Top 5 super stories

    People always love to solve different kinds and all sorts of mysterious puzzles and to hear different and strange super stories. And especially they are attracted to those questions and quizzes that have not yet solved and still keep some interesting and extraordinary answer. Ciphers and also different unusual puzzles and hundreds of coded messages publicly teased us with their hot and maybe even dangerous intrigue why actually this message is encrypted? And other question is what mystic secrets this specific encrypted messages they can afford to hide from the humanity? Let’s see the “top 5 mysteries of the world” that has not yet been solved and see if maybe YOU will be the one who will understand their meaning.



    1. On the first place of our top super stories we can see the “Voynich manuscript”. The manuscript was called by the name of the Polish-American professor of antiquaries’ book dealer named Wilfred M. Voynich.  This man found and acquired this mystic manuscript in the year 1912. The “Voynich manuscript” – is a very special detailed huge book that you will rather call thick, because it is about two hundred and fourthly pages, written in a completely and fully unknown language. Actually this language is still unknown an there are no people in this world that can read it. And there is no even any small suggestion what this might be, what kind of a tongue.



    Books pages are also filled with very nice and colorful different drawings and specific diagrams with the strange images of some unbelievable events, as well as some sorts of the different plants that do not look like any already known form or type or sort of the plants. These details only add a bigger intrigue and drama to this document, which is still needed to be deciphered. We should say that the author and writer of this "manuscript" is also not recognized till today, but  a special scientific investigation  used  radiocarbon analysis, as well as several examinations that have shown that its pages are made somewhere between 1404 and 1438 years. The manuscript was named "the most mysterious and secret manuscript in today’s world".



    2. On the second place of our top of the super stories “Kryptos”, a super mysterious covered by a slate beautiful sculpture that was created by famous artist named Jim Sanborn. This sculpture is standing in front of the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, state Virginia, United States of America. It is encrypted so mysterious that even the agents and professors that work in CIA could not decipher it until the end. So still there are no people that know the full code. This sculpture actually consists of the four encryptions.



     The three codes are already encrypted. But the fourth although is not able to decipher till now. In a year 2006, Jim Sanborn gave a hint, in fact the first encryption give the cipher to the fourth.



    3. On the third place of the top of the super stories is the well-known cipher of Bale. So called “Cipher Bale” – is a suite of the 3 different ciphers that are allegedly reveal the eventual location of the one of the world’s greatest treasures that is buried in American history. The treasures possible consist of the huge amount of different gold, and maybe silver and other exclusive and rare things and stones.



    This riches was actually originally produced by a very mysterious man which name was Thomas Jefferson Bale. He found this treasure in 1818 in the development of gold mining in a Colorado.



    4. On the fourth place of the top of the super stories is an “encryption of Shaboro”. In fact, this is “Shepherd's Monument” that was created in XVIII century in the English Staffordshire. If you look at the form of afar, it can take it for a sculptural reproduction of the well-known art creation by Nicolas Poussin called "shepherds of Arcadia." But it is worth to look a bit closer, because immediately you can add a very strange and mysterious sequence of the letters: “DOUOSVAVVM”.



    This is the code that you cannot decipher. Actually we should say that no one can decipher this code more than two and a half centuries already. And till today the author and artist that created this cipher is not known. Some people believe that the code may be a clue left by a Templars knights as the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. Many of the world’s greatest minds and brains of our world have tried to decipher the code lots of times and failed. Among this minds were also Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin.



    5. On the fifth place of the top of super stories is so-called “Tamam shud”. The special and interesting case of Tamam shud we can consider as one of the world’s greatest unresolved mysteries and mystic events of Australia.  The case actually revolves around an unknown man called after this case as John Dou. He was found dead in   close to the end of the 1948 on a beach called "Somerton Beach" in the city Adelaide that is in Australia. Apart from the living fact that this man wasn’t been able to be recognized, this case became really mysterious with a lot of strange facts.  When in a secret small pocket of this dead man into the trousers was found a tiny little piece of the old paper with the saying on it: “Tamam shud”.



    This strange phrase we can translate as "done" or also this phrase has a meaning “over”. The phrase is used in the amazing and wise poems that called “Rubaiyat” of the world’s well-known poet Omar Khayyam. In addition to this riddle was soon found a copy of the “Rubaiyat” poems, which consists of a really strange cipher. This unknown cipher was left presumably by this John Dou. Due to the actual subject of these beautiful poems by Omar Khayyam, a lot of people still believe that this message was some kind of suicide letter, but it still stays unsolved, as well as the whole case itself.


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