Popular conspiracy theories - believe it or not

    Gathering rumors and conjectures, almost every special event in our history becomes a mystery, which contemporaries of the events and subsequent generations are trying to unravel. Interesting and popular conspiracy theories - that's what really excites the minds of the people, I suspect, that any socially significant event or occurrence may have some underlying reason, hidden from normal and usual people.

    In this article, we are not making any findings in support of this or that version. The purpose of this article is just to introduce you to the list. The findings, please, do by yourself...

    So, here is our list of the most interesting and popular conspiracy theories in the history of mankind.

September 11, 2001, was held by the Americans themselves

    There are many popular conspiracy theories, which are claiming that the act of terrorism in 2001, when terrorists hijacked American military planes and are crashed into the twin towers of the famous World Trade Center, was organized by the Americans themselves. It is assumed that the attack was planned by the President Bush administration to justify the invasion of Iraq, the military operation in Afghanistan, and the like, as well as to receive public support for the militarization of the United States.

    In 2004 released a documentary film by Michael Moore, which is called «Fahrenheit 9/11», in which the author of the film investigates the relationship between two generations of Bushes and bin Laden’s. According to the author of the film, between George Bush and the father of Osama bin Laden, there were strong business ties.

Death of President Kennedy

    November 22, 1963, a sniper by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald, made the shot, which became fatal for President John F. Kennedy. Killer allegedly acted alone and solely on its own initiative.

    However, to date, it is unknown, whether it is true that the US president's death is a blame of one person, or his death became one more global conspiracy among influential people.

Tragedy which is happened with Princess Diana

    In 1997, in one of the underground tunnels of Paris were killed Princess Diana and her friend Dodi Al Fayed – well-known businessman. Diana and Dodi were hidden from the annoying attention of the paparazzi. Many people do not believe still, that the accident took place by an accident. In one of the versions, Diana was pregnant and was going to not only marry Dodi but also to convert to Islam.

    And this is despite the fact that she was the mother of the future king of Great Britain, and, concurrently, the head of the Anglican Church. Proponents of this version are inclined to blame into an accident the royal family itself, the intelligence services of Britain, France, and Israel, and even the CIA.

The Americans have never landed on the Moon

    There are lots of popular conspiracy theories, but this theory - is one of my favorites. I myself have read many articles on the subject of the falsification of the landing on the moon, in which are listed in detail all the inconsistencies of lunar images and videos that would have to happen if people actually have been landed there.

    Supporters of disbelief in this historical fact believe that it was filmed by NASA to justify the spending of huge sums of money into this project. Agree, if Americans actually have been landed on the moon all those years ago, why there are still not there a decent lunar station and lunar president's residence?

The artificial nature of HIV

    Regarding the occurrence of HIV, there are several popular conspiracy theories. The first is related, of course, with the CIA (this organization is credited with virtually all disastrous global cataclysms). Allegedly, the CIA set up immunodeficiency virus to control population growth. There are proponents of the theory that the virus has been created for the destruction of the African population. And there are those who firmly believe that this is a new biological weapon which accidentally got out of control and spread throughout the world.

The world is being controlled

    This conspiracy theory is the following: all the world is controlled by a small group of people, which controls all governments around the world (as well as media organizations and the banks), inciting the world wars and ordering high-profile political assassinations. According to the conspiracy theory, the group includes owners of private banks of the Federal System of Banks, members of Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations. In general, all this is the fault of the Masons!

Diseases are spread by drug manufacturers

    Another theory in our list of popular conspiracy theories, explains why there is still not found the drugs, which could effectively treat many diseases. Indeed, what for to treat the disease if it can give more profits? That is why pharmaceutical companies do not produce the correct medications and even are creating new diseases, to release new drugs, which, again, will not be effective enough. Rumor has it that the government gets their share of the profits from these machinations.

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