The most famous swords in the history

    At all times and ages, the sword has always been a special weapon for the nobility. Knights have treated to their swords, as they have treated their comrades, and to lose the weapon on the battlefield meant an indelible disgrace to the end of his days. Among all the existing species of this, really, "cold" and mercilessly weapon, there are "royal representatives." There are not more than 10 blades in the world, that are according to the legends, have had magical powers and supernatural powers, which could not just fatally hit his opponent in a battle, but also to inflict a damage using magical forces. Truth or fiction, no one knows, but the real blade, which is the artifact, really inspires some confusion. Is it magic or just a legend?




    The legend of King Arthur talks about how the compassionate, yet strong knight thrust his famous sword into the stone, in order to prove that he is the true heir to the throne. Despite the beautiful story, the legend is just a fairy tale, but the real events took place much later. Presumably, this story has to do with the legendary king of the Britons. In one of the chapels in Italy, there is a boulder with a sword. According to the legend, the weapon belonged to a knight Galliano Guidotti, who lived in the 12th century.



    The knight led a dissolute life and was endowed with a terrible character, so one day he was visited by one of the archangels and urged him to turn to God and take the right path. The knight said to the archangel, that to stand on the right path would be as difficult as to slit a stone using the cold weapon. However, the blade went deep into the stone. Guidotti had to take the right path and he was even canonized.




    Kusanagi - is a Japanese symbol of the power of absolutely all existed Japanese emperors. This mythical and mystical sword's blade is called - blade, which is collecting the paradise clouds. The myth of this famous Japanese blade provides that the Kusanagi was found in the body of the slain dragon with eight heads. From one Japanese god, he crossed to the other and so has got to the first emperor.



    Interesting and strange fact that this weapon never were being exhibited at the show, but rather vice versa, people always tried to hide it and to hide as far away from everyone.

    The Emperor of Japan, which was the one and only who publicly mentioned about this mystical blade, was Emperor of Japan during the Second World War, who after the defeat of Japan, instructed the temple's servants forever to hide the Kusanagi and to guard it with the cost of their lives.




    A few centuries in a row to the town of Rocamadour tourists come into one of the chapels to see the sword that stuck into the wall. According to legend, the weapon belonged to the knight Roland, known from the legends and stories, which were actually existed.

    Legend has it that the knight during the defense of the chapel threw his magic blade into the enemy, he was stuck in the wall of the chapel and destroyed all the enemies.



    Despite the legend, many scientists do not agree with the version of the Durandal and Roland. As Roland, a knight of Charlemagne died in combat as early as the year 778, but the stories about a magical sword, that had slayed all the enemies, began to appear only in the 12th century.

St. Peter’s Holy Blade

    There is a legend about the mystical blade, which was owned by Apostle Peter. It is this blade, using which he cut off the ear of one of the Jewish priests in the time when Jesus was arrested and sentenced to crucifixion. History has it that this weapon was delivered to Poland by one of the bishops in the 968 years. Bishop Jordan persuaded everyone that the blade belonged to Apostle Peter.



    Despite the beautiful story, the researchers claimed that the weapon is actually a forgery and it was manufactured long after the events of the Bible that is why to speak about that this weapon was the belonging of Apostle Peter is impossible. This blade is now stored in one of the national museums in Poland.

The Wallace Blade



    Legend has it that one of the Scottish commanders who participated in the battle for the independence of Scotland from England, namely, Sir William Wallace, after one of the victories, wanted to punish a treasurer, who collected money for the English people. Sir Wallace mercilessly, skinned the English treasurer and had fitted his skin onto the hilt of his own blade. Treasurer's death was very painful because people say that the scabbard and sword belt also were decorated with the skin of the unfortunate man.



    The second version of the legend says that the only sword belts were covered with skin. However, difficult to say which version of this legend is correct, as King James wanted to get this weapon into his own collection and to restore it because it was a priceless historical artifact.




    During the Viking raids into Europe at the time of the Middle Ages, at the mention of this blade, people were horrified and they had felt an incredible fear. Only the strongest Vikings like leaders and captains could possess Hulbert, as Hulbert considered being more durable and powerful weapon. All the standard swords of the Vikings were made of mild steel, but for Hulbert Vikings were buying the special and more expensive steel from Iran.

    Who was the first owner of Hulbert is hard to say, but there is a speculation that he was the one who made the first blade and who possessed such a unique weapon of the Vikings.


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