Interesting facts about Thanksgiving traditions

    At the mention of Thanksgiving, many immediately imagine the autumn gatherings of happy American families for the holiday table with turkey and pies. But this festival is not limited with the family feast. Thanksgiving Day is loved and celebrated by all residents of the United States of America and Canada, in large part because it is one of the rare events not associated with any religion. On this day, everyone thinks about, for which he was grateful.

    Thanksgiving Day is very interesting and sometimes even unexpected. We collected facts and Thanksgiving traditions which you probably did not know about this holiday.

Interesting facts about the Day of Thanksgiving

  • The night before Thanksgiving Day is the most profitable time for the American bars. The fact is that the majority of Americans visit the parental home on the holidays, and among the favorite places to meet with childhood friends are the bars.

  • Watching sports games - is a relatively new tradition among Thanksgiving traditions of the celebration.

  • Even American astronauts necessarily celebrate this family holiday, even while they are on the space station.
  • Every year on the eve of Thanksgiving Day in the USA people buy around 40 million Carcasses of turkeys. This is about 1/6 of the total sales of this bird during the year.

  • The coming day after Thanksgiving Day is called among the people "The black Friday" because the sales season starts on this day. Shops are open on this day early in the morning, and some of the big chains are beginning to sell already at midnight.
  • Canada - the nearest neighbor of the USA also celebrates the Day of Thanksgiving. But Canadians celebrate the holiday before - every second Monday in October.
  • When the first settlers and the Indians first came together at dinner, they had eaten lobsters, seals, and swans, but not traditional for today's Thanksgiving Day mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and turkey.

  • Thanksgiving became a state holiday in the United States only in 1863, after more than 200 years after the first settlers landed in Massachusetts.
  • In Canada, residents have another Thanksgiving traditions. The holiday is celebrated every second Monday in October. This difference is due to Canada's cold climate, where the harvest season ends earlier.
  • Thanksgiving Day in Canada is celebrated since 1879, but the current date of the holiday was chosen only in 1957.
  • Traditional dishes of Thanksgiving - turkey and cranberries – have an American origin. Also for the holiday the USA cultivates pumpkin and sweet potato.

  • The first parade in honor of the Thanksgiving Day in New York was organized by Macy's in 1924. On that day, Macy's staff staged a parade of animals from the Central Zoo on the streets of Manhattan. Balloons in the shape of dog Snoopy you can meet oftener than all the rest.

  • Between 1939 and 1941 in the states of Texas and Colorado Thanksgiving was celebrated twice every November, as local authorities couldn't agree on a permanent date of the holiday.

  • Often, after the holiday meal, many people fall into the so-called "food coma" whose symptoms are drowsiness and a feeling of laziness. Some people believe that the reason for this "coma" is contained in the meat of the turkey, which contains tryptophan, but the only proven reason for this strange "disease" is gluttony.
  • Although the first settlers landed in Massachusetts, their original plan was to get to the mouth of the Hudson River, the place where now is located in New York.

President Roosevelt

    In 1939, President Roosevelt proposed to postpone the celebration of Thanksgiving Day from a fourth on the third Thursday of November. It was necessary to divide the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) on a longer period of time. However, this proposal has not received universal support, the half of the state celebrated the holiday in a new way, and the rest of the country has remained faithful to a major of the Thanksgiving traditions. The easiest way to decide the problem date of the holiday found the residents of Colorado and Texas - they celebrated Thanksgiving three years in a row twice - on the third and on the fourth Thursday of November. It was until 1941 when it was finally fixed by President Roosevelt.

Turkey and the current president

    Not only ordinary people celebrate Thanksgiving Day and have Thanksgiving traditions, but also those in power. An interesting tradition started since the reign of Harry Truman - the former 33rd president of the country (in power from April 1945 to January 1953).

    Every year, the current president has to choose one of the two offered turkeys. One of the birds is sent to the presidential kitchen to decorate a festive table in the White House. The second bird as a result of the ceremony receives a "pardon" and is sent to live out their days on a special farm. Ruhamah turkey has never got on the table; it will live on the farm until its natural death.


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