Talisman - a magical thing that brings happiness and good luck, protects its owner from danger, improves mood. Objects made by man and natural objects can be used as mascot (the precious or semi-precious stones, shells, roots).

   Mascots - these are things that were created by the man and charged with magical energy.

   Mascot, most often created in order to achieve success and gain luck.

mini mascots

   Some mascots are created for a particular situation or danger, for example, the victory in the competition, the other - to help in any situation (amulets, crosses). Talisman may be a conspiracy by magician.

   Unlike the amulets, which reflect all the negative things that can be sent to the owner from the outside, talismans initially contain positive, they attract all positive.

   There are several variants of origin of this word:

     1. French “talisman” - thing that brings its owner happiness, luck.

     2. Arabic “tilasman” - charms, spells.

     3. Greek “telesma” -- consecrated object.

   Firstly, people used anything as talisman - from cones and roots to the skull of the defeated enemy and tusks of the killed mammoth.

magic fang magic stones

   People noticed that some particular things bring them luck in hunting, battles or in everyday life. So they began to keep them in save or to take it with them in order to attract the luck. Nowadays we do the same.

   Mascot may be any human’s thing.

   Individual mascots can be jewels, clothes, photos, animals, stones, toys and other different things that you can use in everyday life or some unusual things that you’ve found or bought. Children often choose their mascots of their favorite soft toy or other.


For example, you have so-called lucky jeans (or other part of your wardrobe). You wore it every time when successfully passed exams. And you begin to believe that it will help you in future exams.

   There are also family mascots. They bring prosperity and fortune to the family. It can be family heirlooms.

ancient jewelry

   Animals from ancient times were considered as human companions: they were given food, defended, were friends or, conversely, have imposed the horror. Each nation had its sacred animals which they have worshiped, which were carefully guarded.

   In some ancient tribes existed a so-called totem. People believed that their tribe is descended of this animal. For example, the founder of some tribes was bear or wolf. Such totems existed among Native American tribes and African tribal communities. Some legends were saved. They tell us about the origin of the first man from the animal.

animal mascot feathers

   Nowadays many people have pets. And actually many of us believe that they bring luck their masters. And it’s true because if you love your pet, you feel joy of your conversation, so sure you will feel positive and positive things will accompany you.

   But not only animals can be a mascot.

   There are also numbers talismans. Mostly you choose it subconsciously. May be sometimes you notice that you do something twice but it doesn’t work. But you are sure that third time will be lucky. And it is so.

   In sport mascots play a very important role. It’s mostly a tradition but anyway we can’t imagine great sport events without talismans. Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup, ect. Almost all professional football clubs have their own mascots. Mostly it’s a fictional character (like Fuleco the armadillo on FIFA World Cup).

sport mascots

   Another type of mascots is zodiac talisman. Our calendar is divided on 12 month and every month has its mascot (Ram, Bull, Twins, etc.). According to the Chinese tradition there is also a 12-year cycle where each year has its own animal patron (Rat, Ox, Tiger, etc.). It’s believed that there is a special connection between people and mascots of zodiac.

zodiac mascots

   Furthermore, every zodiac sign has its metal, plant and stone. In combination it can be a strong mascot for man. You just need to choose correct one or to do it by yourself. It is believed that Aquarius birthstone is Amethyst, for example. So the pendant or earrings with this stone will be perfect for people who born January 20 – February 18.

amethyst stone

   Mascot is not able to do everything by itself, it needs the help of its master. Mascot can give you just a fulcrum and to help you accept a decision in difficult situation.

   The main thing that the mascot gives - a sense of self-confidence, that everything will turn out. This feeling and the belief in mascot’s power ensure assistance in business and protect from adversity.

   The main term of use the mascot is to keep it safe. Do not lend your mascot to someone. Firstly because it will not work in other hands even if you want to help this person very much. Secondly you will lose connection with your mascot and it will lose its power.

   One of the biggest failures is a losing of your talisman. Losing a mascot, you lose not just a thing - you lose a part of your soul.

   Here much depends on the degree of superstition of that person who lost his mascot. If the degree of superstition is moderate, the person will become upset mostly because he/she lost an important thing. But if the person is very superstitious, it will be a big trouble and the person will worry about it every time. He will believe that now bad events will chase him. And it’s partly true because we attract those things that we believe in.

   You need to keep your talisman in special place hidden from the public. Of course, mascot is not an amulet and you don’t need to hide it from everyone. But anyway it’s better to limit access to outsiders.

   Another one way to keep your mascot safe is just not to tell anybody that this or that thing is your protector.

   Until nobody knows your weak points, nobody can affect your life.



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