The different types of spells

    Everyone who is interested in such topic like magic and witchcraft knows that there are two basic types of magic: black dark magic and good magic. Both types of magic use special instruments for sorcery - spells. Spell – is a combination, or more rare, one word that contents a special information and power with which every magician or a witch can conjure or hex. Usually spell can be found in a magical book – grimoire.



    Grimoire can be black or white depends on the type of witchcraft that is used. The language of the charms can be different but mostly the language that is used for charming is Latin. Latin is one of the oldest languages in the world that is why it is very popular for compilation of spells.



    Spells can be divided for a few types and moreover there are few kinds of magic spells that can be used by a warlock or a witch. If you want to become a real strong person that is using a witchcraft you should know that all spells can be split on:

    • “Elementary spells” – are typically consisting of a single word and is used in unexpected situations where action is needed to be provided fast and very efficient. You can use this spell when the object is close, at arm's length. Not necessarily it will be only one word, but the point is that these spells are used either in very simple situations like for opening the lock or hazardous when it is necessary to act or react as quickly as possible;



    • “Conventional spell” – has already created version of words or can be a changed. Also, conventional spells are used more often in a verse. Often these spells allow you to summon the spirits;

    • “Twin” or “double sorcery” – the spells that are often working on action and reaction. These spells can be used both by black magicians and by good wizards. Often people seek for a help of the good wizards to remove on such a spell;



    • “Elemental spells” – are special charms that are used in very difficult rituals. They have rather a complex structure and using such charms witch can summon for help of a strong demon, often supernatural helpers, the dark demons, evil spirits that inhabit natural phenomenon and objects. These spells have a strong emission spectrum. Energetically they create specific beam strength, and magically scatter and strike a certain place. An example of such a spell is a damage of someone’s home and property;



    • “Unforgivable sorcery” - these are the most powerful curse of the world. A warlock resorted to them to accumulate enough strength and to causing a certain intention. Such charms are very difficult to remove even for a strong witch. Curse of death refers to this type of a strong sorcery.

    All these types of charms can be divided depends on the impact that a warlock was going to commit:

    • “Combat magic” - are sorcery that injure, cause harm to humans health, and may even cause harm and even can kill; this kind of a strong magic often used in a combat with a protective spells together;



    • “Protective magic” - such spells may be used in a self-defense at a certain assault with intent to cause physical harm and to defend yourself in a serious battle between wizards or magicians.

    • “Levitation spell” - magic and sorcery, which are used to levitate, that is raising the height of yourself or another person. It can be used for protection during an attack or to be used as a combat magic.



    • “Mental magic” - such magic often being used by wizards and sorcerers that have psychic abilities, that is, those who can read minds, and thus affect the other’s mind, thoughts and emotions of others. One of the witches, who could use a mental magic were banshee.

    • “The attending magic” - the name of this kind of magic is already making clear how this type of charms is used by a warlock or a witch. The attending magic is used as a protective magic, but its main action is to treat people and magicians as possible.



    • “Cancels spells” - are sorcery, which are subspecies of double pair of spells. These charms are used to cancel any previously imposed spells if necessary. For example, it was the imposition of a memory loss spell, and after some time, the charms were canceled by your memory recovery.

    • “Household charms” - funny name for the charms that have great powers. Warlocks and witches who have a household charms manage objects, and these objects can be used to attack or to defend, because the objects of the household are knives, forks and other items that bearing danger. But these charms can be also used for getting a benefit, because such spells have natural power of the earth, they can be required to grow medicinal plants.



    Always worth remembering that it doesn’t matter what kind of magic is actually practiced by a magician, you always need to take care of your security so do not trust the words of spells that were found on the Internet. If you have already decided to seriously take up the spell training, it is best to give the preference to a special book of spells, in which collected various spells - grimoire.

    However, there should be also some cautious as a real grimoire often passed from one to another sorcerer, or stored in the family and is only transmitted through blood line of magicians and sorcerers and it is not so easy to buy it just like this. Therefore, it is not necessary to conduct independent experiments in a practical magic. Magic is not a toy and should not be treated it without seriousness.



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