigan. When representatives of this gallery contacted to the Bill Stoneham, he was very surprised to learn that his art work was the subject of paranormal investigation of the most famous psych detectives, and that probably this picture is under the spell of some strange creature. But said that the two people who first saw and did a critical review of the painting, died within one year.

3. Dancing dress



    In a year 1849, a nice looking girl from a wealthy family named Anne Baker felt in love with a poor metal worker. Anna's father - Ellis Baker forbid her to marry her beloved and turned out this young but poor man from their hometown called Altoona situated in a state of Pennsylvania. This doomed his beloved daughter to life of an old spinster. Anna was so evil that never felt in love with another. She died in 1914 alone and never been married.



    Before her father resisted her to get married with her true love, Anna has chosen the perfect wedding dress, in which she would appear in front of her fiancé. When the wedding was canceled, another rich woman from a local family Elizabeth Dysart wore this beautiful wedding dress to her special day. A lot of people said that Ann Bakers dress was dancing, like Ann would dance on her wedding but never did. That’s why this beautiful and special dress soaked up all the aggressive and disappointing energy that Anna felt the day when her fiancé left the city. At this moment this dress in a Historical Society in a Museum of the Bakers family. The wedding dress is in the former bedroom of Anne Baker. A lot of people that visited this place actually said that they believe that this dress is under some spell, because it is moving, slightly swaying from one side to another.



    Researchers and detectives checked if any ordinary phenomena may cause this action, and have not come to a very convincing conclusion. No one knows why this dress is moving on by itself, but many of them believe that offended bride, Anna Baker, finally able to wear her wedding dress and there is no any spell.

    What actually we know about paranormal life? You may want to look at your life and think about whether you are surrounded by something strange going on around you or maybe there is something that can not be explained?


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