Spirits Among Us

   In different times people were interested about everything that was fanned by mysteries and mysticism.

   In movie industry this topic is one of the most popular. Movies about spirits are always demanded and movie makers are ready to make more and more in order to satisfy our desires. So it’s not a surprise that exuberance of genres is impressive: comedies, melodramas, dramas, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, horrors and even cartoons and serials – for every taste! Just choose what do you like.

   And honestly to say movie industry has greatly affected on our understanding and perception of what is the non-material world like.

   For example, what do people usually imagine when hear the word “spirit”? Mostly, first association is an ancient castle or building, full of legend and myths, or just an abandoned place where people try not to go and where always something unexplained happens. The main word is unexplained.

old castle

   People are always afraid of things that they do not understand and can’t explain. That scares us because we can’t control it. And actually we even don’t know what we should to control, what we are dealing with. That reminds us that we are not alone in this big world and that we are not almighty.

   In order to understand why do we afraid this let’s consider a definition of the term “spirit”.

   According to the Cambridge dictionary it’s a “form of a dead person, similar to a ghost, or the feeling that a dead person is present although you cannot see them”.

   In other words it’s a non-physical part of person that exists in our material world and can contact us.

   Some people are delighted with the opportunity to touch the unknown and some of them are afraid even to talk and to think about this. In any way we should to be careful with it because this kind of energy can affect us in different ways.

   As far as we know from our childhood things are divided on good and bad. So entities also can be good and bad.

doubts of suicide

   Evil entities can harm us. They bring a bad energy and you’ll become tired, irritated, anxious, aggressive, etc. Also they can exhaust our own energy. But also we can meet good spirits. They can bring us luck, help and protect us in difficult situations, warn about the danger.

   In different religions we can find examples of such creations. In Christianity that’s angels and demons, Holy Spirit; in Islam it’s the angel Gabriel. Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism also don’t deny the existence of non-physical substances.

   Also all religions say that a person has a soul, and during the live this soul grows up and evolves, or degrade (depends on way of life). After death this soul stays alive and continues its existence in heaven/hell, non-material world, or reborn. So religions give us the understanding that we are not limited by physical material world.

out of body

   What to say more if even thousands years ago ancient people had a cult of ancestors worship and in modern live some cultures saved this tradition. They believe that souls of dead ancestors protect them and their families, people always ask those advices and blessing.

   So where do these creations exist and why the per cent of people who met them is so low?

   As far as it’s a sort of energy, it can’t appear from nothing and can’t disappear somewhere. We don’t know how does it work so its appearance is usually unexpected. Sometimes it’s a momentary appearance and sometimes it lasts for hours, days, months, even years. It’s not accidental. That means that the entity is not satisfied. And usually it’s rather difficult to understand what does it want.

   In our physical life we will never understand this non-material world and the principles of its working but we can contact spirits. It’s also an old practice.

talks with spirits

   People who have a gift to talk with non-physical entities are called mediums or channels. They can contact non-physical entities and explain us their behavior or ask some thing.

   Some of them usually look very strange for other people; some are indistinguishable in appearance from normal humans. You should find them in internet, newspapers, or just to read advertisements or take recommendations from your friends. There are also many charlatans, so be careful and check twice when go somewhere. A good method to verify the medium is to ask him/her to ask the spirit something personal that the medium can’t know and to tell you. If you deal with a real medium, he will answer. Usually souls save their memories, habits and other information about their physical life and can help us to recognize them.

crystal ball

   Some people prefer to talk with spirits without mediators for various reasons.  It can be just an interest or they just don’t have money for medium help. They use different things like amulets, crystals, candles, Ouija boards; they draw particular signs like pentagram.

spiritual board spiritual seans

   But it has its own risk level because you never know what entity you will call – evil or good. And respectively there is an important question what price will you pay for this ability? Sometimes these dead souls need a sacrifice and people bring it them. It can be something small like coins, food. May be it will need some ritual like smoking tobacco. Blood offering also takes place in the practice of sacrificing. At last your time and your prayers can be a good offering too.


   And another one important thing is that we should respect these creations and try not to make them mad. In this case you have some sureness that your conversations will have good consequences.


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