The Most Grandiose Temples - Religion, World Heritage

    Religion and faith have always been one of the most important things in the life of each person. Religion became the basis in human history, of the development of culture, art, literature, music and architecture. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that religious monuments, ancient architectural structures and buildings are particularly luxurious and chic.

    Regardless of faith, religion and accessories to one or another nationality, such holy places of each religion have always been, are and will be the most incredible sights. Paying tribute to the each of architectural monuments, we have compiled a list of the most amazing pieces of architecture in the world.

Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem



    This is one of the most incredibly beautiful and powerful shrines for the entire Christian world from now existing - Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem which is also known by another name - the Holy Sepulcher. It is in this city and in this temple on the day of the great feast of Easter is appearing the so-called Holy Fire, which is subsequently transmitted to all corners of our planet. Legend has it that the temple was built on the spot where once Jesus Christ was crucified.



    Today, this holy place is a large complex, which consists of a variety of Christian relics. Inside the temple is divided into numerous denominations: Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Syrian, Coptic and Ethiopian.

Hagia Sophia in Turkey



    Saint Sophia Cathedral - one of the most ancient churches in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. This church is considered to be the most famous architectural building and the monument that was built by one of the architects of Byzantium times. At one time the church served as a mosque and also as an Orthodox Cathedral. Today, this church is a museum.



    The place, where this building is located today, served as a place for the church as early as the 4th century, during the reign of Emperor Constantine. But Hagia Sophia was built only in the 6th century, during the reign of the Emperor Justinian. For the construction of this architectural monument were spent 3 annual incomes of the whole empire of Byzantium. Cathedral affects with the interiors and luxury.

Notre Dame de Paris in Paris, France



    Everyone knows the architectural structure that was described in one of the most tragic and dramatic novels of all times - Notre Dame, or Notre-Dame de Paris - is one of the most revered monuments and architectural monuments of religion. The place where the temple is located, namely the island of Cité in Paris, selected was not an accident. According to the legend, in ancient times at the same place was a Gentile church, which deified Jupiter - first of the gods. Construction of the cathedral lasted for 2 centuries.



    It is worth noting that this holy place, this cathedral, is crowned with thousands of legends and stories. Here is also kept the same crown of thorns, wreath, which was on the head of Jesus Christ - this is the greatest artifact which has survived to the present.

St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican



    Cathedral, or as it is called St. Peter's Basilica, can rightly be considered the largest and the biggest Christian church in the world. This temple can accommodate up to 60 thousands of people. The cathedral is also the central and largest architectural structure of all the Vatican. The place for the construction of the cathedral also was chosen not by an accident, because it is in this place a church was built in 324 by Emperor Constantine.



    The church stood for more than 1200 years and only in 1506 it was decided to reconstruct the Cathedral into the greatest architectural monument and a religious temple. The building was designed by the greatest of now well-known architects - Bramante and by other great artists of the Renaissance. The earliest work on the cathedral took Bramante, and after his death - Rafael and Michelangelo.

St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia



    One of the finest, most amazing Orthodox churches throughout the world is on the Red Square in the Russian capital - Moscow. The cathedral is named after Basil, the only person who dared to object to the legendary ruler of Russia - the great Tsar Ivan the Terrible - and express dissatisfaction with his rule. The construction of this unique building began in the 16th century, and today this temple is one of the objects of the world cultural heritage and is listed as architectural and cultural monuments of UNESCO. Today the branch of the State Historical Museum is located in it. The height of the Cathedral – is 65 meters, and the total number of domes - 11.

Taj Mahal, India



    In addition to the luxurious and huge unbelievable monuments of orthodox religious architecture on the planet, there are also monuments of the Muslim religion, which also deserve special attention and attitude. One of these chic and stunning buildings is a monument of love, as well as the mausoleum of mosque that is called the Taj Mahal, which is located on the territory of Agra in India.

    This architectural structure is considered the most outstanding example of a combination of Islamic, Persian and Indian style in the architecture of the building.

    Taj Mahal is truly a magnificent religious temple and is a tribute and a sign of the love of man to woman. It is included in the list of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.



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