The Secret Power Of The Tattoo

    From the ancient times it is believed that the tattoo - the drawing on the body of a certain figure, mark or a symbol has not only merely aesthetic effect but a magical significance. People believe that a tat will protect them in a certain way, will give them strength to get rid of the weakness, illness, or vice versa will acquire any magical powers. In fact, the magic of tattoos and their meanings are much more than we think, but we not always do understand and know the true meaning of the tattoo.



    Most modern tattoos, which possess magical powers, came to us from antiquity. Into this category we can include all the tattoos of the ancient Celtic tribes, Aztec, Maori tribes, Buddhist, zodiac signs, and many others. Because all these tattoos were made in ancient times and only in magical purposes: protection, protecting, care, special mark.

    In practical life there are cases where the tattoo truly affects people's lives, according to this; you should never do yourself any drawing or inscription without knowing their specific value or a character. Because each picture, image or a symbol contains its own meaning has its own power and the value that can affect your life seriously. Probably the best thing is to do tattoos with the lighter, positive characters. But exactly, magic power and supernatural properties of the tattoo can be obtained only on the condition that its owner himself believes in them, without this in any way.

The meaning of the infinity



    Tattoo with the image of the infinity belongs to the signs that are simple but are also meaningful. Because on the one hand it is a simple mathematical sign, and on the other it has a really deep symbolic and maybe even magical significance.



    The sign of infinity means an eternity of being, and the uncountable possibilities of knowledge of the world. This tattoo has an incredibly deep meaning for the men of science, who know a lot and understand the symbolic essence of this, a very simple at first glance, symbol. Often, through the value of infinity sign tattoos a person can express his or her desire to have everything what is perfect and ideal.



    Few people know that the origin of the infinity sign not far from the mathematical, much earlier than the symbol used back in the Tibetan rock engravings. He was drawn in the form of a snake that is biting its own tail. According to legend, the serpent called Ouroboros, has tried to eat herself, but over time she grew and could not do that, and so it went on forever. Therefore, the symbol came to refer to the beginning and the end, and their connection to the natural cycles.

The meaning of mandala

    Mandala - this is such a concentric diagram, which consists of very complex patterns and different iconographic images. In Buddhist mythology, the mandala is a very important sacred symbol, which reflects the geometric scheme of the universe, or rather, of its structure. In addition, this scheme shows by all Buddhist saints.



    Tattoos Mandala has the meaning of the holistic image of the world. This value can be explained by the fact that the main figure of the mandala is a circle that is inscribed in a square. Sometimes this figure is also divided into four triangles, which, in turn, focuses light to the sides and painted special colors. North painted in green, south in yellow, west and east into red and white, the center - in blue, but there may be other options.



    Principles of mandala can be found in the heart of many ancient Indian arts. For example, using the mandala system, with all its features, were built a lot of temple complexes, altars and sometimes even cities. This structure involves the creation of "the monumental way of life" and «the world model" simple and perfect.

Meaning of the runes signs



    Runes - is the main magical alphabet of Central and Northern Europe. This is not just a collection of symbols used for transmitting the information, because the symbolic meaning that they carry is far beyond the scope of the materialist conception of information and reality. Interest in these marks do not disappear for many centuries, and has found its reflection in art and tattoos.



    Scientists have determined that the ancient runic characters were used mainly in the field of esotericism. The word "rune" indicates that these characters were directly connected with the spiritual mysteries and the deepest secrets of magic. Translated from the Irish word "rune" means secret or decision. Each character of the runes is composed of three elements: the sound (song), the sign (form) and Rune (hidden law).  Even one of these components cannot exist separately and independently - each piece is a projection or a display of the rest. The modern use of runes is based mainly on a purely magical function: enchantment of the items, the divination, the use of amulets and tattoos.

Meaning of the pentagram



    The pentagram, better known as the five-pointed star or "the flaming star" of the Freemasons - has one of the most mysterious values, so its meanings are very diverse.

    Initially, the pentagram has appeared more than four thousand years ago in Mesopotamia; it is possible that it was an astronomical diagram of the path of movement of the planet Venus. After that, the pentagram was the Egyptian and the Sumerian sign of the star.



    The pentagram as a tattoo has a value of right and wrong, good and evil. The value depends on how you place it on top. Also, this figure represents a person. Its upper point means the head, and the other four - limbs. Sometimes pentagram is considered as the image of the five senses.


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