Spirit Woman: Top 10 world’s horifying folklore female demons

1. Yuki-onna – The Snow Woman, Japan



     In Japanese culture there is a huge number of spirits, demons and magical creatures. Especially Japan is famous for its evil spirits, stories about them can put fear even at the bravest people.

     Yuki-onna is a spirit woman that appears during a heavy snowfall or blizzard. Everyone who meets her is condemned to death. She kills people by freezing them by touch or by her strong icy breath, and then Yuki- onna absorbs their vitality.

     This spirit woman looks very charming: long dark hair, beautiful face, thin figure. In white clothes she moves elegantly to her victim, almost merging with the landscape, fascinated by the beauty person can not avoid the sad fate.

2. Banshee, Ireland



    Banshee is a name of spirit, looking like a woman, sometimes old and sometimes young, that comes to people from the world of death. She wails and cries very loud, these sounds make the blood run cold. Her visit is a sign, in the house where she came someone will die very soon.

    This spirit is just a messenger, it does not harm people. Some Irish believe that Banshee mourns the deceased and then his soul passes into another world.

3. Nu gui, China



    In China people believe in ghosts and spirits, it is part of their culture. That is why they pay big respect to dead people and celebrate special memorial holidays.

    Nu gui is one of the most famous ghosts among Chinese. This is a spirit woman with a long dark untied hair, who kills men and sucks their yang (man’s energy, part of Yin and Yang).

    Legend says that young woman was badly abused, some say sexually, after this she committed suicide. Her family decided to dress her in red dress, counting that the soul will not find piece and will come back to take revenge.

4. Wailing woman or La Llorona, Mexico



    Another wailing spirit woman is from Mexican folklore. She comes at night, more often at a full moon, walks near river, cries and looks for her children. La Llorona is very famous in local culture, her image was used in art, cinema and theatre.

    According to the legend one woman was betrayed, she caught her husband with another one. Her anger was very big, in revenge she took children to the river and drowned them. After this crime woman killed herself. But her soul could not get to heaven, for her deeds she was denied in access. Her spirit was sent to human’s world until she would find her children.

5. Churel, South Asia




    Churel belongs to Indian folklore, but it is also well known in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    This is spirit woman, sometimes it is a name of a witch, who kills men, sucking their blood.

It is believed that any woman can become churel, if she dies in childbirth or in pregnancy because of mistreatment. The spirit comes for vendetta, her desire is to kill all men of the family.

    Churel looks very ugly: she has long breasts, big lips and too much long black tongue, her toes look back, on her fingers there are long nails. To entrap a man ghost can change the image on pretty lady with covered hair.

    Churel is waiting for the victims in dark places where there are few people, it can be cemetery, empty street, locked the house and even the toilet.

6. OiWa, Japan



    The legend of OiWa is one of the most popular in Japan.

    Young woman fell in love with poor man, she did not care about money and wanted to be with him despite everything. They got married and became happy family. After several years husband started feel bad about his financial situation. He decided to start new relations with rich woman but his wife was an obstacle for him. At that time she got pregnant and the feeling of happiness did not allowed woman to see the changes in her man.

    Husband decided to poison his former love, but the plan failed, she survived. Woman suffered greatly, her face became ugly, and besides, she lost the baby. Because of this poison she got amnesia and did not realized what had happened to her. Then the man took the poor to the rock and pushed her from there.

    Since then, the spirit of this woman roams around the world and takes revenge on all unfaithful husbands. This story is used in traditional Japanese theatrical performance. Yotsuya Kaidan is another name of this spirit woman.

  7. Patasola, South America



    Patasola is bloodthirsty spirit of South America. It lives in the wild jungle and attacks hunters who go too far. This ghost takes the form of a lovely savage, with a beautiful and seductive body, guessing favorite image of his victim. So she lures a man away from the group of people and attacks him, drinks all his blood like a vampire. Its real appearance is the one-legged monster with some features of a woman with one breast, big lips and long tongue, her hair is disheveled and dirty.This spirit woman can also turn into an animal.

    The legend says that when Patasola is happy she gets at the top of tree and sings songs.

8. Mare, Scandinavian countries



    Mare came from Scandinavian folklore. This spirit comes at night to sleeping people and sends them nightmares. It feeds with the fear of human. Sometimes this spirit sits on top of the man's chest and makes him to choke.

9. Mavka or Nawie, Slavic countries



    Girl who died at birth or at a young age, and have not been baptized, can turn into a small spirit. Seven years later, she transforms into spirit woman, – Mavka, and settles in the forests and mountains, before this it is possible to turn her into an angel if to make a sign of a cross in front of small form of spirit.

    Mavka looks like a beautiful girl with a pretty face and a good figure. She can ensnare travelers, lead them into the woods, confuse them and hide personal stuff.

    This spirit is from Ukraine, Poland, Belorussia and Slovenia.

10. Yamauba, Japan



    In the mountains of Japan there are many spirits, one of them looks like an old woman and its name Yamauba. She eats small children. This spirit can offer young pregnant lady to stay at her house and after cause childbirth. Or if she does not meet woman in mountains, Yamauba comes to the nearest village and still children while mothers are working.


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