The most unusual supernatural facts, which have been exposed

    Every year incredible, supernatural discoveries, video, objects, and resources are being refuted by experts, scientists and just curious people. Here are some interesting sensational discoveries that were refuted.

April fool’s "Fairy"

    April 1, 2007 an Englishman Dan Baines posted online photos of the mummy fairies. The man claimed to have discovered an amazing discovery by accident while walking the dog. Fairy is a small creature with wings rising about 20 centimeters, with red hair and well-preserved teeth.

    Dan Baines claimed that the remains of the fairies were held scientific expertise and even were recognized authentic. Thousands of Internet users have literally inundated Mr. Baines with emails. 10 days later, the Englishman had to admit that the photos of fairy were just an April fool’s joke, and the production of such "stuffed" - that's his job.

    However, some people did not believe in recognition Baines and believe that he was forced to publish misinformation to investigate in detail the remains of the amazing supernatural creature in some secret laboratory.

The Legend of Nessie

    Until now goes a lot of legends about the supernatural Loch Ness monster.  An unknown to the official science being, according to the legend, lives in Loch Ness.

    In 1934, a London physician Kenneth R. Wilson took a picture of a monster. The long neck and a strong back were rising above the water column. The image on the photo looks like a huge prehistoric creature which once has lived on the planet.

    However, 60 years later, in 1994, it was found out that this image is not more than just a fake, made by Wilson, along with three accomplices. The latter themselves have confessed to the crime sooner.

Big Foot

    If around the video made on 20 October 1967 by Patterson and Gimlin, controversy over authenticity goes further, the discoveries of the remains of the Yeti in 2008 in USA (George) scientists has recognized a fake.

    Two hunters from Clayton County had argued that witnessed the terrible battle between the three Bigfoot. One of the creatures has died later from his wounds.  His body with the help of other residents of Clayton's, the hunters have taken out of the woods and hid in the freezer. Enterprising Americans even managed to sell the body of "Bigfoot" to investigators for $ 10 million. But when the ice melted, it became clear that the yeti - is not nothing but a gorilla suit, frozen into a block of ice.

Stone "dinosaur eggs"

    Five years ago, the scientific world has excited the mysterious and supernatural discovery near Volgograd. A local resident found several huge balloons, shaped like an egg in the village Wet Olkhovka (Kotovsky district). Their diameter was more than a meter, and the "eggs" were at a depth of about 15 meters.

    Amazing discovery immediately dubbed "dinosaur eggs". In the Volgograd region dinosaurs actually lived and archaeologists still stumble upon the remains of prehistoric reptiles. What actually are the "dinosaur eggs", the researchers have not established yet. Inside the "eggs" are hollow, but analysis shows that the fossil is caked organic. One thing is for sure - ancient reptiles do not have anything to do with them.

Resurrection Live

    In December 1990, a shocking video was shown on one of the Russian channels. Yuri Longo, who calls himself "Master of practical white magic", right in the morgue revives the dead. The footage shows how Longo in white clothes makes passes with his hands over the body, which is lying on a gurney. After a few minutes of "dead" begins to bend the elbows. A nurse, who oversees the supernatural process of the resurrection, faints.

    However, less than a year, it turned out that the video - is just a fake. It was created by Longo himself, along with his friend and entertainer Alexei Gaiwan. It is the latter plays a role in the video of the deceased. The nurse and the doctor are also fakes. Their roles were played by girlfriend of Longo and commercial director of the "magician". It is noteworthy that a film on TV brought Yuri Longo. A channel without hesitation gave it in live air.

Crystal skull

    An international team of researchers published their work on the study of crystal skulls - "the artifacts of ancient civilizations." Such Skull a hero of Harrison Ford was looking for in the film "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." These mysterious discoveries, which on the planet are about ten, have long been a point of contention source of Legends archaeologists. Some of the researchers are confident that they have been made by the masters of the ancient peoples who once inhabited Mexico.

    With the help of an electron microscope and X-ray diffraction spectroscopy, the researchers found that on one of the supernatural crystal skulls that are stored in the British Museum in London, there are traces of a rotating wheel with an abrasive (corundum and diamond). On the other skull, which is located at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, there are traces of silicon carbide. These materials and tools were simply unknown to the masters of ancient civilizations. Most likely, the "artifacts" were made in the 1950-1960-ies. Of course, the study of a pair of skulls still does not mean that the rest of them are fakes. But certainly it makes to look on the mysterious crystal finds from a different, critical angle.


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