12 symbols of the horoscope

    Horoscope persistently gives us the different qualities according to the signs of the zodiac. Whether they coincide with those qualities which really are inherent to the zodiac animals? What symbol of the year is yours?




    Horoscope: For a person born in the Year of the Monkey, the whole of life - the game. He is clever, smart and fast and only plays by his own rules. From the side it may seem frivolous, and even funny, but for harmless appearance hides an observation and sharp, quirky mind. In communication skills, the Monkey has no equal.

    Zoologist: Yes, the monkey - the savvy and intelligent mammal. And in communication, ability to learn this animal simply has no equal.




    Horoscope: in Rooster's life can be a lot of ups and downs, however, even when the circumstances are not in his favor, he has a boundless faith in himself and in his abilities.

    Zoologist: Rooster - is not the most intelligent being. He is always ready to fight with another cock, even if the reason - the food or chicken - is not perfect.




    Horoscope: Positive qualities of the Dogs are endless. She's smart, honest, loyal and brave. This devoted friend on whom you can always rely on.

    Zoologist: Yes, the dog - is the most honest and faithful animal in the world. Japanese Hachiko, who has waited for his deceased owner at the entrance to the subway, is an example.




    Horoscope: Perseverance, diligence, attentiveness, skill, despite the obstacles, go to the goal has done out of Boar wonderful worker, you can rely on.

    Zoologist: Yes, the wild boar is ready to do everything for its main purpose ... power production. And there he is ready to almost everything. Well, not like a rat, but, for example, devour the living animal and even human baby - easily.




    Horoscope: The person, who was born with the symbol of the Rat, is going to succeed at any cost, and his innate charm helps him into it.

    Zoologist: With charm in the rat, to put it mildly, not very. Only, perhaps, the rats can eat everything - from bloated with gases cadavers to a dead cat and a plastic wire, and it though henna. They even most of the toxins are able to digest and do not wince. But with the ability to achieve success in rats really all is well.




    Horoscope: Person, with the symbol of the Bull is almost always calm, but can be furious and fearless, is using the words careful and accurate. Usually he is a great family man.

    Zoologist: This symbol is really almost the same as the real animal. Bull, being calm and even a dumb animal, looks very peaceful, but being furious he is really terrible. It is this inability of the animal calm down, even if at the same time there is a threat to its existence, has given an idea for a bullfight. And yes, the bull - is a great family man, sometimes able to protect even a herd of cows from the pack of hungry wolves.




    Horoscope: Tiger - is a symbol of a rebel leader, who goes not by the beaten track, but the one that chooses the heart. He is a loner by nature.

    Zoologist: There is almost complete compatibility. Tigers - are solitary animals which even their own children forget, of course, only after they put them on their feet. Tiger is always on his feet, and he is walking in search of extraction hundreds of kilometers.




    Horoscope: Rabbit is completely alien to aggression; he seeks to comfort - both to physical and mental. He was born to be a diplomat. People of this symbol love children.

    Zoologist: What about comfort, alas, is not true. Rabbit - one of the few animals that are unable to take care about their purity. That is why into the rabbitries peacefully coexist like rabbits themselves, so and their Chinese counterparts on a horoscope - the rat. But the cunning and the ability to hide are really peculiar them, like love, if not to the procreation, to the process itself. All according to the expression "multiply like rabbits".




    Horoscope: Dragon more often immediately turns in the spotlight or in the thick of things. His curiosity knows no bounds.

    Zoologist: In fact, the main business of most species of lizards - the ability to hide and to escape. That is why a chameleon so well is able to change color, adapting to the environment, and the rest of the lizard can grow their tails, lost during the shoots. But they do tend to curiosity - in search of warmth and sense of power in the most unexpected places, sometimes even to the detriment of their security.




    Horoscope: With impeccable taste, snake is buttoned all the buttons - it is not ready to engage actively with the world. He trusts his intuition rather than his logic, and never wrong.

    Zoologist: Leather snake - is arranged just incredible, snakes are capable during molt simultaneously, remove it from the body like a stocking, and under it again would be incredibly beautiful "attire." Snakes are able to live in alone, but also capable get along and with groups, sharing food and warmth without any problems.




    Horoscope: Energy is abounds into people with the symbol of the horse, she rushes into the thick of things, and always in a hurry. But for all the fervor she has, the horse is able to control the moment and her.

    Zoologist: Yes, the horses - are hot beings. But in addition, they are intelligent and able to adapt to all conditions. No wonder the domesticated horse, which came to the New World with the colonialists, have managed not only to survive, but to form a new kind of horse - mustang.




    Horoscope: Goat knows exactly, which doors to knock on, what to do and what to say to get what she wants.

    Zoologist: Yes, goats - not the most intelligent animals. But they bring a lot of good to people and really have an unlimited charm.


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